Omni-Magician – Chapter 64, The Self-Cultivation of Becoming a Master

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


Upon witnessing tears flow down Debbie’s forlorn face, Alfea became flustered momentarily, before she managed to calm herself down to comfort Debbie, “Debbie, don’t worry. Hammer will be fine. Just wait till we’re able to escape from this place tomorrow and save Hammer. I once lost my way in a dark forest and starved for seven days, but I managed to survive, so Hammer will definitely persevere through these few days of starvation.”


When Debbie heard Alfea’s comforting words, she cried even louder. As her tiny hands wiped the tears off her face, she spoke in a nasal tone, “How can my Hammer compare to you? His body is so weak that even a gust of wind can make him sick. What if he gets starved to death?”


Ye Chui burst out in a head full of sweat, while thinking to himself. [Although my body is indeed weaker than the average person’s, I don’t think I’m so weak to that extent…]


Alfea was visibly not an expert at comforting people. As she started to panic and was unsure what to do, she went to ask for help from Ye Chui.


Ye Chui pondered for a few seconds before speaking, “Debbie, I think that you don’t have to worry about Hammer. He won’t starve to death.”


“Why?” Debbie looked at Ye Chui and asked.


“Before I was teleported to this stone chamber, Hammer was teleported to the chamber I was at. I had left a bag of belongings there, which included some dried products and potable water, so Hammer will definitely be fine for these few days.” Ye Chui said after choosing his words carefully.


Debbie looked at Ye Chui with a pair of red eyes, “Are you telling the truth?”


“Of course, I am” Debbie’s anxious face made Ye Chui’s love towards her be expressed in an inexplicable manner. He then patted her shoulders and assured her, “Trust me, he’ll be fine.”


“…” Debbie tightly pursed her lips and gradually nodded her head. But after a second, she said, “… Take your hand off me.”


“… All right.”


After removing his hand from Debbie’s shoulder in embarrassment, Ye Chui continued to sit against the wall, at a position half a foot away from her. Debbie was visibly slightly upset at the proximity this stranger, but due to the food and drinks that this stranger provided Hammer with, she decided not to bicker with him. She even took out a water bottle from her bag and passed it to Ye Chui, “Drink some water.”


“Thanks!” Ye Chui laughingly exclaimed, before proceeding to open the mouthpiece of his mask and drink the water. The mask that he was wearing had a rather flexible design – while keeping the top part of the mask unmoved, he could open the bottom part of it to drink and eat.

Similarly, Alfea brought along some food, which was stored in her space ring. The food that she brought was of higher standard than that of Debbie’s, thus it was naturally more delicious. The food was probably prepared by the City Lord’s Manor chefs. Ye Chui held no qualms against eating Debbie’s food; and he ate it in big portions. After filling their stomachs, Alfea once again took out several blankets from her space ring, allowing the three of them to rest on it.


Tranquillity was restored in the stone chamber.


Ye Chui sat between the two girls, leading Alfea to suspect that he did it on purpose. Moreover, the distance between Ye Chui and Alfea was very small, to the extent that they almost made skin contact.


Indeed, Ye Chui did not dislike these two girls, but he wanted to be closer to Debbie instead. After encountering the stare from Debbie which implied ‘don’t you dare try to get closer to me’, Ye Chui could only cancel that thought in his mind.


The interior of the stone chamber was silent.


“I wonder how are Balmain and Athol doing…” Just as Ye Chui sensed that both Alfea and Debbie had both fallen asleep, Alfea’s voice suddenly rang, “I had thought that I’d made sufficient preparation for this adventure that I organised. But…” The tone of self-reprimanding could be heard from Alfea’s voice, “Both of them are City Lord’s Guards and have followed me since I was young. If anything unfortunate happens to them, I won’t be able to face my father or the other City Lord’s Guards… It’s all my fault that I didn’t prepare well for this adventure…”


“There’s no one who’s able to foresee the dangers in any adventure, so don’t blame yourself for it. I believe that if the two people that you mentioned encountered any accident, they wouldn’t fault you for it. Adventures, are after all, a platform where adventurers place their lives on the line for the treasures that lie in them. Moreover, I firmly believe that we would be able to defeat the puppet swordsman tomorrow. By then, we would be able to escape this place and save them.” Ye Chui consoled Alfea and he turned his head towards her.


This pretty lady also looked at him. Although signs of exhaustion showed on her face, she smiled slightly, “Thank you.”


“You girls have also helped me a great deal. Without you two, I wouldn’t be able to figure out the fighting styles of this puppet swordsman.” Ye Chui laughed.


Alfea smiled at Ye Chui once again, but did not speak. She suddenly moved her body closer to Ye Chui and placed her head on his shoulder, as she went to sleep.


Ye Chui’s body was somewhat stiff, but he did not move much. All he did was tilt his head and look at Debbie, while fantasizing the scene if Debbie instead of Alfea was by her side. Debbie, on the other hand, was hugging her knees with both her hands and her head was buried in her arms. Her tiny body moved occasionally and was most probably asleep already. [Are you still constantly worrying about your beloved Hammer?]


Ye Chui really wanted to tell Debbie that he was actually by her side all along…


Debbie and Alfea’s breathing sounds gradually became regular, but on the other hand, Ye Chui was not planning on getting any sleep. Magicians have exceptional spiritual power; thus they do not require much sleep. Most importantly, Ye Chui had something essential to do.


Ye Chui had already summarised and recorded all twelve fighting styles which the puppet swordsman displayed. As long as he triggered the interior of the magic crystal, his battle armour would display that set of movements.

This was similar to playing a wrestling game – once an order was inputted, the game character would display that move. Ye Chui was the one at the helm at the moment. Not only did he need to control all twelve fighting styles, he also needed to manipulate the various transformations of each fighting style to deal with the puppet swordsman. Hence, this was obviously much harder than that of a wrestling game.


An ordinary character in the game would at most have a few moves, so how could it be harder than that of Ye Chui’s?


However, Ye Chui has been playing mechanical games since young in his previous world, thus he had the gift for gaming. With the addition of the pressure of staying alive, he believed that he would be able to familiarise himself with these fighting styles quickly.


Ye Chui’s consciousness entered the magic crystal, as he continuously played back the scenes where the puppet swordsman used these moves, before figuring out how to perform these moves in an effortless manner.

In ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’, Qiao Feng killed an outstanding hero using a set of the simplest Arhat Boxing moves. It was not the moves that were exquisite, but the execution of the moves that was absolutely perfect.


Familiarising oneself with the moves was a lot harder than learning the moves and it determined whether one had the key element to becoming a master.

And Ye Chui needed to try his best to become that master.


The night passed without any talking.


The concept of day and night was virtually non-existent in the stone chamber. However, after the three of them rested for eight hours, the child-like voice rang once again, “Your resting time is over. Let’s continue with our game.”


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  1. ‘“Of course, I am” Debbie’s anxious face made Ye Chui’s love towards her be expressed in an inexplicable manner. He then patted her shoulders and assured her, “Trust me, he’ll be fine.”

    “…” Debbie tightly pursed her lips and gradually nodded her head. But after a second, she said, “… Take your hand off me.”

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