Live Dungeon!

Live Dungeon! – Chapter 139, Delicious Food

Translator: Barnnn Editor: Silavin   Once the Absolute Helix party went through the Black Gate and reappeared in the Guild, they were welcomed with an endless wave of thunderous cheers. Tsutomu, specifically, had conquered both the sixtieth and seventieth layers on his very first attempt — an extraordinary achievement, regardless of the number of times he had seen other Clans attempt the layer bosses on the Monitors.

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I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 139, The Situation Is Becoming More and More Interesting, Treasure-Hunting Rat Didn’t Disappoint

Translator: Zenas Proofreader: Silavin   “The successor of the Ancient Reincarnation Supreme Being has appeared.” An old woman with snake-like eyes spoke. Her voice was so eerie that it would make others’ scalp tingle upon hearing it. The rune on her hand was flickering and shining at the moment.

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