Omni-Magician – Chapter 63, The Magic Programing for Fighting Style Has Finally Been Completed!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


After fighting the puppet swordsman for a full thirty minutes; even after taking turns confronting the monster, the two girls were already exhausted. Each had wounds on their body, which fortunately were only superficial.


Killing off this puppet swordsman was a task that could be considered impossible. After all, it was not built to be defeated but instead, to pass on the knowledge of the sword fighting styles contained in it. This was obvious twelve rounds later, about an approximate time of 8 hours, whereby the puppet swordsman no longer respawned.


“Alright. I’ll give you all eight hours of rest before we continue again.” The child-like voice said. “I hope that you all will be able to restore your strength to peak condition in these eight hours.”


Hearing the child-like voice’s words, Ye Chui and the two girls were overwhelmed with a sense of relief. To continue fighting nonstop for twelve rounds was a tiring matter. If no break was given, they could probably not last much longer. Therefore, it was a great and fortunate opportunity that had fell upon them, to finally allow them to rest up and recover.


Exhausted, the three of them sat against the wall close to each other.


“I thought that fight would never end…” Alfea sighed as her beautiful face released all tension.


Since she was the City Lord’s daughter, even at the tender age of 15-16 years old, she bore huge responsibilities and expectations. She was expected to be a genius swordsman, as well as pressured into the responsibilities of her role. As such, she grew to have a mature appearance; not able to be represented by her age.


However, appearances can be deceiving. At the end of the day, she was still a little girl. When facing problems that she herself could not fathom to handle, she would rely on others. Therefore, after she wiped the perspiration off her forehead, she looked towards Ye Chui with eyes of anticipation, seeking for his opinion on the matter; or at least some form of comfort.


“I have almost uncovered all of the puppet swordsman’s attack patterns. By tomorrow, I can assure you that it will be completely defeated.” Ye Chui said in a low voice.


For the past few hours, Ye Chui had been figuring out the puppet swordsman’s entire set of moves; twelve in total. Unfortunately, the last ones that Ye Chui had noticed more difficult to master. Even with his experience and knowledge of programming, which gave him an edge in understanding, a single glance of the move was not enough for him to fully memorize the move set.


These few moves had him pondering for a long period of time, which after doing so, was still confusing to him. The last of the twelve attack patterns left him especially bewildered. It had eight swings, with each taking on changes that were complex and unpredictable. If he were to create a magic program to recreate this one move, it would certainly take up a large amount of space.


The 128MB magic crystal, which he had received from the guild, had some spare capacity but that was far from enough. Therefore, Ye Chui decided to delete some of the things inside. Since he had already mastered all 32 magic symbols, they were the first to go. All that was left inside was a few space magic theoretical records and a few advance magic matrixes; knowledge that he had yet to touch, and planned on doing so at a later date.


The space magic theoretical records were particularly important to Ye Chui. After he had entered this inner hall and got trapped, experiencing a small sample of what space magic was like, he felt that these records were extremely important; it could even be said that they were more important than the records on the 32 magic symbols.


[The Magic Guild is really too generous… to think they would allow someone to have a chance of taking something as priceless as this.] Ye Chui thought and sighed. If anyone from the Magic Guild was actually read this boy’s mind, they would certainly cry due to grief.


In the meantime, both Debbie and Alfea smiled after hearing Ye Chui confident declaration. Since they were currently only able to endlessly fight without any expectation of escape, hearing such hope dangled in front of them was like a breeze lifting their spirits.


“Iron Swordsman…” Alfea mutters as her eyes glowed with a brighter intensity of light, unable to hide her strong anticipative mood. “Since we are both enduring such hardship together, sharing both happiness and sorrow together, can’t you at least tell me your real name?”


“My name?” Ye Chui gawked. He still wished to hide his true identity from Alfea so the thought of admitting he was Hammer was immediately executed from his mind. Even his real name, Ye Chui, was not something he wishes to disclose. After serious consideration, and taking into great account that he was currently in a fantasy world, Ye Chui opened his mouth and replied, “Tony Stark.”

(Silavin: Not sure if he can still be considered chuuni, it’s more like he just loves roleplaying to me :/)

(Rosy: This guy…couldn’t he be a bit more original?  Smart ppl tend to be dumb with the weirdest thing, sigh)

(Skoll: This author really enjoys his western comics.)


[Tony Stark, the original person who wore the Iron Man suit. Well, since this is a fantasy world, using his name should not be an issue.]


“Tony Stark?” Alfea muttered that name once again. Even if the name sounded weird, it was still within the realms of acceptance since they are living in a fantasy world. Therefore, Alfea did not question further and simply stared at the helmet on Ye Chui’s head, “Tony, why do you have to wear a mask? Is it alright for you to take off your mask to show me your true self?”


“Well…” An alert rang in Ye Chui head as he understood clearly that his identity must not be revealed. Therefore, he shook his head and explained, “I’m sorry. I can’t do that. My mask mustn’t be taken off.”


“Why?” Alfea asked with her brows knitted, showing her displeasure. In her mind, she thought. [We already gone through so much hardship together, why can’t you just allow me to catch a glimpse of you?]


“That… well… I had made an oath before.” Ye Chui desperately tries to contrive a story that was often used in novels, “I can only take off my mask when I achieve the realm of a Swords Master. Otherwise, I will always leave it on.”


Although the name of ‘Swords Master’ seems similar to that of a Swordsman, the difference of status of the two was likened to heaven and earth.


A Swords Master is the boundary after a level nine Swordsman, equivalent to the Magician’s Specialist Realm!


Hearing him speak, the displeasure on Alfea’s face transformed completely into admiration, “So that’s why! I believe that one day, you will be able to reach the realm of Swords Master. It’s my goal as well!”


“Then, we should be rooting for each other.” Ye Chui nodded in relief.


His hand than slowly moved to his belly and rubbed, as he could feel the hunger rising. When he turned his head to look, the first thing that caught his attention was the bag that Debbie was carrying. The girl conveniently took out something in the shape of a pie from it.


The food culture in this world seemed to be more of western-style. Noodles were common here, but sadly without any traces of steamed buns and etc – bread is more popular in this world. Therefore, before the start of the adventure, Ye Chui considered the need for food. He planned on creating a sufficient amount that could last for days, which means he had roasted a few batches of pie in case of a pinch like this. After all, food was a necessary and important preparation for any form of travel.


Inside this pie were some fresh spices mixed with a few finely beaten eggs. With such a combination, the fragrance and favour both congregate to make it taste much better. Since he was already hungry, Ye Chui put out his hand to hint that he wishes to have the half-eaten pie that was left in Debbie’s hand.


Debbie took this gesture as a form of harassment but did not speak up about his discontent. After all, since they were suffering the same hardship, they should also share each other’s luxuries; in this case, it was food.


Without being biased, Debbie also took out another slice of pie and handed it to Alfea.


This was Alfea’s first time seeing such a weird food. But, with her first bite, she immediately took her second, and third; only to stop with her eyes shone and the inability to stop her curiosity anymore, “What food is this?! It’s so good!”


“It’s decent only….” Ye Chui said embarrassedly at the spur of the moment.


Unfortunately, for him to say something like that, it would appear that he was entirely arrogant and disdaining. After all, when someone was to give you food, how was it polite to just say ‘it’s decent only’?!


Unhappy, Debbie stubbornly stared at Ye Chui with big eyes.


It was with this response that Debbie’s entire outlook of Ye Chui had completely stood firm. Unlike Alfea, who was in deep admiration for this amour-clad person, she was desolate with him. With him acting as though he was the same as a man, Debbie could not help to think that Ye Chui was not a good person. He was someone who was shameless, only seeking to cheaply satisfy his lust.


Ye Chui quickly realized his mistake and corrected himself with haste, “Please take my words with a pinch of salt. This thing is indeed very delicious! Really….”


Debbie continued to stare at Ye Chui for a brief while, but soon lowered her head as tears started to well up in her eyes.


“Debbie, what’s wrong?” Alfea rushed in to ask in worry.


“I… I just thought of Hammer…” Debbie’s voice was so muffled that it could barely be heard, “He doesn’t have any food on him… What if he starves?!”


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