Omni-Magician – Chapter 57, Iron Swordsman V.2 Goes Online!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


“Why are you putting on an armour suit?” Within the spacious room, the child-like voice suddenly spoke out, “Aren’t you a Magician? What use is an armour suit for someone like you?”


Ye Chui paused in his movements for a brief moment before continuing to wear his armour suit, “Who ever said that an armour suit is useless for a Magician… And why did my two companions faint?”


“I purposefully made them faint.” The child-like voice replied.




“I have lost to you in the bet we made earlier on, so as per our agreement, I have prepared an exit for you.”


Ye Chui was busy inserting his foot into one of the boots but when he heard the child-like voice spoke, he paused for a second, “What do you mean?”


“I’ll give you a chance of survival. Smart boy, if you vow to be my servant for life, I’ll let you off.” The child-like voice continues to explain.


Ye Chui could not bear to smile, “What about the others?”


“I don’t plan to provide an escape route for them; this exit is only meant for you.” The child-like voice continued.




The child-like voice’s words made Ye Chui truly unable to contain himself. As he kept his grin from revealing on his face, he said, “I’m sorry. Besides these two companions, I’m unable to see the rest of the adventure team perish in this place, especially Debbie… This is probably something an artificial intelligent being like you will probably never be able to understand.”


“I’m no different from a human being now!” The child-like voice scolded. Although he did not understand the term, ‘artificial intelligence’, it was obviously not a pleasant word used to describe a person, “That’s why I wish to have you as my servant. As long as you accompany me, I will be able to gain knowledge and intelligence from you and become a true human being.”


Ye Chui movements came to a halt once more as he solemnly spoke, “WTF?! Is your so-called exit a chance for me to stay here and accompany you forever? You might as well kill me now; who in the world would like to stay in a place like this?”


The child-like voice was completely enraged, “You don’t even know what you are about to face! Earlier on, you could only pass through that stage due to your understanding of space magic! The obstacle you are about to face is not a feat that can be accomplished by intelligence and only advanced Swordsmen would be able to pass through. Do you get it now?!”


“How would I know if I don’t try?” Ye Chui confidently replied as he put on his helmet.


At this moment, Ye Chui had completely worn the entire armour suit. The armour suit was coloured in striking red and gold; it was fully armed; its helmet had floral prints on it; thus it looked kind of peculiar and was definitely different from that of any ordinary man. Right in the middle of the chest plate of the armour was a disc; and above that disc was a layer of transparent crystal, which had hues of blue-coloured rays emitting from it. The blue rays were actually from a high-grade magic stone obtained from Busca’s space ring. Its function was to supply the armour suit with the magic power it required. Moreover, the transparent crystal could be easily opened, meaning that the magic stone could be replaced anytime.


The design of this part of the armour was done by Dove, the Dwarf Enchanting Master, upon Ye Chui’s request. Due to Ye Chui’s talent in enchantment, he had garnered Dove’s respect. Thus, Dove was more than willing to help Ye Chui with this small matter.


Furthermore, Ye Chui had invited Dove to modify the interior of the helmet. Ye Chui had requested Dove to add an additional concave area within the helmet, so that he could place the magic crystal obtained from the Magic Guild Hall in it.


The magic matrix that proliferated in the entire armour suit was connected to the magic crystal in the helmet by means of the vein marks, which were carved using Mithril. On the other hand, Ye Chui’s consciousness could enter the magic crystal directly. In other words, he could use the magic crystal as a transmission point to directly control all the enchanting arrays on the armour suit.

“A Magician will always be a Magician. Even if you wear an armour suit, you are still a Magician.” The child-like voice shouted out in an enraged tone.


With a faint smile plastered on his face, Ye Chui said in a soft tone, “Iron Swordsman V.2 goes online!”

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His words had no purpose; it was merely for the sake of looking cool.


Ye Chui’s consciousness thus entered the magic crystal. A plethora of items were still densely placed in the magic crystal, including the explanation of the 32 magic symbols, articles about space magic and a few magic arrays. Ye Chui deleted some items in the magic crystal to clear up some space, so that he could place a series of his self-invented magic arrays into it.


The series of magic arrays acted as an interface, allowing him to better control the magic arrays that were enchanted onto the armour suit.


Following the words ‘Iron Swordsman V.2 goes online’, the transparent crystal in front of his chest lit up suddenly. The magic stone underneath the transparent crystal then started supplying magic power to all the magic arrays on the armour, making all the magic arrays enter into the ‘preheating’ condition.


*Zing* Ye Chui brandished his long sword from his back.


Dense silvery floral patterns were carved onto the sword blade.


<Wind Blade> was enchanted onto the long sword.


In reality, the number of enchanting arrays that Ye Chui knew were very little, of which, there were barely any that served the function of attacking. Therefore, he enchanted <Wind Blade> on his sword, which was the same as that on Alfea’s long sword. But of course, he made some modifications – he increased the might of the <Wind Blade> on his long sword.


Such a modification was not difficult to execute, but ordinary Swordsmen who enchant their swords would not do this, as the doubling of the might of <Wind Blade> would increase the magic power needed to use this enchanting array by at least three times.


Thus, the loss would be more than the gain.


But… Energy, or in other words, magic power, was no longer an issue for Ye Chui.


The high-grade magic stone in front of Ye Chui’s chest was able to continuously provide magic power to Ye Chui.


As he grasped onto the long sword with both his hands, his consciousness entered the ‘interface’ of the magic crystal. Almost immediately, continuous magic power started to transmit from the magic crystal to the long sword in his hands. Following that, <Wind Blade> was activated and the long sword slashed against a wall nearby.




A terrifying white wave of wind suddenly appeared in the air and smashed onto the wall with a loud bang. Even the ground involuntarily shook slightly. Almost immediately, a huge scratch of at least half a metre was indented on the wall.


This destructive power far surpassed what the <Wind Blade> on Alfea’s long sword could do. Such a skill could prove useful for ordinary Swordsmen in life-threatening situations, but what Ye Chui aimed to do was to demonstrate to the child-like voice that he had sufficient supply to execute this enchanting array.

Of course, the immense destructive power was not the most impressive feat. Ye Chui’s consciousness once again interacted with the interface of the magic crystal and ordered it to activate the <Wind Walk> magic matrix. A strong gust of wind emerged from the ground, causing Ye Chui to float up into the air in a swaying manner.


“Now, do you still think that I’m an ordinary Magician?” Ye Chui questioned the child-like voice in a cocky manner.


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