Pivot of the Sky

Pivot of the Sky – Chapter 141, The Fish that I Want

<<Previous Chapter Index Next Chapter>> Translator: adomman Editor: Snorri   The title of the story was “The Book of the Dead”, and it started off like most other Ejyptian legends. One’s life was like the flowing of the Nile River, where the end was the Underworld ruled by Osiris. The god of the dead would sent out a huge crescent-shaped ship to collect the souls of the dead, and when Osiris’s servant, the goddess Bastet in the…

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Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 141, The Hu Sisters’ Great Opportunity

<<Previous Chapter Index Next Chapter>> Translated by Silavin Edited by theunfetteredsalmon (a fan of no caps)   After guarding the two sisters for three days, the cave end where they sat suddenly had an eruption of bright lights. Two golden lights on top of the sisters’ heads vanished from sight. Meanwhile, the Yuan Qi from their body started to revolve in unison, causing the cave walls to hum.   Yang Kai looked at the two.…

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