Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 500, The Roster of Carnage

Translator: TheBrokenPen Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys   Yi Yi stood her ground as the burly Body-tempering Cultivator charged headlong in her direction. Refusing to budge, she fired spell after spell. Each one hit her enemy’s shield eliciting bright, blinding flashes; one was matched with a disdainful smirk from the enemy Body-tempering Cultivator whose advance was not at all bogged down by her defiant attacks. 

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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 500, Conferring Ceremony!

Translator:  Ashish Translation Checker: Silavin   Quietly listening to Yu Zi Yu’s description, many Mutant Beasts’ eyes burned with fervor.   Most of these Mutant Beasts were recently subdued, during the frenzied expansion of Misty Mountains.   For example, the recently established Mutant Jackal Clan had five Tier-2s, and had thousand members. Then there was the Mutant Weasel Clan. Although they had just over a hundred members, each one was as fast as lightning. These…

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I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 500, Sky Deer City’s Array Core; Besiege the City Today

Translator: Fate Translation Checker: Silavin   *Rumble!* Above the Aether Abyss floated a massive mist that stretched across the horizon. It looked mottled, with terrifying Chaos Qi laced in it. The land below was chaotic and filled with various broken World Principles. If an ordinary cultivator were to make contact with these Principles, their body would be blown to bits.

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