Omni-Magician – Chapter 68, WTF, The Iron Swordsman Suit’s Battery Ran Out…

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Silavin

Proofreader: Skoll


A new round of battle between Ye Chui and the puppet Swordsman has started. After several consecutive battles with the puppet Swordsman, Ye Chui had already grasped the application of all 12 fighting styles like the back of his hand. Of course, his skills of applying these 12 fighting styles into battles are still far from that of the creator of these moves; a level nine Swordsman who existed 1300 years ago.

However, Ye Chui’s knowledge of these fighting styles should be sufficient to sustain him for 30 minutes against the puppet Swordsman.

Within the sounds of clashing swords, Ye Chui and the puppet Swordsman were engaged in a serious exchange of moves. Both their movements were executed with the utmost of precision, and the scene of the battle seemed to have a weird sense of beauty to it. In Debbie and Alfea’s perspectives, it was as though they were watching an exquisite martial arts movie.

In the blink of an eye, the end of the 30 minutes was approaching.

It was all within Ye Chui’s expectations. The attacks of the puppet Swordsman increasingly became merciless. Originally, it did not go all out when launching its attacks, but now, it seemed as though it wanted Ye Chui’s life. If it was not for the protection by this Iron Swordsman suit, as well as the activation of the <Wind Walk> arrays – which allowed him to dodge its attacks, there were a few occasions which Ye Chui could have been severely injured.

29 minutes had finally passed.

As the time remaining dwindled, the murderous intent of the puppet Swordsman became more intense.

In a single moment, the puppet Swordsman performed ‘fighting style number 12’, which was comprised of the most complicated movements and is the strongest fighting style of all. The puppet Swordsman wielded its long sword with both its hands and slashed three times in the air. Of these three slashes, which were executed at lightning speed, not all of them were actual attacks. All three slashes were aimed at the top, middle and bottom of the opponent; as a preventive measure against any attack that the opponent might launch. This move also has a transformation that can deal with it.

If these fighting style was used flawlessly, everything would go according to plan.

Inevitably, there is not a single perfect move in the martial world, not to mention this fantasy world.

This all-rounded move, which can subdue the opponent easily, could be easily countered. All he needed to do was to use the same exact fighting move.

When Ye Chui sensed that the puppet Swordsman was using ‘fighting style number 12’, he prepared his body and mind to counter its attack. Immediately, he mimicked the puppet Swordsman by using the same fighting style. He wielded his long sword with both his hands and slashed it three times in the air at lightning speed.

In reality, some of these slashes were real, but others were bluffs. The intricate part of this fighting style is the speed at which the person can convert from a real slash to a fake slash. Since these slashes have to be done one after another, the choice between actual and a fake, lies in the Lightning Spark.

*Clang, clang, clang!*

Three consecutive clashing sounds of the long swords could be heard almost simultaneously.

Ye Chui and the puppet Swordsman’s swords have already clashed three times. As the paths of the two long swords intersected, fakes and actual attacks could be easily be distinguished, thus defusing the crisis brought about by this fighting move. At this very moment, Ye Chui’s silhouette could be seen charging towards the puppet Swordsman with his long sword was aimed at its chest.

This was definitely not a wisest of decision, something even Ye Chui had to admit. However… he had a plan.

Because the move which Ye Chui executed was not a transformation of the twelfth fighting style, he could directly charge towards the puppet Swordsman and place himself within its attack range.

Just as planned, the puppet Swordsman’s long sword swept across the air and chopped towards Ye Chui’s shoulder.

“Debbie, Alfea!” Ye Chui shouted at the top of his lungs.

Debbie and Alfea heeded to the instructions Ye Chui gave earlier and were ready to jump into action. Upon hearing Ye Chui’s voice, their tiny figures nimbly flew into action.

When Ye Chui was informing the girls about his plan earlier on, he told them that they should join in the battle in the very last minute. All they had to do was very simple – lock down the long sword and arms of the puppet Swordsman when Ye Chui is in deep danger.

Both Alfea and Debbie have talent in swordsmanship. Although they had never coordinated with Ye Chui in any way, In such a critical moment, they were still able to flawlessly manage coordinating their movements with his.


Alfea halted the puppet Swordsman attack on Ye Chui’s shoulder by sweeping her sword against the puppet Swordsman’s.


At the same time, Debbie brandished her great sword and smashed it onto the arm of the puppet Swordsman with all her might. This attack was sufficient to destroy the operating system that enabled the puppet Swordsman to cheat; and caused the operating system it to be paralysed for a substantial amount of time.

Ye Chui’s long sword, which was not used in any fighting style at the moment, pierced directly into the chest of the puppet Swordsman. On the other hand, there were eight <Wind Walk> magic arrays carved at the back of Ye Chui’s armour, which can provide him with a strong propelling force. The propelling force of the magic arrays were large enough to enable him to pierce his long sword completely through the puppet Swordsman’s chest plate and push it all the way to the stone wall behind.

The long sword even managed to pierce half a metre into the stone wall, thus pinning the puppet Swordsman’ body onto the stone wall.

“Do you think this will suffice?!” The child-like voice shouted at Ye Chui with an exasperated voice.

‘Of course not…” Ye Chui displayed a cheeky grin.

Under his signal, Debbie and Alfea retreated to the back.

Ye Chui loosened his grip on his long sword and retreated half a step back before opening his arms wide.

The magic array in front of his chest lighted up suddenly.

The magic crystal, which is placed in front of Ye Chui’s chest all along, had a layer of transparent crystal above it. This transparent layer of crystal had a magic matrix enchanted onto it; and this magic matrix is Ye Chui’s ultimate move, <Lightning Beam>.

At this time, Ye Chui used all his might to activate his ultimate move. A blue-coloured beam shot out from Ye Chui’s chest and rocketed towards the puppet Swordsman.

*zi, zi, zi*

This magic matrix was modified from the <Heavenly Thunder> magic spell, which was found within the magic crystal. This magic spell is classified as an Elementary Offensive Spell, but it has a speciality. The destructive capability of this magic spell is directly proportional to the magic power supplied to it, meaning that its destructive capability can be limitless if a magic item is able to supply an unlimited amount of magic power to it.

Right now, Ye Chui channelled all the magic power he has into the magic matrix, producing the most formidable attack move that he has ever made.

Under such a strong attack, the left side of the puppet Swordsman’s chest plate quickly melted and was destroyed, revealing the greyish-black substance which made up the interior of its battle armour; alas, even this substance could not bear the might of Ye Chui’s attack as it melted at an astonishing speed.

Ye Chui had put all his eggs into this basket and could not afford to slip up. He firmly believed that the magic core array of the puppet Swordsman, which controlled the operations of it, was hidden at its heart!

“What are you trying to do?! What do you want?!” The child-like voice trembled in fear, as it constantly rang in Ye Chui’s ears.

Ye Chui did not care about the child-like voice. Instead, he continued to transmit all the magic power he has towards the magic matrix at his chest, while continuing his attack on the puppet Swordsman’s chest.

While the puppet Swordsman was pinned onto the stone wall, it had continued to struggle from the restraints and even attempted to use its long sword to attack Ye Chui. However, those efforts were but to no avail. Even as a precautionary measure, Ye Chui had Alfea and Debbie next to him in case a sudden attack were to swing by.

Under the electric light, Ye Chui had an anxious gaze in his eyes, as he stared at the destroyed part of the puppet Swordsman’s chest.

He had exerted all his magic powers on this attack. If he had made a wrong judgement, and the magic crystal is not found, he would not have a second chance, as the Iron Swordsman suit might not have the power to be activated again.

Fortunately, Ye Chui quickly realised something. Under the bombardment of the lighting beam, there was already an opening in the left side of the puppet Swordsman’s chest plate, revealing two flickering constantly blue-coloured bright spots.

It was a magic crystal, as well as a magic stone!

This was where the core and power of the puppet Swordsman was at.

“It’s here!” Ye Chui prepared to snatch those two items into his hands.


At this moment, something which made Ye Chui curse and swear occurred.

The blue-coloured beam emerging from his chest suddenly turned dim and he felt his body become much heavier – this was a sign of magic power failure.

At this anxious and critical moment, the magic crystal in front of Ye Chui’s chest suddenly ran out of magic power!

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