Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 417, Blade Communion

Translator: Truth Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys   Looking at the notes, Lu Ye could tell that his third senior brother, Xiao Xinghe, did not use the same weapon as him. The Inviolable was a saber, while his third senior brother’s weapon was a massive blade with a flamboyant design. Therefore, many of his insights were not really suitable for Lu Ye.

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The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley”

The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool “Asley” – Chapter 417, Hmph!

Translator: Barnnn   So… Blazer said his every word with a straight face. The thing he was talking about, though, was incomprehensible to me, so it took quite a few moments for the information to actually get inside my head. Also, the way Bruce and Betty are smirking at me is… so Goddamn annoying.

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I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 417, Might Get Pregnant, He’s a Heartless Man, Finished Business

Translator: Fate Translation Checker: Silavin   Gu Changge didn’t have much interest in the Lunar Demon Overlord’s Dao Oath, as she wasn’t that stupid. She had no solid proof in her hands that the Demon Overlords had died at Gu Changge’s hand. Furthermore, it would be hard to explain as well, so it was better to continue keeping it a secret. Besides, the consequences of offending him were already made abundantly clear. 

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