Omni-Magician – Chapter 71, Stan City’s Strongest Swordsman, Eric

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In the garden at the back of the City Lord’s Manor, a ray of white light suddenly flashed past, causing the fallen leaves to rustle. Then, eight distressed-looking people appeared in the garden out of nowhere.


The servants, who were listlessly arranging the flower pots and sweeping the fallen leaves, all got a shock of their lives. When they regained their senses and realised what had happened, they started screaming in unison.


“Lady Alfea is back!”


“That’s great! Lady Alfea has finally returned safely!”


“Report this to the City Lord quickly!”


Some of the servants hurriedly left the garden and went to inform the City Lord of the return of Lady Alfea, while the rest of the servants rushed towards Alfea and her team of adventurers with looks of concern on their faces. An old supervisor then talked in a voice of agitation, “Lady Alfea, you’re finally back. An ancient tomb exploration usually doesn’t take more than half a day to complete, but you were gone for more than a full day! The City Lord was extremely worried for you and he threw several fits of temper. But fortunately, you’ve finally returned…”


“Enough of all these! Call the doctor here quickly! There are some casualties here!” Alfea shouted.


Balmain, Damon and Athol all had serious injuries, especially Damon and Athol, who looked like they were on the brink of death.


The old supervisor agreed and ran out of the garden.


On the other hand, Debbie was tightly hugging onto Ye Chui’s arm, as though her petite body was totally leaning onto him. If it was not for the 50kg great sword at her back, the scene of her hugging Ye Chui would be more perfect…


Beastman warrior Athol sat on the ground with his entire body covered in blood. Although it might seem that his condition was very serious, he was still smiling with his fangs protruded; as though he had managed to narrowly escape death. The look of him smiling definitely had an interesting feel to it…


Damon was lying on one side of his body and seemed to have sustained serious injuries as well, but Balmain and Alfea had already treated his wounds appropriately, so it would not be an issue for him to survive.


At this point in time, Balmain was simultaneously taking care of Damon’s injuries and suggesting to Alfea, “Lady Alfea, Damon had performed well and displayed exceptional character in the adventure. So, I propose for Damon to join the City Lord’s Guard. Is this agreeable with you?”


“I agree!” Alfea nodded her head in agreement without any hesitation. It was obvious that she was pleased with Damon’s performance in the adventure. She suddenly thought of something and turned her head towards Guthem. Of the entire team, Guthem could possibly be the one with the least injuries. His red battle armour did not have any visible damage to it, although there were some insignificant scratches.


When the few of them were trapped in the inner hall previously, everyone chose to challenge the puppet Swordsman in the next check in attempt to escape; this was all except for Guthem, who gave up immediately at the first check. This was sufficient to allow Alfea to see his true colours and made her look at him in disdain.


Similarly, Alfea also saw the true colours of Oberth, the son of the Magician Guild Master. During the adventure, Oberth acted as though he was an absolute idiot, making Alfea suspect the origin of his ‘genius Magician’ title. When comparing Ye Chui, the level two Magician, and Oberth, the difference was akin to Heaven and Hell.


[Hammer got it right – one of them is a coward, while the other is an idiot.]


Guthem and Oberth obviously did not notice Alfea’s disdainful gaze towards them. Due to the fact that they escaped death, they were both agitated and elated at the same time. Guthem even had the cheek to order the servants to bring some food and water for him.


On the other hand, Oberth got the servants to inform his father to come over.


Debbie and Ye Chui sat on a stone bench in the garden to converse. At that moment, Ye Chui suddenly felt something and tilted his head upwards to the sky. The clock struck noon and the blazing sun was beating down mercilessly onto the earth. Within the blinding sunlight, a black spot appeared suddenly out of nowhere. That black spot grew in size, before Ye Chui realised that it was actually a person, as he cursed and swore.


It was a well-built man wearing a suit of soft armour.


His presence was accompanied by a powerful impact as he landed on the ground of the garden. The impact literally shattered the blue stone ground in an instant, forming a vein mark across the ground. As the servants of the garden saw it, they had their hearts in their mouths.


“Father!” Alfea shouted in joy and hurriedly leaped into the embrace of that person. At this instant, Alfea was no longer a young genius Swordsman, but a spoilt little girl.


In actuality, Ye Chui and Debbie had already known that although this City Lord’s Young Lady looked mature in their daily interactions with her, she still had an immature instincts within her.


“Alfea, you’re finally back. After I realised that there were some problems with Doria’s tomb, I almost went to the auction market and destroyed the place! The key to the ancient tomb was sold by them. If anything untoward happened to you, how can I carry on living?” On the coarse face of this mature man was a pair of teary eyes which revealed his invulnerable and gentle side.


Everyone else at the scene stood silently as they watched this touching scene.


This well-built man, named Eric, is Alfea’s father and a level nine Swordsman; he is also the strongest Swordsman in the whole of Stan City. But for now, he is a simple father, only worried for his daughter.


For a moment, the atmosphere of the garden suddenly became very solemn.


Debbie rubbed her small nose with some force, as she leaned on Ye Chui’s shoulder and wept, “Hammer, I miss my father…”


Ye Chui lightly patted Debbie’s head and tried to comfort her, but was unsure of what to say to her.


After some time, Eric reluctantly loosened his tight embrace, after realising that Alfea’s cheeks were turning rosy. He then scanned the people who were at the scene.


There were several specialist doctors in the City Lord’s Manor; and these doctors were tasked to treat the wounds on Damon, Balmain and Athol’s bodies. Eric’s gaze suddenly focused on Guthem. Compared to the pathetic state of the others in the adventure team, Guthem’s suit of red armour was a little too eye-catching.


“City Lord…” When Guthem made eye contact with Eric, his heart skipped a beat, as he politely addressed Eric.


“Why do you have the least injuries? Don’t tell me that you were hiding behind the backs of the others while they were engaged in the battle.” Eric asked with a stern voice.


“Err… Of course not. Actually…” Guthem attempted to explain.


“What audacity!” Eric’s berated loudly.


Following Eric’s words, the fallen leaves in the garden were swept off the ground. And for a particular dryandra tree at the side, all its leaves seemed to have fallen, as they floated in the air in a random fashion. The servants of the garden had their faces turn pale again as the thought of clearing up the fallen leaves flashed past their minds. At the same time, an incomparable imposing aura exuded from Eric’s body, as he swung his sword towards Guthem, who was standing more than three metres away.




Guthem did not have the means to resist Eric’s attack. As he let out a desperate cry, his suit of red armour immediately shattered into countless pieces. Furthermore, the impact of the strike made him fall backwards involuntarily onto an ornament with a loud thud, as the ornament split into several pieces as well. Once again, the faces of the servants turned pale again.

(Silavin: half of my mind is convinced that their facial expression is pale due to the thought of them needing to clean up this mess.)


Ye Chui stared wide-eyed at this scene, as he felt revenge being exacted on such a useless teammate. In his heart, Ye Chui was in awe of Eric’s actions. [This is the might of a level nine Swordsman! If the owner of the ancient tomb, who is also a level nine Swordsman, can challenge the Sword Master, then he must be even stronger than the strongest Swordsman of Stan City… if that ghost puppet possessed all the skills of the level nine Swordsman, I wouldn’t be able to even pass a single round!]


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