Live Dungeon!

Live Dungeon! – Chapter 66, To Ealdred Crow

Translator: Barnnn Editor: Silavin   While the guild was buzzing with excitement over Ealdred Crow’s success in defeating the Fire Dragon, Tsutomu looked at the party shown on Monitor #1 and nodded in admiration. One Tank, one Healer, two Attackers… and the Clan Leader, a Summoner, so Tsutomu did not quite know how that worked, but he guessed from the composition that it was also a Tank-type Job. 

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Rebuild World

Rebuild World – Chapter 66, Important Day, Checkpoint Day

<<Previous Chapter Index Next Chapter>> Translator: Athena13 Editor: Silavin Proofreader: p4553r   After finishing his bath, Akira returned to Sheryl’s room. On his way there, the other boys in the gang were looking enviously at him. They knew that he shared the bath together with Sheryl. The girls in the gang could not blame the boys since they also knew that many boys fantasized about being with Sheryl. But it was obvious that Sheryl was…

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