Omni-Magician – Chapter 66, The Critical Last Minute!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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Countless golden yellow walls of air divided the space of the huge inner hall into many small checkpoints. It would be impossible for any ordinary person to break through these isolated spaces when they are trapped within it, unless they were at the level of an advanced Magician or advanced Swordsman. Those who were unable to break through these walls faced the fate of dying within these isolated spaces.


Tens of hours had passed, and within these hours, Athol, Balmain and Damon carried out their challenges individually and managed to advance several checkpoints towards the middle. They still had not lost hope in completing the challenge.


Balmain, the nimble Dual Swordsman, managed to advance four checkpoints towards the centre, while both Damon and Athol advanced two checkpoints forwards. In their current situation, Balmain was still five checkpoints away from reaching the centre, and had several injuries inflicted on him by the Swordsmen in the checkpoints. Furthermore, ointment for injuries had ran out. As he got closer to the middle checkpoint, the Swordsmen got stronger and more powerful, thus it was likely that he would not have any hope of advancing further in the game.


Beastman Warrior Athol and Mercenary Damon were both facing the same situation, thus the three of them sat down in despair to rest.


“Balmain, I wonder how Lady Alfea is doing… Would she be able to escape this place… If anything untoward happens to her, I won’t be able to give an explanation to Grandfather Eric…” Athol’s voice had a tinge of sadness.


Eric was the City Lord of Stan City, Alfea’s father, as well as one of the three level nine Swordsmen in the city.


Alfea’s talent in swordsmanship was largely inherited from her father.


“Don’t worry. Lady Alfea has always been lucky. I believe that she will be able to return home safely.” Balmain sighed, while using a piece of blood-streaked cloth to clean a wound at his abdomen, “Hammer isn’t an ordinary person. If he’s able to escape from Busca’s imprisonment for three months, I believe that he will bring good luck to Lady Alfea.”


“They’re really selfish. How can they leave without us?! Selfish! If I’m able to escape from this place, mark my word that I will spread the news of them leaving their fellow teammates behind!” At this time, Guthem’s raging voice rang.


Guthem was still sitting with a soulless look plastered on his face in the same checkpoint he was previously trapped in. When Athol and the rest declared that they would carry on with the challenges, he even made sarcastic remarks, thinking that they were fated to die no matter how hard they try.


Also, it was very obvious that Guthem was lamenting about Ye Chui bringing Debbie and Alfea along with him, as they disappeared from the middle checkpoint. He thought that Ye Chui shamelessly abandoned the team, thus he cursed that he would receive the punishment of the oath contract.


“Shut up!” Guthem’s words met with Damon’s rebuke, “You shameless fella! Villain! It’s a disgrace to be on the same team as you!”


Guthem let out a few sounds of cold laughter, *hahaha*, and said in a mocking tone, “What’s more important in this world other than your life?! You must open your eyes to see the truth! Hammer could have saved us and left this place, but he decided to only bring Debbie and Alfea only. You morons, what is the use of Swordsman honour, when you are dead?!”


“I believe that Hammer isn’t such a person!” Damon’s shouted with a flushed face. Damon was not familiar with Ye Chui, but the battling experience he had with Ye Chui made him firmly believe that Ye Chui is not a selfish Magician who would abandon his teammates.


When Ye Chui, Alfea and Debbie were space teleported out of the inner hall, the words which the child-like voice said to them were not heard by the others. Hence, Guthem suspected that Ye Chui had all along planned to abandon them, although Damon, Athol and Balmain all believed that Ye Chui did not have a choice at that point in time.


Guthem snorted in an indifferent manner. Seeing Athol standing up and preparing to advance to the next checkpoint, Guthem’s showed a face of despise, “The most pathetic thing is that you guys actually think that you all can escape this place in one piece. What a joke!”


Damon, Athol and Balmain did not have the mood to respond to Guthem. They had indeed lost the will to escape out of this inner hall; it could be almost certain that they would be trapped to death in this place. However, they were not ready to submit themselves to fate; they were Swordsmen, and Swordsmen should bravely challenge their fate. Even if they die on the battleground, at least they would not be hiding in a safe zone like a coward, unwilling to try.


Guthem was mocking their futile efforts to escape, on the other hand, all three of them thought in their hearts that Guthem did not have the qualifications to be a Swordsman at all.


At this time, Oberth, the son of the Magician Guild Master, was still stuck in the same checkpoint and was reluctant to continue with the challenge. He seemed to be unwell, with a savage look plastered on his face. Moreover, he was mumbling some words to himself in a low tone, as if he was cursing and swearing.


“Hammer was the one who stole the magic crystal from the Magician Guild Hall… It’s Hammer… No wonder he has such talent in comprehending space magic arrays. He must’ve found a way to decipher these space magic arrays from the magic crystal! I should’ve been the one who obtained the magic crystal, but Hammer, this useless Magician, snatched everything that belonged to me… He deserves to die… I will definitely ask my father to kill him, kill him…”


When Ye Chui left the inner hall, Oberth realised that Ye Chui was the one who stole the magic crystal from the Magician Guild Hall. It was only due to some space magic-related information inside the magic crystal that he was able to overcome each obstacle with ease.


If this information was in his possession, he would be able to decipher the magic array here!


By this time, Oberth would probably had long forgotten that he had spent countless hours attempting to retrieve the magic crystal from the mirror, but to no avail. Even if he has the magic crystal with him, on what basis, does he have the cheek to believe that he could decipher the magic array trapping everyone here?


These magic arrays, which are carved by Specialist Realm Magicians, might not even be deciphered by that level nine Magician.


This was a concept that was easy to grasp; and Oberth knew that deep down in his heart. However, his emotions got the better of him. He continuously complained about Ye Chui, as though Ye Chui was the one who brought him down.


Within the stone chamber.








Ye Chui, who was wearing the Iron Swordsman battle armour, was sitting against the wall to rest, while the two girls exchanged blows with the puppet swordsman.


Under immense pressure, Debbie and Alfea’s swordsmanship have improved drastically. Although this adventure will not yield them any returns, the biggest gift that they will receive is the improvement in their swordsmanship.


Of course, Ye Chui was the ultimate gift to these girls in this adventure.

(Skoll: Narcissist much?)


The 12 fighting styles which Ye Chui has learnt will definitely be a great help to him during the battles. If Ye Chui can perfectly integrate this fighting moves together and use them coherently, the battling ability of the Iron Swordsman battle armour will increase substantially. Perhaps he can become an Iron Advanced Swordsman…


After eight hours of rest, Ye Chui had already battled the puppet swordsman four times. In the first round, he was able to sustain for 25 minutes before losing his foothold in the battle. In the second round, he was able to sustain for 26 minutes. He lasted for 28 and 29 minutes for the third and fourth round respectively.


Ye Chui had the confidence that, in the next round, he would be able to withstand the attacks from the puppet Swordsman for 30 minutes, using the set of fighting styles that he has just learnt.




[Could it be my imagination? The combat capabilities of the puppet Swordsman seemed to be increasing as the battle progresses… The last minute would be a torture…]


Ye Chui frowned as he suddenly thought of a sentence which the child-like voice previously said to him.


“This artificial intelligence… does not seem to want me to pass this test!”


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