Omni-Magician – Chapter 70, Hammer Has Been Right By Your Side All This While

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Silavin

Proofreader: Skoll


“Tony! Tony!”


After relieving himself from the realm of the magic crystal, Alfea’s worried voice rang in Ye Chui’s ears, as Ye Chui felt his arm continuously tugged. On the other hand, Debbie stood at the other side of the stone chamber worried, though words of concern did not come from her mouth.


Realising that Ye Chui’s lethargic body has recovered its vitality, the two girls were elated.


Alfea hurriedly inquired, “Tony, how are you doing? You seemed to have lost consciousness just now. What exactly is going on?”


“Nothing much. I was just having a little interaction with that child-like voice.” Ye Chui explained, as he stretched out his hand to let Alfea and Debbie see the magic crystal and magic stone in his palm. Till now, Ye Chui still has to rely on the magic stone to supply energy to his body. The magic crystal, which was lying peacefully in the centre of his palm, had a dark blue shade to it. Ye Chui then laughingly said, “I’ve now become the owner of the artificial intelligence.”


“You’ve become its owner, meaning that…” Alfea’s eyes lit up in excitement.


“I’m now the owner of this ancient tomb.” Ye Chui laughed.


“Then can you bring us to Hammer?” Debbie immediately grabbed his arm and asked with a face full of anticipation. [Didn’t this girl say that male and female should not have physical contact?]


“I’ll get the artificial intelligence to bring you girls to the rest of your team first.” Ye Chui smiled, “I’ll personally bring Hammer to you girls later on. Alfea, since there is no more space isolation in this ancient tomb, you can directly leave this place using your key.”


“What about you?” Alfea seemed to be concerned about Ye Chui, as she stared at him with big sparkling eyes.


Ye Chui then laughed, “This is an unforgettable adventure experience. I’m sure we’ll meet again in future.”


As Ye Chui replied Alfea, he also prepared to contact Jarvis to bring these two girls to meet up with their teammates.


Alfea suddenly pursed her lips and open her arms widely to embrace Ye Chui, before saying, “I hope to see you again… soon.”


[Mmm… I guess it’s normal for her to give me a hug, since we have experienced life and death together…]


After Alfea released Ye Chui from her tight embrace, Ye Chui thought of Debbie. [Should I give this little girl a hug as well?]


However, Debbie immediately revealed an expression that indicated ‘don’t you dare take advantage of me’, causing Ye Chui to bitterly shake his head. His consciousness then proceeded into magic crystal to communicate with Jarvis. Soon, a ray of white light appeared underneath Debbie and Alfea, before they vanished in front of Ye Chui.


“Jarvis, have you sent them to the inner hall yet?” Ye Chui seeks confirmation.


“Master, they’re now in the inner hall and the space isolation magic array has been removed.” Jarvis replied.


After getting the confirmation he needed, Ye Chui proceeded to remove his Iron Swordsman suit. Since he only wore underwear underneath his armour, he retrieved a set of Magician robe from his space ring to put on and returned his Iron Swordsman suit back into his space ring. He then cleaned the wound on his arm. Although the cut on his arm was very deep, it was not life-threatening. After affirming that he has not left anything behind in this stone chamber, Ye Chui asked Jarvis to teleport him to the inner hall as well.


Within the inner hall.


Balmain, Athol and Damon were all exhausted and inflicted with many injuries. Damon, who looked devastated, almost died when battling in the third check, but managed to pull through in the end with just a serious injury.


At this point in time, Guthem was still mocking the three of them for their futile efforts.


On the other hand, Oberth was squatting under the light wall with red eyes, as he continued his attempts to decipher the space magic array in the inner hall.


“I can’t die; I’m the son of the Magician Guild Master; I’m a genius Magician… How can I die… I can’t die…” Oberth chanted continuously, as though he was mentally delirious.


Suddenly, the golden yellow wall in front of him flickered for a moment, before it disappeared into thin air.


“Ehh?” The five people trapped in the inner hall were taken aback. [How did the space isolation disappear all of a sudden?]


All of them looked towards Oberth subconsciously.


Oberth crawled up from the ground with a pleasant look on his face, as he was in disbelief over what he had done. [Did… Did I accidentally pinpoint the weakness of the light wall and deciphered the lock of the space array?]


“Dream on.” Alfea’s indifferent insult rang in the inner hall. Then, she and Debbie both appeared in the inner hall from the ray of white light.


Alfea scanned the surroundings and was shocked at the sight. She then quickly rushed towards all three of them to assess their injuries.


On the other hand, Debbie kept a lookout for a trace of Ye Chui, as her eyes hovered around the inner hall.


“What exactly happened?” Balmain hurriedly asked, as he saw Alfea’s silhouette rushing towards him.


Alfea briefly summarised the story of the artificial intelligence of this ancient tomb and explained the encounter with Tony Stark, the Iron Swordsman.


“Does this mean that you all passed the final test? And that Tony Stark is now in control of the entire ancient tomb?” Balmain inquired in a surprised tone, “I didn’t expect such a secret to lie within this ancient tomb. And I’ve no idea who that Tony Stark is…”


“Lady Alfea!” Guthem dashed towards Alfea and said in an agitated tone, “So, can we leave this place now?”


“Of course!” Alfea glanced at Guthem and realised that he was almost free of injuries. This made it obvious that he had admitted to his fate and did not harbour any thoughts of challenging the puppet Swordsman, thus Alfea was disgusted by his attitude.


“Then let’s quickly leave this place!” Oberth ran over and shouted with a shaky voice.


However, Alfea was still looking around for any sign of Ye Chui. She then frowned and said, “We have to wait for Hammer first!”


“Hammer?” Guthem seemed to have thought of something and suddenly shouted in a strict voice, “Where’s Hammer?”


“He’ll be here soon.”


Just as Alfea’s voice dissipated, a ray of white light appeared in the inner hall. A moment later, Ye Chui emerged from the light and stood in front of everyone. Now, Ye Chui’s acting skills are about to be put to the test.


Ye Chui revealed a panic-stricken look, as though he did not know what had happened. He then scanned the surroundings. Just as he was about to enquire about the happenings, a tiny figure, Debbie, leaped onto his body.


“Hammer, it’s great that you’re alright. I thought that I would never see you again…” A weeping sound came from her embrace.


Ye Chui stood dumbstruck, before revealing a gentle smile on his face and lightly hugging Debbie.

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