Omni-Magician – Chapter 74, That Kind of Worthless Garbage

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Upon witnessing the unexpected scene of Oberth standing in their courtyard, Ye Chui and Debbie had a similar subconscious thought. [How dare this idiot appear at our house?!]


Debbie immediately brandished her 50kg great sword in front of her face, while Ye Chui pulled out his magic wand from his waist. At the same time, Ye Chui opened up his magic gown and revealed the abundance of magic scrolls that were hidden on the interior of his magic gown, as he gave Oberth a cold vitriolic stare.


“Calm down.” Oberth hurriedly raised both his hands up, “I just want to make a business deal with you. I’ve no other intentions.”


“You must be joking. Why would you barge into our house? When you’re here just to discuss a business deal?!” Debbie spoke in a vigilant manner.


“I had just arrived, and realizing that the door wasn’t locked when I pushed it, I just let myself in…” Oberth tried to sound friendly.


Debbie furrowed her brows as she spoke, “Excuses! Do you think we’d forget to lock the door when we left our home!?” After Debbie spoke, she then turned to Ye Chui and said in a hushed confidential tone, “Did you forget to lock the door when we came out of the house yesterday?”


Ye Chui, “… I don’t think so. What about you?”


“… I don’t think so too.”


Debbie’s face started to turn red with embarrassment, but she decided to put on an assertive front that she and Ye Chui locked the door. She then shouted at Oberth in an indifferent tone, “What exactly were you planning to do?”


During the adventure, Oberth’s hatred towards Ye Chui was prominent for all to see; and now, Oberth had stepped on Debbie’s tail incurring her wrath.


Oberth’s facial expression started to turn pale, but he tolerated Debbie’s attitude towards him and said, “You guys have really misunderstood my intentions. I’m really here to discuss a business deal with you… I’d like to purchase the magic crystal which Hammer obtained from the Magician Guild Hall!”


“A magic crystal?!” Debbie and Ye Chui were dumbstruck.


Debbie frowned yet again, “You must be joking… How is that kind of worthless garbage worth your precious time to come down to discuss with us?”


[That kind of worthless garbage…]


Oberth’s eyelids started twitching furiously. [That magic crystal is obviously very valuable. How can she say that it is a worthless garbage?] He felt slightly light headed, but tried to maintain his smile, “Since you said the magic crystal is worthless, Then you do not have any reason to reject this business deal!” Oberth fished out a coin pouch from his magic gown and shook it, making *cling, cling* sounds. He then continued, “Name your price for the magic crystal.”


Ye Chui frowned and glanced at the coin pouch, before saying to Debbie in a low voice, “What do you think?”


“I’m certain that the coin pouch contains gold coins,” Debbie said in a serious tone.


Ye Chui, “…”


[Forget it. I can’t help it that I’m stuck with this greedy lady.] Ye Chui then looked at Oberth and said, “It seems like this magic crystal is very valuable?”


Oberth lightly nodded his head, “The magic crystal is very important to me, just ask for how much you want!”


Ye Chui deeply pondered. Ye Chui was not an idiot, in fact, he had long ago sensed that there was something peculiar about that magic crystal. Furthermore, the spiritual imprints of 32 magic symbols stored within it, as well as some space magic-related articles were definitely priceless treasures. He had suspected for a long time that the origins of these items were extraordinary… It’s simply not possible that I accidentally obtained these items?


Ye Chui’s mind slightly wavered; he had completely comprehended all the magic symbols stored within the magic crystal and had a relatively good understanding of all the magic matrices. The only thing he had not grasped was the several space magic related articles. However, all of these items could be duplicated easily. As for the magic crystal at the center of the Iron Swordsman that operated its entire system. Ye Chui had obtained a high-grade 1.5GB storage in the ancient tomb. Therefore, Ye Chui had no use for the magic crystal right now.


Ye Chui did not have any favorable impression of Oberth. He had wanted to get rid of this enemy of his at the right time., but since Oberth sent himself to his doorstep it made things much easier for Ye Chui.


Hence, Ye Chui’s eyes lit up. As he looked at Oberth, he said, “I can make a deal with you, but I have no need for your gold coins.”


“Then what do you want?” Oberth frowned in uncertainty. [Does this lad want to seize this opportunity to join the Magician Guild?]


“I would like to exchange my magic crystal for magic stones.” Ye Chui said laughingly.


“Magic stones?” Oberth was surprised at his response.


“That’s right. I want high-grade magic stones.” Ye Chui confirmed. The ancient tomb adventure made Ye Chui fully utilize the magic stone which he obtained from Busca’s space ring; while the other magic stone obtained from the puppet Swordsman didn’t have much power left. Hence, Ye Chui urgently needed to get a new one.


Oberth’s eyes lit up all of a sudden. Magic stones were easily obtainable from the Magician Guild. Although high-grade ones are very expensive, Oberth definitely had a way to lay his hands on them. He then replied, “How many do you want?”


“Hmm …”


Ye Chui was actually prepared to request for five magic stones, but after some careful deliberation, he estimated that one magic stone would cost around 50 gold coins, which meant five magic stones would cost around 250 gold coins. If he were to convert it to the currency from his previous world, it would cost around 2.5 million dollars, which was considered a huge amount of money. However, seeing Oberth heave a sigh of relief when Ye Chui said he wanted five magic stones, he immediately added a few more words, “… Can never be enough. I want at least ten of those.”


“Ten” Oberth felt his heart skip a beat as he revealed an awkward expression on his face.


“Hammer, what do you want the magic stones for? It’s not as valuable as gold coins.” Debbie was perplexed about Ye Chui’s decision.


“Iron Swordsman requires these magic stones. Having these magic stones would enable the Iron Swordsman to help us in times of need.” Ye Chui hastily reasoned with Debbie.


Hearing the name ‘Iron Swordsman’, Debbie let out a snort, expressing her displeasure, although she did not say anything.


On the other hand, Oberth finally ended his deliberation and nodded his head, “All right, I’ll give you ten magic stones, but I’ll need three days!”


There were not many high-grade magic stones in the whole of Stan City and the only place which has stock of it was the Magician Guild. The magic stone obtained from Busca’s space ring was only possible due to careful planning and execution. He had actually planned to bribe the Magician Guild with this, as it could be used as an activation for a large-scale magic array. There was a large-scale defensive magic array that surrounded Stan City, which helped to keep out magic beasts which may invade the city from the dark forest. However, since the establishment of this magic array tens of years ago, it had never been activated.


The magic stones stored at the Magician Guild were merely used for the daily armed forces preparation and were rarely used on a daily basis. As the son of the Magician Guild Master, Oberth could easily get in contact with those magic stones…


Ten high-grade magic stones were worth at least 500 gold coins, which Oberth would have never had. But it was a piece of cake for him to acquire ten magic stones instead!


Hence, Oberth ‘sold’ the safety of the residents of Stan City just like that.



*cough*…*cough* Following Guthem’s coughing, fresh red blood spilled out of his mouth. His face revealed the intolerable pain he was experiencing, of which a tinge of hatred and wickedness could be seen from his expression. Guthem definitely did not have the guts to confront the City Lord who had beaten him up, but instead, he channeled all his hatred towards Ye Chui. Guthem was still harbouring his hatred towards Ye Chui, who had caused him great humiliation in front of so many people.


“Brother, how are you?” Guthem’s younger brother, Great Swordsman Bolton, stood at his bedside with a face of worry.


“Don’t worry, the City Lord knows the impact with which he hath dealt me. My injuries are not fatal, but I will need at least ten days to half a month to recuperate.” Guthem said in an indifferent tone, “But continuing to stay in Stan City is no longer possible. When I fully recover, I’ll take you along and leave this city. Of course, before leaving this place, I have to settle some unfinished business with that insufferable magician first.”


Silavin: Big thanks to Bluerazberry for joining as and Alex Lupu for his support.


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