Pivot of the Sky

Pivot of the Sky – Chapter 92, A Strange Covenant

<<Previous Chapter Index Next Chapter>> Translator: Snorri Proofreader: theunfetteredsalmon   The two beauties by the sides of the Scorpion King were holding staffs in their hands as well, which seemed to be made from some unknown animal’s bone. One had a Pyrosprite on top, and the other an Aquaticore. Did monsters have mages as well? The giant in the middle must be Girtablullu, the Scorpion King, one of the monsters created by the fallen ancient goddess to…

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Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 92, Confrontation

<<Previous Chapter     Index     Next Chapter>> Translator – Erza Editor – Ben Finalized Editor – Silavin Proofreader – Bluerazbeary People from the Blood Battle Gang and Storm House were making too much of a ruckus. And even before landing, the Tempered Body Disciple had died with a pitiful yell. Due to the outburst of Yin energy, his yell traveled far and wide.

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