Omni-Magician – Chapter 69, You Shall Be Called Jarvis Starting From Today

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Silavin

Proofreader: Skoll


The most common scenario that happens when Ultraman is battling with small monsters is that his energy would suddenly run out at the most critical moment of the battle. Then, he would activate the auto-kinetic light waves to defeat the small monsters and attain victory, behind the guise of children’s screams.


In the Ironman movie, there was a similar situation. Ironman would always face the problem of insufficient energy nearing the end of every big fight.


Now, it is Ye Chui’s turn to experience the same thing.


The moment when Ye Chui saw the magic crystal and magic stone within the chest of the puppet Swordsman; and was about to retrieve those items which manipulated it, his Iron Swordsman suit suddenly lost its brilliant lighting effects. As the blue-coloured glow from the magic crystal dimmed, Ye Chui lost the magic power supplied by the magic crystal and felt his body become much heavier all of a sudden.


Although his particular armour was not that heavy, it weighed at least tens of kilograms. Hence, with his small body frame, he was incapable of fully supporting his entire body.


The sudden change in event caused Debbie and Alfea to jump in shock.


“Tony, what happened to you?!” Alfea yelled immediately.


Debbie also rushed over to Ye Chui, with a face full of worry.


The child-like voice let out a satisfied laughter. Although the puppet Swordsman was still firmly pinned onto the stone wall, but its continuous struggle was about to give it a chance to break free from the trap.


This moment was extremely critical.


At this moment, Ye Chui decided to go all out. In his mind, a ray of light flashed past, as he understood that this was the only way to have a chance at survival!


He dragged his heavy feet and suddenly dashed towards the puppet Swordsman.


The puppet Swordsman’s long sword extended towards Ye Chui’s left arm at lightning speed.


“Be careful!” Alfea did not expect Ye Chui to make this move when his armour malfunctioned, as she screamed. She also attempted to brandish her long sword and fend off the puppet Swordsman’s attack.


But it was too late.


*Zila*, the puppet Swordsman’s long sword had already chopped onto Ye Chui’s shoulder. The impact of its attack was strong enough to split open the shoulder pad of Ye Chui’s armour and injure him, causing him to feel sharp pain.


After letting out a low roar and clenching his teeth, Ye Chui continued to charge forward.


Ye Chui definitely possesses the tenacity to fight for his life.


If it was not for his tenacious character, how would he even be able to stand at the peak of the hacking world?


He then inserted his hands into the broken left chest of the puppet Swordsman.


His palm made contact with the magic stone.


No one knew what Ye Chui had on his mind; not even the child-like voice. However, the child-like voice sensed that something was amiss, as the puppet Swordsman prepared to launch a second attack on Ye Chui.


This time, Alfea made sufficient preparations and managed to successfully fend off its attack.


He grabbed the magic stone with his hand with a tight clench.


At the same time, Ye Chui was absorbing the magic power from this magic stone inside the puppet Swordsman!


Although Ye Chui’s shoulder pad has been destroyed, the magic array which was responsible for transmitting magic power was fortunately undamaged. Soon after, he felt the weight of the battle armour become lighter, as a continuous supply of magic energy flowed through his palm into his body.


Ye Chui continued to endure the immense pain, as he retrieved the magic stone that was providing him with magic energy from the puppet Swordsman’s chest.


The magic stone, which was strategically placed within the chest of the puppet Swordsman, had dark-red thin threads resembling blood vessels extending from it, connecting the magic stone to the other parts of it body.


This structure was something Ye Chui could not comprehend, but it no longer mattered, as he had already retrieved the entire magic stone from the puppet Swordsman’s body. At the same time, Ye Chui managed to locate the magic crystal which was connected to the magic stone with the same blood vessel-like threads.




The child-like voice let out a panic-stricken scream.


Within a short period of time, the long sword of the puppet Swordsman has attacked Ye Chui countless times, but Alfea managed to fend off all of it.


A continuous clashing sound of the swords could be heard.


Then peace was restored in the stone chamber.


The puppet Swordsman suddenly stopped in its actions and was transformed into a stone-like material.


With a final blow from Alfea’s long sword, the puppet Swordsman disintegrated into sand-like particles.


They have finally won the puppet Swordsman!


“Tony, did we win?” Alfea sounded tired, yet was elated at the same time. When she fended off the consecutive attacks by the puppet Swordsman within that short frame of time, she had already surpassed her original level of Swordsman skills.


Debbie also looked at Ye Chui with joy, as the thought of being able to see her Hammer again flashed across her mind.


However, Ye Chui did not have any sort of response.


While gripping onto the magic stone and magic crystal in his hand, his body dropped to one side and the floral patterns on his armour formed by the <Wind Walk> magic matrixes started to glitter with a weak light. However, Ye Chui stood there like a statue and did not give any response.


At this instant, Ye Chui’s will entered the magic crystal and carried out an intense fight with the intelligent life inside the magic crystal.


This was a battle of the magic matrix.


Perhaps in Ye Chui’s perspective, this was a battle of the hackers.


The child-like voice, which was the intelligent life that controlled the entire ancient tomb, was indeed hiding within the magic crystal all along and was merely made up of a group of magic arrays formed by countless magic symbols. Although it was impossible for Ye Chui to comprehend the constitution of these arrays, he could see a chain that revolved tightly around the series of magic arrays, which was formed by a single magic array.


It was a sign that the intelligent life was resisting Ye Chui’s control, as it did not want Ye Chui to get hold of one end of the chain.


Ye Chui just had to grab hold onto the chain which will naturally result in him being able to control this intelligent being completely.


As Ye Chui was embroiled in this battle of wills, he thought of the countless hacking experiences he had in the previous world.


If others were in Ye Chui’s shoes at this moment, it was highly likely that they would not have a chance of controlling that intelligent life, which had developed self-centeredness. However, Ye Chui was different. The experience he had gained in his previous world gave him an extraordinary controlling ability that even Magicians in this world lack. In the next instant, he was about to transform into a hacker and intrude into the control region of this intelligent life, so as to entirely control the intelligent life.

This was a conflict of wills.


In this process, Ye Chui saw some fragments.


These fragments belonged to the intelligent life.


1300 years ago, a level nine Swordsman constructed this ancient tomb so as to allow someone to inherit the fighting styles which he invented. He single-handedly designed several obstacles; and with the help of a Specialist Realm Magician, removed a part of his will from his brain and stored it within the magic crystal.

This part of his will that was removed from his brain had the knowledge of the 12 fighting styles in it and maybe a portion of his sentiments.


With the passing of time, the sentiment of this level nine Swordsman gradually developed its own character and evolved into an all-new intelligent life.


This was a miracle that rarely happened.


For the past innumerable years, the puppet Swordsman, which was activated by the magic crystal, roamed the ancient tomb in solitude. Thus, it had gained its own perspective on the concept of life, existence and freedom.


It understood that the design of the level nine Swordsman made it that if anyone manages to pass the test, it must forever obey that person and be its slave.


This was the purpose of its existence.


However, since it did not want to exist just like that, it learnt how to resist.


“No… No… I want to become a real human being. I don’t want to be a slave. I don’t want… No…”


While engaged in the conflict within the magic crystal, Ye Chui seemed to be able to hear the desperate pleas of the intelligent being.


Thus, Ye Chui yelled back at it.


“You aren’t a human being. Although you are self-centred, you aren’t a human being and will never possess the true meaning of what it means to be a true human. But I can assure you that I will treat you like how I treat the people around me. I will become your master. I refuse to concede defeat. So instead, I will defeat you. Either obey me, or be destroyed by me.”



After a long time



The conflict within the magic crystal ceased all of a sudden.


“Master…” That voice said.


As Ye Chui firmly held onto the chain, he received the most reverent regards from his slave.


“Starting from today, I will be your master.” Ye Chui responded to it in an exhausted tone.


“Master, my name is…” The voice continued to speak.


“It doesn’t matter what your name was in the past. I have a better name for you.” Ye Chui said to that voice joyfully, “You shall be called Jarvis starting from today.”

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