Worthless Profession: Dragon Tamer

Worthless Profession: Dragon Tamer – Chapter 12, Instant Kill, Dominator of the Mountain Stone Plains

Translator: Silavin   “Ang!” Following a hearty Dragon roar, Xiao Ye swept down from the sky. Her Dragon Tail merely flicked and it striked the Bloodthirsty Gray Fox. Yet, a crisp *smack* rang out, and the Bloodthirsty Gray Fox got shattered, with countless chunks of flesh exploding and flying into the air.

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Applied Immortality

Applied Immortality – Chapter 12, I Just Knew You Sucked!

Translator: Tamon   Zhen Chanzi mocked, “You got any brighter ideas? Your spiritual power might win against a late ancient Qi Refining cultivator, but without magical arts or magic weapons, you’re an easy target. Kid, it’s admirable to seek a carefree life, but without strength to keep you safe, you won’t last long. This is how the world works.” 

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The Adventures Of The Black Cat Nyango

The Adventures Of The Black Cat, Nyango Chapter 12, The basics training continues

Translator: Nonon   Attribute magic is called the magic of Goddess, engraving magic is called the magic of scholars and the body strengthening magic is called the magic of people. Attribute magic is bestowed by the Goddess, so you can start using it even without being taught, although the degree of improvement depends on how much you train.

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