Omni-Magician – Chapter 62, The Combat Plug-in Installed Within the Magic Crystal

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

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As the puppet swordsman re-appeared in no time, Ye Chui stood up from the ground and brandished the long sword from his waist.


Alfea and Debbie looked at Ye Chui and said in unison, “Be careful.”


Ye Chui nodded his head in appreciation of their kind warning, as he dashed towards the puppet swordsman with the sound of his armour suit, *ding, dang*, playing in the background. He held the long sword parallel to the ground with both his hands and had his body slanted towards one side, as he was prepared to launch an attack towards the puppet swordsman – these actions made up ‘style number one’.


As Ye Chui made these movements, the puppet swordsman followed suit.


Both the puppet swordsman and Ye Chui had identical movements, except at the moment when both of them came face to face. The armoured Swordsman suddenly lowered its body, drew a semi-circle in the air with its long sword and swept it towards Ye Chui’s thigh – this was the first transformation of the first fighting style.

Not only did Ye Chui progress in his attacks, his body suddenly leaped into the air and made a 360 degrees turn. At that moment, the <Wind Walk> magic array on his body suddenly lighted up. Given his level of capabilities, it was impossible for him to wear this set of armour suit and jump so high into the air; and it was more impossible for him to do an air-borne 360 degrees turn, however, such movements were made easier thanks to the magic array. It could even be said that he did not put in any effort at all, since all the movements that he displayed were the doings of the programme within the magic crystal.


All he needed to do was to choose which movement does he want to activate next – this was very similar to playing games, where one can choose what moves to do next.


Ye Chui suddenly jumped into the air and spun his body around – this was the second transformation of the first fighting style: dodging.


While Ye Chui was still air-borne, he converted from the second transformation to the first one. He held his long sword with both his hands, and with the aid of the centrifugal force brought by the 360 degrees’ revolution, swept his long sword towards the puppet swordsman harshly.


The puppet swordsman hurriedly retreated, as it held its long sword vertically, trying to fend off horizontal attacks by Ye Chui’s longsword.




Crisp sounds could be heard as the long swords clashed against each other.


Now, the puppet swordsman displayed the third transformation of the first combat style: defending.


This transformation helped the puppet swordsman fend off Ye Chui’s attacks.


Following that, the armoured Swordsman moved back half a step, bent its knees slightly, drew a semi-circle in the air with its longsword, avoiding Ye Chui’s longsword, before slashing it towards the side of Ye Chui’s body – this was another move.


Ye Chui thus tilted his body sideways and converted from the first transformation to the third transformation. He did the same defensive movement as what the puppet swordsman did just now. *Clang!*, Ye Chui managed to fend off the puppet swordsman’s sword.


However, at this time, Ye Chui did not have the means to display another set of moves. Hence, before the puppet swordsman changes from the second transformation to something else, he quickly moved a few steps back, widening the distance between him and the puppet swordsman.


At this instant, both Alfea and Debbie were dumbstruck.


They looked at each other mutually, as though they somewhat figured out what Ye Chui was planning.

In reality, when these girls fought with the puppet swordsman previously, they had already felt something strange about the movements of the puppet swordsman. However, since the girls were still quite young, they did not know anything about fighting styles. Even if they figured something was strange, they would not be able to accurately guess the purpose of each of it movements; until they saw Ye Chui using the exact same fighting style as the puppet swordsman.

The clashes between Ye Chui and the puppet swordsman only happened within the span of two to three seconds, of which was filled with incomprehensible mystery. The girls now know that there was an abstruse and profound principle behind the ‘strangeness’ that they felt.


“These movements seem to be fanciful, but useless. However, the perfect extension of the speed and strength of the sword can be formed within these sets of movements. Be it attacking, defending or dodging, these movements are able to make them seem coherent. If one is able to apply these sets of movements well, the destructive power can definitely be increased by several times…” Alfea said in a low voice, as though her mind was occupied.


Although Debbie was only a level two Swordsman, her talent in Swordsmanship was not much lower than that of Alfea’s. She also managed to sense something, “These movement patterns are indeed very formidable, but I guess it would take a really long time for an ordinary person to learn all of these. At least for me, I believe that I would definitely not be able to grasp all the techniques within such a short period of time.”


As she spoke, her gaze at Ye Chui’s back view became more surprised.


“I really… can’t understand this person.” Alfea continued by saying, “So, the ‘hope’ this mysterious person was referring to was to learn the movements of this puppet swordsman… And the main reason as to why we haven’t been able to defeat it is that this puppet swordsman portrays the weirdest moves that one can imagine. If we learned the movements of the other party, we could at least be on par with it for the remaining time.”


In the previous round, Debbie and Alfea were not injured, but it does not mean that they are on equal standing with the puppet swordsman. The reason is because the movements of the puppet swordsman had limitations to them, thus giving the girls much leeway to attack it.


Until now, the girls had not understood the true meaning of defeating the puppet swordsman, but at least Ye Chui found a way that will keep them undefeated.


[Perhaps… the ultimate goal of this battle is for us to learn all the movements of the puppet swordsman?]


Alfea and Debbie both got excited.


“We have to give our best shot and provide him (Ye Chui) with a chance to learn its movements!” Alfea clenched her teeth and said.


Debbie also nodded her head in agreement.


Ye Chui was able to perform the first fighting style effortlessly, but when facing other attacks by the armoured Swordsman, he could only choose to retaliate using the skills of an ordinary Swordsman. At this moment, he had completely entered the zone of a level two Swordsman, meaning that he had handed the controlling power of most parts of the battle armour to the magic matrix found from the magic crystal of the stone Swordsman.


Then, Ye Chui could spend a large amount of time trying to research the methods of using other fighting styles.


Debbie and Alfea, who were spectating from the side, suddenly became a little surprised.


“Debbie, did you realise something?” Alfea inquired, “His skill level wasn’t even at that of a level one Swordsman previously, but it seems like he now has the capabilities of a level two Swordsman!”


“Yeah… His previous battling format was total chaos.” Debbie exclaimed as well, “How is it possible for him to improve so fast?”


“Did he hide his competence previously?”


The two girls would never think that the actual fact was that Ye Chui’s magic crystal had undergone an upgrade, as a combat plug-in was installed within it…


Thirty minutes soon ended and the puppet swordsman vanished into thin air.


Ye Chui stepped down from the battle in exhaustion.


His exhaustion did not really come from the physical battle with the puppet swordsman, but rather the mental work he had to do during the battle.


In actuality, Ye Chui did not exert much of his physical strength during the battle, as all the movements which he displayed relied on the supply of energy from the magic crystal in front of his chest. He was exhausted due to the amount of mental energy he used to perceive the fighting styles of the puppet swordsman – Indeed, men rely on intelligence during battles.


However, after the mentally-arduous thirty minutes of battle, Ye Chui learned many things. At least, he learned that a single fighting style could have several transformations. He would be able to perfect these fighting styles when he translated these movements into a magic programme. In chivalric fiction novels, absolute geniuses would need to repeatedly practice the same move in order to perfect it, thus the thought of being able to completely grasp the know-how of the fighting skills just by programming them was simply interesting…


[If this carries on, I’d be able to translate the movements of the puppet swordsman into a magic programme.] Ye Chui thought in his mind, as he placed his longsword back at his waist and walked towards Debbie and Alfea.


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