Pivot of the Sky

Pivot of the Sky – Chapter 118, Another Game of Chess

<<Previous Chapter Index Next Chapter>> Translator, Editor and Proofread: theunfetteredsalmon   [4038 words]   Juguli added, “The Pharaoh and the main Ejyptian legions are waiting for reinforcements. Our plan is to eliminate them step-by-step. Once we ensure that no more support will come for them, we will methodically dismantle the rest of the main army and concentrate all our forces on them. Even if we fail to capture the Pharaoh, we’d be able to kill him. In…

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Omni-Magician – Chapter 118, Spiritual Powers

<<Previous Chapter Index Next Chapter>> Translator: Math321 Translation Checker: Silavin Proofreader: Bluerazbeary   <Gale’s Baptism> is an intermediate offensive spell created by Oupu, No one thought that an Elementary Magician could grasp this intermediate offensive spell, yet Ye Chui only spent two hours completing the magical model and comprehended this spell completely.

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