Humanity's Great Sage

Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 148, The Story So Far

Translator: TheBrokenPen Editor: Dhael Ligerkeys   “Many amongst the Thousand Demon Ridge sects and orders have been waiting for this day with bated breath. The day when the Crimson Blood Sect would become nothing but a footnote in history. That was when word came out about your existence. The Crimson Blood Sect acolyte who appeared out of nowhere just months ago and the one who would see their deepest wish become nothing more than wishful…

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Live Dungeon!

Live Dungeon! – Chapter 148, The Snow Field Experience

Translator: Barnnn Editor: Silavin   The three proceeded to explore more of layer seventy-one with some breaks in between battles, and returned to the surface once it was noon. Amira, following Tsutomu’s suggestion of mastering her <<Dragon Form>>, had started using her transformation more during combat. At the current moment, she was able to only barely maintain her consciousness, so the next issue was figuring out how to gain further control from here.

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