Omni-Magician – Chapter 73, Iron Swordsman’s Middle Man

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


On the Aigen-Dazs Continent, the cultivation of Magicians can be classified into three main categories – the Ordinary Realm, the Specialist Realm and the Divine Realm.


‘Elementary Magician’, ‘Intermediate Magician’ and ‘Advanced Magician’ are specific terms assigned to various Magicians who belong to the Ordinary Realm.


Magicians in the Ordinary Realm, unfortunately, know only the basics of magic. Most of these Magicians spend their entire lives struggling to attain a breakthrough to the Specialist Realm, not to mention reach the Divine Realm.


Magicians who lack greatly in magic talent, such as Ye Chui, would normally remain as Elementary Magicians for their entire lives.


Each of the elementary, intermediate and advanced ranks within that of the Ordinary Realm can be further categorised into three sublevels. To promote oneself from a lower level to that of a higher level requires the knowledge of magic and the comprehension of magic spells. For example,  To get promoted from a level one Magician to a level two Magician, one will only need to learn more magic knowledge and spells. In addition, the assigning of levels is purely determined by a test at the Magician Guild.


As for the promotion of a lower rank to a higher rank; one would  need to have a significant transformation in their own  spiritual power. For example, for someone to get promoted from a level three Magician to a level four Magician, they  will also need to grasp a deeper level of magic knowledge in addition to their own  talent for magic. Unfortunately, it would not be easy for Ye Chui to transform his spiritual power based on his magic talent. Even if, he has the ability to defeat those level six Magicians by his magic knowledge, he is still a level three Magician after all.


However, Ye Chui was not discouraged because of that. In his perspective as the ‘Father of Studies’, there is no such thing as a bottleneck and he will eventually find the means to breakthrough his level as a Magician.


The banquet at the City Lord’s Manor soon came to an end.


Ye Chui and the others had not changed out of their torn and tattered clothes; this included Alfea, who was still wearing her blood-stained armour. However, no one was actually bothered by their current state of dress, as City Lord Eric did not enforce any formal dress code for this banquet.


When Alfea was narrating how the formidable and intelligent Iron Swordsman was, and how he coordinated with her and Debbie during the battle Within the stone chamber, Eric let out a few loud robust laughs while holding a wine glass in his hand. “Who exactly is this Iron Swordsman? I’d like to meet this person. Hearing from Alfea, it’s interesting that he learnt all the fighting styles of the puppet Swordsman. He seems to be an interesting character!”


“It’s a pity that he seemed unwilling to interact with us. I’m afraid it’ll be hard to arrange a meeting with him, father.” Alfea shook her head and spoke in a disappointing tone.


Ye Chui, who was sitting beside Alfea at the dining table, spoke out as his heart skipped a beat, “Actually… I know of a way to contact him.”


“What?” Alfea hurriedly looked towards Ye Chui with her eyes lit up. She then grabbed onto Ye Chui’s shoulders, “Hammer, are you serious?”


“Yes…” Sensing that this lady’s reaction was a little strange, he continued to explain, “When he was leaving the ancient tomb, I had a brief interaction with him at the stone chamber. He then requested that I become his middle man and said that you can look for him through me.”


Lady Alfea suddenly shouted in an crazed tone, “I want to find him now!”


Noticing Alfea’s strange response, Ye Chui gathered his own thoughts and hurriedly coughed to get her attention. “That can’t be done Miss Alfea. The Iron Swordsman mentioned to me that he needs to focus on his training. If there is nothing of great importance, I’d like to not contact him…. He is a very busy man after all. Unless… there are any potentially lucrative expeditions that turn up.”


“So that’s why…” Alfea replied in a desolate manner but very quickly, her mood changed, displaying a smile as she continued. “That’s alright. I will wait for another opportunity to do an adventure. By that time, I will certainly invite him to join. That’s right! In a few days’ time, I must lead a patrol around Stan City. I was wondering if Iron Swordsman is interested in participating.”


“This… Well, I’ll have to ask him first.” Ye Chui nodded. Alfea had invited Debbie to participate in the patrol earlier; apparent that the little girl is interested to join, Ye Chui felt the need to join as well to protect her. Going in disguised as the Iron Swordsman would make matters simple for him.


After the feast ended, the couple (Ye Chui and Debbie) left the City Lord’s Manor.


Alfea had specially arranged for a carriage to have Debbie and Ye Chui privately transported back home. However, before they left, Alfea had invited Debbie over once again. She wishes to exchange notes with her fellow friend at the same time, she also wished for Ye Chui to tag along; so that she could draw out some information as to find a method to directly contact the Iron Swordsman.


When the carriage was travelling to Anthony’s Magic Cottage, Debbie seemed filled with a warm comfort as she looked at Ye Chui’s face. However, at that very moment; Ye Chui was struggling to maintain a nonchalant expression as he bore the weight of the 50kg great sword leaning on him.


“Debbie… I have something to say to you…” Ye Chui suddenly opened his mouth to speak. Naturally, the topic he wished to discuss about was nothing to do with the 50kg sword but to do with his alter ego, the Iron Swordsman. Back inside the stone chamber, there were numerous times were Ye Chui wished to talk about this matter to Debbie. However, it was not a matter that could be brought out easily, especially when the girl herself was trying to avoid him while Alfea was pestering him.


But now, it was the perfect opportunity to finally come clean. “About the Iron Swordsman…”


“Do not! Talk about the Iron Swordsman with me!” Hearing the plague of his name, Debbie immediately became mad, “That old Sex Maniac wanted to corrupt me!”


Ye Chui became speechless. [Did I do something like that?]


“…” Ye Chui tried to process the events that occurred in his mind but as words tried to come out, he found himself merely licking his lips.


Debbie extended her small hands and clenched her fist. With an enraged tone, she spoke, “Just wait until I find out his true identity! Hmmph! How dare he lay his lustful eyes on me! After looking at him for a few seconds, I already knew he wasn’t a good person! But don’t worry! I’m a fair person. On the account that he saved my life, I allowed him to escape. I must make him pay for looking at me in such an absurd manner the next time we meet! When the time comes, I will make sure to show him the might of my great sword and ensure that he turns into a pulp! That’s right… Hammer… Sorry for being carried away… What do you wish to tell me?”


“Nothing… Nothing important…” Ye Chui spoke as cold sweat appeared on his forehead.


Debbie stared at Ye Chui in an awkward fashion. However, even if one had the best imagination in this world, they would still be unable to piece the relation of the Iron Swordsman with Ye Chui. Therefore, Debbie only foolishly giggled as she placed her small head on Ye Chui shoulder, snuggling it.


At this moment, Ye Chui understood that he could not breathe a word of his identity as the Iron Swordsman to Debbie.

(Silavin: Though, she is only acting this way because of her strong loyalty to you :/)


Finally, the carriage stopped in front of Anthony’s Magic Cottage.


Both Debbie and Ye Chui departed from the vehicle and thanked the chauffeur who drove them there. It was only after the vehicle left the vicinity, that they arrived behind the yard’s back door. When they had just slightly pushed the door open, they were shocked by their first thing they saw.


Oberth!? who was wearing a brand-new magician gown, stood in anticipation of their return at the courtyard.


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