Omni-Magician – Chapter 61, Translating Fighting Styles Into a Magic Programme!

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Both Debbie and Alfea’s perception of Ye Chui had completely changed due to his stellar performance. In the first half of the thirty minute time period, Ye Chui’s battling performance was so pathetic, to the extent that it was worse than that of a level one Swordsman, but for the latter half, he displayed his true capabilities; rupturing out the power of an advanced Swordsman with an electric column! Such lethality was simply frightening!


After processing their thoughts, Debbie and Alfea then both looked at Ye Chui’s chest in curiosity, wishing to know how he managed to pull off such a feat.


Noticing the awkward and brazen gaze by the two girls, Ye Chui lightly let out a hoarse laughter, “That’s a magic matrix which I’ve modified. It’s able to release a great deal of lightning, but I only use it as a last resort. This magic matrix can at most be used three to four times, before the effectiveness expires, so it’s highly likely that I won’t use it in the next battle…”


“If I were to receive your ultimate attack, I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to survive. It was simply too powerful.” Alfea nodded her head in affirmation. Her compliments suddenly stopped and she started to criticise his move, “But this move isn’t that flexible… From my point of view, it is rather easy for the opponent to dodge the attack.”


“That’s why it is used as the last resort to save my life.” Ye Chui said with a smile.


“Hey, did you just said that you’ve found a way to defeat the puppets?” Debbie curiously asked.


“I’ve a hint, but I’m unsure if it works.” Ye Chui turned solemn, “I believe that we’ve got to hold out for a few more rounds. So, be careful.”


The two girls nodded in unison. Despite Alfea and Debbie, being the leader of the team and a powerful Great Swordsman respectively, they were instinctively dependent on Ye Chui for some reason right now. This was most probably attributed to their own lack of confidence in escaping from their current predicament. On the other hand, Ye Chui had displayed some level of competence and confidence of being able to solve the problems that they were facing right now.



Ten minutes later



The same armoured Swordsman appeared once again, and Debbie and Alfea rushed towards it to initiate the fight.


While sitting against one of the walls, Ye Chui’s consciousness once again entered the magic crystal in the helmet of his armour suit. He first started with the method he thought of – translating the fighting style of the armoured Swordsman into a magic programme.


Of course, calling it a program would be highly inappropriate as it should be termed as a magic matrix.


A dense number of <Wind Walk> arrays were carved on his armour suit. These <Wind Walk> arrays controlled Ye Chui’s limbs and makes it easier for him to perform any movement. Even if he was not wearing the suit, he would be able to use the magic crystal inside to remotely move the suit of armour as long as he was linked to the magic crystal within the helmet. Unfortunately, Ye Chui had to make physical contact with the magic crystal in order to interact with the interface of the magic crystal and was unable to control the armour suit at a distance.


The ability of dispersing one’s spiritual power and using it to influence the magic crystal was one that can only be possessed by an intermediate Magician.


All Ye Chui had to do right now was to express all the fighting styles of the armoured Swordsman, using magic symbols.


In summary, the movements that Ye Chui performed, like walking, jumping, bouncing, extending of limbs, opening of palms, clenching of fists and the pointing of the middle finger could be converted into magic symbols within the magic crystal. Hence, any series of actions that the battle armour performed could be expressed as a string of magic symbols.


In other words, Ye Chui planned to convert every fighting style into a magic programme and store it within the magic crystal. By activating this programme, the battle armour would perform the specific fighting style.


In reality, it was thanks to the stone statues at the stone path that Ye Chui got the inspiration to use this method.


The movements of the stone statues were totally controlled by the magic matrix within their bodies. From Ye Chui’s perspective, it was not any different from controlling one’s body using a magic programme.


Although Ye Chui’s consciousness had permeated into the magic crystal, he was still intently staring at the battle between the two girls and the armoured Swordsman. After resting and recuperating for the past 40 minutes, both of them had most of their energy restored and they were able to unleash their utmost potential under such circumstances.


The coordination between Alfea and Debbie became increasingly flawless.


Thirty minutes has passed, but the girls were neither panting in shortness of breath nor injured.


Both of the girls did not manage to figure out any fixed pattern to the armoured Swordsman’s attacks. After all, fighting style was virtually non-existent in the eyes of most ordinary Swordsmen, unlike Ye Chui, who was deeply influenced by the eastern knights.


Through the battle between the armoured Swordsman and the girls, Ye Chui managed to trace one of its attack patterns.


It seemed like this attack pattern was one of the most basic and simple ones; and was the most commonly used by this armoured Swordsman. There were a total of three transformations in this attack pattern, including defending, attacking and dodging.


The magic crystal within Ye Chui’s helmet had already labelled this set of patterns as ‘style number one’.


Once this magic matrix is activated, Ye Chui’s armour suit would automatically mimic the movements of this fighting style and Ye Chui would be able to control the transformations it undergoes.


“It seems like my plan is working…”


After 30 minutes ended, Ye Chui heaved a sigh of relief, while his heart harboured an implicit sense of excitement. He felt as though he had returned to his previous world where he was a hacker who could translate various programmes, all at the same time. [But there are more than ten fighting styles that this armoured Swordsman displayed, and each fighting style is more difficult than the previous one. I wonder how long I would take to express all of its fighting styles as a magic programme. More importantly, I have to learn how to apply these fighting styles, instead of only learning the theory of these styles. This, to me, is the hardest part…]


In the story of the knights, all disciples under the same master learn the same things and possess the same set of skills, but there are some people who manage to apply the fighting styles easily, while others can only forcefully display the fighting styles. Thus, the difference in standards could be easily seen.


The most critical point about learning fighting styles is to be adaptable to the changes in the opponents’ way of attacking.


At the moment, the utmost priority for Ye Chui before he could move onto the next step was to quickly learn all the fighting styles that this armoured Swordsman possessed.


Debbie and Alfea sat beside Ye Chui in exhaustion, as they looked at Ye Chui.


“I’m sure that my method works, but I need some time.” Ye Chui explained.


Alfea laughed, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. It doesn’t matter how long you take; Debbie and I will persevere to the end. Anyway, it seems like the ghost puppet won’t hurt us directly as there are limits to its killer moves. However, the standard of your Swordsman skills are really too low, so much that it isn’t even at the standard of a level one Swordsman. If this continues, I’m afraid that you will collapse soon. If you’re unable to battle against the armoured Swordsman, Debbie and I can continue battling with it in the next round.”


“No, I am capable of persevering on.” Ye Chui shook his head.


He knew that these two girls were very exhausted. If they were to continue battling for another round, they would not be able to take it.


Speaking about his standard as a Swordsman, Ye Chui suddenly thought of something. He then took out a magic crystal from his space ring – it was the magic crystal of one of the stone Swordsmen. As his heart fluttered, his consciousness permeated into the magic crystal and found a part of the magic matrix that controlled the movements of the stone Swordsman. Then, he earnestly duplicated everything onto the magic crystal in his helmet.


These magic matrices possessed the battling skills of a level two Swordsman. By inputting these magic matrices into the magic crystal and using it on his battle armour, his armour suit would have the skills of a level two Swordsman!



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