Worthless Profession: Dragon Tamer

Worthless Profession: Dragon Tamer – Chapter 1, Nationwide Profession Change

Translator: Silavin   “… Although in this world, changing to a Combat Specialised Profession can lead to a better future, Lifestyle Specialised Professions and Enhancement Specialised Professions also have great potential. Especially Enhancement Specialised Professions. Those well off students only need to practise diligently and improve their Skill proficiency. In the future, wherever they go, they will be highly sought after. The treatment they receive would be no worse than Combat Specialised Professions. In fact,…

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I Level Up By Absorbing Everything

I Level Up By Absorbing Everything – Chapter 1, Reincarnated

Translator: Silavin   “I actually transmigrated…” In the messy room, Chu Mo sighed after absorbing the memories in his mind. He was not from this world, but came from Earth. In 2050, an asteroid hit the Earth and simultaneously spread an unknown virus, causing the vast majority of people worldwide to become infected and turn into zombies. The civilization that humanity was proud of collapsed in an instant.

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