Omni-Magician – Chapter 67, This Darned Ancient Tomb

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


[This artificial intelligence… does not seem to want me to pass this test!]


Ye Chui had such a thought only because before they were teleported to this stone chamber, the child-like voice said something about giving them a chance to live if Ye Chui agreed to be its slave. But he rejected it proposal in the end.


Ye Chui had already understood that as long as he is able to display all of the 12 battle techniques that the puppet Swordsman would use, after intensive replays of each one of them; he would have accomplished the goal of this test. Hence, he will, in the end, be rewarded with this artificial intelligence and have the chance to be its new master.


Ye Chui could not determine the nature of this artificial intelligence. However, what he is able to confirm is that this artificial intelligence is very self-centred. Since it is self-centred and has harboured the thought of making Ye Chui its slave, it would definitely have some objection against being the slave of Ye Chui. It is very likely that it will create some difficulty for Ye Chui in the upcoming test.


Apart from that, from what Ye Chui had gathered from the conversations he had with the child-like voice, he speculated that this artificial intelligence, made from a level nine Swordsman, will take up a lot of memory space. At the very least, it was impossible for him to store it into his 128MB magic crystal!


A magic crystal that is able to store something so large must be priceless!


From the information that he had gathered, he could tell that the magic crystal which stored both the fragment of will from the level nine Swordsman and the 12 battle techniques that he had created will take up at least 1GB.


From Ye Chui’s own understanding, it would be impossible to find such a huge magic crystal in a place like Stan City.


Even if the level nine Swordsman had the ability to take on a Sword Master, it was still impossible for him to be so rich to the point that he could afford two of such crystals and still had spare to create this tomb. Therefore, in the ancient tomb, there could only be this one magic crystal.


If such was the case, the crystal would not only contain the battle techniques created by the level nine Swordsman and his will fragment, it will also contain the puppet Swordsman!


With the stone chamber being completely different from that of the inner hall, and the constitution of this puppet swordsman being completely different to that faced in the inner hall, it could be deduced that it was not created by a magic array on the ground. Without such an array, its power source must have been something else! It must have been the magic crystal, which contained information that was able to fabricated this puppet Swordsman to display its 12 battle techniques. This means that this priceless magic crystal is stored within the body of the puppet swordsman!


In other words, the puppet swordsman is carrying the child-like voice which was speaking to him for all this time.


Since Ye Chui, Alfea and Debbie were all space teleported to this stone chamber, it can be almost certain to say that there is only one of such puppet Swordsman around.


In the previous few rounds of battle with the puppet Swordsman, all three of them had dealt various degrees of damage to the puppet Swordsman; Ye Chui even used his ultimate move to injure the puppet Swordsman to a large extent. However, they had not noticed the difference between this puppet Swordsman and those stone Swordsmen in the stone pathway; this was the only thing they had neglected.


If the child-like voice had planned for Ye Chui to remain trapped in here, the only way to attain victory over it is to destroy the puppet Swordsman and snatch the magic crystal within its body.


From the start, Alfea and Debbie had actually thought of the plan to destroy the puppet Swordsman and retrieve the magic crystal within it. Based on the constitution of an ordinary puppet Swordsman, the magic crystal and magic stoned within it form its magic core array as long as this core array is destroyed, the puppet Swordsman will be defeated.


However, executing the plan is an uphill task.


The strength and speed that this puppet Swordsman displays is approximately at the level of a level four or five Swordsman. However, due to the fighting styles it possesses, its battling capabilities have reached the level of at least an advanced Swordsman.


Due to the disparity in their skill levels, it was already hard for Alfea and Debbie to even attack and defend freely, not to mention destroying the puppet Swordsman. In reality, since the start of the battle, Debbie and Alfea had sustained many injuries, while the puppet Swordsman had only sustained a few. The biggest damage that was inflicted on the puppet Swordsman was caused by the electricity column that shot out from Ye Chui’s chest, but even those wounds were not enough as the level 9 Swordsman took little time to recover from those ‘scratches’.


As Ye Chui now possesses fighting styles that can keep the puppet Swordsman in check, he had a chance to completely destroy this puppet Swordsman; provided that Debbie and Alfea coordinated well with him.


Ye Chui had also guessed the location of the magic crystal within the puppet Swordsman. [The level nine Swordsman had never thought that there would be a formidable person amongst the adventurers that entered this ancient tomb. As the ‘boss’ of this test, the magic core array in his body has to be placed at a part that was used the most – the heart.]


The heart is the core of the human body; it is the part which perfectly controls the entire body.


Of course, all these are just Ye Chui’s speculations. Although he thinks that his speculation is around 90% accurate, there might be surprises.


But for now, he is willing to take a risk.


After battling the puppet Swordsman for the 30 minutes, the puppet Swordsman disappeared into thin air once again, while Debbie and Alfea walked back to Ye Chui’s side with heavy steps.


Although the both of them were exhausted, they still had a smile on their faces. This was due to the fact that Ye Chui has a chance of holding out for 30 minutes in the next round of battle, when he would have passed the test and was able to leave this darned ancient tomb. This description of the place was very apt, as the child-like voice was, from a certain perspective, some sort of spirit. Moreover, it has a guilty conscience right now.


“Tony, It’s all up to you now!” Alfea sat down next to Ye Chui and smilingly said.


As usual, Debbie sat half a metre away from Ye Chui, while giving him a strange stare.


“I’m afraid it isn’t as simple as you girls think.” Ye Chui said in a low tone.


“Why?” The two girls stared blankly at him.


Ye Chui beckoned the girls place their ears closer to his mouth. Alfea immediately did as he requested, but Debbie, on the other hand, had a face of reluctance; her expression probably meant ‘he wants to take advantage of me again’. But after a few seconds, she moved her ears closer to Ye Chui’s mouth.


Ye Chui told the girls about his plan in a low voice.


Both Alfea and Debbie looked at Ye Chui in shock, but out of the trust they had in him, they eventually nodded their heads.


“We’ll coordinate with you!” Debbie said softly.


Alfea said in a concerned voice, “Be careful!”


“This round determines whether we can escape this place or not!” Ye Chui lowered his voice, “That child-like voice possess sufficient intelligence, and has sufficient controlling power over this tomb. If we fail and alert him of our plan, I’m afraid it’ll kill us all!”


The 10 minutes resting time has evaporated after Ye Chui went through the details of the plan in his heart. He then stood up from the ground while holding onto the stone wall for support, before walking seriously towards the puppet Swordsman who appeared from a ray of white light at the other side of the room.


“Our fate depends on this round!”


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