Omni-Magician – Chapter 75, Would He Become a Retard After Consuming Too Much Power?

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

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Night had fallen.



While Ye Chui was resting in his room within Anthony’s Magic Cottage, he took out the Iron Swordsman suit from the space ring and laid it on his bed.


After the ancient tomb adventure, the originally-shiny battle armour now had much more scratches and dents all over it, especially the left shoulder plate of the armour which was damaged more severely compared to other spots. Furthermore, some of the enchanting magic matrices had problems, but fortunately, they were not difficult to repair. With the help of Dove, the Dwarf, the enchanting magic matrices could be repaired in merely a few days.


Ye Chui carefully removed the magic crystal from the helmet of the armour, before replacing the magic crystal with the one obtained from the ancient tomb. Ye Chui also removed the magic crystal located at the chest of the armour, which had its magic power depleted, and then replaced it with another magic crystal which he obtained from the puppet Swordsman. Although this magic crystal did not have much magic power left, it could still maintain the operations of this armour suit for some time.


After installing the magic crystals into the respective locations within the armour, the silver vein marks of the Iron Swordsman armour lit up. This indication gave Ye Chui a sense that the machine was about to start up. Thereafter, the armour stood up in a clumsy method – the brain operating the armour was none other than Jarvis.


Jarvis walked around the room in a swaying fashion. Jarvis’ child-like voice teased Ye Chui, “Master, the operating system of your armour is too simple, unlike the puppet Swordsman I controlled in the stone chamber, which had a sophisticated operating system. The puppet Swordsman had its power supplied by lightning element magic.”


“I haven’t learned such profound magic theory yet, but I’ll try to upgrade the operating system of this armour in the future.” Ye Chui said as he took a few steps back to size up the armour suit.


Jarvis then looked at Ye Chui with an empty gaze, as though sizing him up as well, “Master, what are you looking at?”


“What a cool-looking armour suit.” Ye Chui nodded his head as he commented, “Wearing this armour suit does indeed make me look like a suave hero.”


Jarvis suddenly became interested as well. He brandished his long sword from his waist and struck a pose, “Master, let me strike another even cooler pose for you.”


Ye Chui, “…”


Seeing Jarvis striking several poses consecutively with no intention of stopping, Ye Chui instantly knew that this intelligent life was slightly narcissistic. Ye Chui then interrupted his pose-striking, “Impressive, impressive. Alright quickly stop now the magic crystal has doesn’t have much magic power left. It is necessary   to save up some of it for later.”


After keeping the armour suit back into the space ring, Ye Chui took out the magic crystal obtained from the Magician Guild and allowed his consciousness to enter.


Previously in the ancient tomb, Ye Chui deleted a portion of the items stored within the magic crystal in order to translate a magic program for the twelve fighting styles; and now, he had to delete the magic program that he translated. The attainment of Jarvis was equivalent to Ye Chui inheriting all twelve fighting styles of the level nine Swordsman and his experience in applying those fighting styles. Therefore, the magic program which Ye Chui translated was no longer useful.


However, Ye Chui felt a little lost after looking at the empty interior of the magic crystal which had become empty after erasing all of the magic items stored inside of it. The thirty-two magic symbol spiritual imprints previously took up the most space within the magic crystal and could not be restored by Ye Chui; given his level of skills. After pondering for some time, Ye Chui felt that the empty magic crystal was not a big deal.

Ye Chui’s eyes lit up suddenly, as he jumped onto his bed and flipped the pages of the Aigen-Dazs Continent encyclopedia to a random one before he started reading. Superficially, Ye Chui seemed like he was reading the encyclopedia, but in actuality, he was inputting the spiritual imprints of the magic symbols into the space ring.


He merely needed a look at the images of the encyclopedia before he was able to use his spiritual power to duplicate a copy of it and store it within his space ring.


Fragmented Memory Inputting, was the method he used this method saved lots of trouble but the downside was it took up storage space.


Of course, due to the fact that Ye Chui did not have high spiritual power, his memory could become fuzzy at any moment and he would have a hard time differentiating between each one. However, this was not Ye Chui’s concern…


Due to the relation between the contents of the magic crystal and space magic, Ye Chui deliberately flipped to the pages with articles on space magic and duplicating them into the magic crystal.


Within the hour, Ye Chui filled up the space inside the magic crystal with memory fragments.


These things took up most of the space within the magic crystal, leaving only a tiny bit of space for useful knowledge, in addition to some biographical material about the space magic’s master.


After completing this task, Ye Chui felt a little tired. Furthermore, the whole day spent at the ancient tomb consumed most of his energy.



Three days passed in a flash.



At noon, Oberth sneakily arrived at the backyard of Anthony’s Magic Cottage. He had a face of excitement as he passed a box to Ye Chui, “Here are the high-grade magic stones you wanted. Now where’s my magic crystal?”


Upon opening the box he received from Oberth, Ye Chui was met with two rows of blue magic stones. Each one was full of magic power, Ye Chui reached out to sense the quality of these magic stones and confirmed that each of these magic stones was priceless.


Each magic stone was able to support the operations of the Iron Swordsman suit for a long time. With these magic stones, Ye Chui did not have to worry about running out of magic power when dealing with some small beasts in the near future.


Ye Chui nodded his head; and while Debbie was busy attending to customers in the shop, he put the magic stones into his space ring, before passing a magic crystal to Oberth.


Oberth was ecstatic as he received the magic crystal from Ye Chui’s hands.


After the level nine Magician placed this magic crystal into the mirror, Oberth took forever to retrieve it, so he was very familiar with this very magic crystal.


Of course, Oberth was not that gullible. After receiving the magic crystal, he did a physical examination on it, before allowing his consciousness to enter the magic crystal.


“Ehh? What is this? It seems like it’s some spiritual imprints?”


Oberth very soon discovered that the interior of the magic crystal was filled with spiritual imprints. After opening these spiritual imprints, he saw fuzzy images, which were exactly the space-related articles obtained from the encyclopedia.


Oberth tried his hardest to concentrate his spiritual power. After some time of trying, he only managed to make out the outline of the words. It was at that time that he experienced an inexplicable sense of exhaustion. He then thought in his heart. [Why would the magic crystal have these stored in it? I get it! It must be used by the level nine Magician to train his spiritual power. Excellent, what an excellent method. Maybe among these items are some profound knowledge regarding space magic. As long as I read all of it from the start to end, I would learn many new things! Furthermore, besides spiritual imprints, there are even some space-related articles stored in it!]           


While Oberth was examining the magic crystal, Ye Chui was busy examining Oberth’s facial expression. Upon seeing Oberth’s excited expression, he knew that Oberth, this idiot Magician, did not find out that he modified the magic crystal. Ye Chui then heaved a sigh of relief.


“Excellent. This is indeed the magic crystal that I was looking for.” Soon, Oberth took back his spiritual power from the magic crystal with happiness expressed all over his face, “Hammer, I hope you can keep this a secret. Don’t let the secret of the magic crystal be leaked out…”


“Rest assured I won’t tell others about it.” Ye Chui laughed.


Ye Chui’s laughter suddenly made Oberth’s heart feel slightly uncomfortable. [If I had this magic crystal earlier, I’d be able to show off during the ancient tomb adventure. And I’d be able to decipher the <Earth Cage> magic matrix in the inner hall easily.]


Oberth definitely did not want anyone to know about the secret of the magic crystal. Furthermore, with Ye Chui and Debbie gaining favour with Alfea, Oberth could not lay his hands on them for the time being…


[Hmmph. I’ll let you do as you please for a little longer. With this magic crystal, I can now become the disciple of the level nine Magician. When that time comes, I’ll find a way to destroy you, you piece of shit.]


Oberth snorted in his heart, before bidding farewell to Ye Chui and leaving the backyard.


Seeing Oberth’s silhouette fade into the distance, Ye Chui pondered over some things. [Would Oberth become a retard if he consumed too much of his spiritual power while attempting to unravel the mysteries of the spiritual imprints I left behind in the magic crystal?]


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