Omni-Magician – Chapter 76, I Can Now Kill You with Ease

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


“Uncle Dove, you repaired it so quickly?” In the small alley behind Cara’s Magic Cottage, Ye Chui stared at his brand-new armor suit in excitement. The battle armor, which was severely damaged, now looked completely new, even the left shoulder pad that was damaged by the puppet Swordsman seemed as though it was just manufactured from a factory.


His craftsmanship left Ye Chui awestruck.


“Do you think that I’m like any other ordinary human Blacksmith?” The Dwarf uncle questioned Ye Chui with a hint of boastfulness, as his unkempt beard swayed gently from the heat of the forge. Ye Chui noticed several small sparks on his beard and felt a little curious. [I have interacted with him many times and I’ve always seen small sparks attached to his beard. How is he even capable of maintaining such an exuberant beard?]


Ye Chui laughed to himself, before storing his repaired battle armour into his space ring. Dove would not charge Ye Chui any fee for repairing his armour, but he would definitely charge Ye Chui a huge sum if he wants to enchant the armour suit, no matter how good their relationship is. But fortunately for Ye Chui, he is now a qualified Enchanting Master and is able to repair the damaged enchanting arrays on his armour by himself.


After keeping the armour suit, Ye Chui took out a piece of folded blueprint from his space ring, “Uncle Dove, can you help me craft this?”


“What is this?” Dove received the blueprint from Ye Chui and examined it briefly. Dove’s expression turned serious all of a sudden, as he examined the blueprint in full detail his pupils dilated, “The structure of this thing is very interesting. Hmm… If I’m not wrong, this thing is activated using <Fire> magic matrix, but it can bring about great lethality. Intricate, this structure is indeed very intricate…” Dove raised his head and looked at Ye Chui, “Little boy, did you design this?”


Ye Chui nodded his head, “Uncle Dove, can you craft this thing for me?”


“The crafting of this kind of things, especially some intricate parts of the structure, can never be done by any ordinary human Blacksmith. But for a Dwarf Blacksmith, it’s a piece of cake.” Uncle Dove said with a smile of his face, “Give me a week and I’ll help you complete this design!” He rubbed his palms together and looked at Ye Chui with brightly lit eyes, “Little boy, I realize that you not only have the talent for enchanting, but you also have the gift for designing. Do have any interest in being my Blacksmith apprentice? I can guarantee that you’ll become a master of the human race in three years, and gain recognition from the Dwarf race in five years. Thereafter, you can enter the Holy Spirit Palace of the Dwarf race to study through meditation.”


“No, no…” Ye Chui’s face turned sullen all of a sudden. A scene of his small body carrying a huge iron hammer just did not seem appropriate to him. [Who ever saw a suave hero hammering something?] “I think I’ll persist in my route in becoming a Magician.”   

(Bluerazbeary:  I think it would be awesome)


“Ahh, what a pity.” Dove shook his head and let out a deep sigh. His eyes then continued to scan Ye Chui’s blueprint, as he let out some sound, “How did you, a small boy, come out with such a design? This structure only requires a magic stone to activate its great destructive force. Furthermore, ordinary humans can use it. If this thing was to be sold in the market, many Mercenaries would buy it without much thought.”


“Forget about the Mercenaries, this thing was created for Debbie; and only she has the right to use it. I don’t want the mercenaries to possess such a weapon.” Ye Chui laughed, “Of course, I’d like to design some other stuff to sell to the Mercenaries. You know, as the owner of a magic shop, this kind of thing would be very sellable. I’ll pass the blueprint to you the next time I come.”


“Haha, I’ll look forward to your next design.” Dove laughed heartily.


After completing what he had to do at Dove’s thatched hut, Ye Chui walked straight back to Anthony’s Magic Cottage. Ye Chui had actually left the house with Debbie earlier on, but they split ways at a small alleyway. While Ye Chui departed for Dove’s hut, Debbie went to the City Lord’s Manor to exchange battling tips with Alfea. For the past few days, Debbie had been preparing for her upcoming test to become a level, three Swordsman. Before sunrise every day, this little girl would be seen in the backyard of the house swinging her greatsword around, creating a buzzing sound. Although hard work was a virtue, Ye Chui had to sacrifice several sleepless nights due to Debbie…


Although Debbie had a petite stature, she had an extremely competitive attitude. She even decided to join in the patrolling mission with Alfea in the near future. Despite Ye Chui participating in the patrolling mission as Iron Swordsman, he still could not help but fear the safety of Debbie. Therefore, he designed a powerful weapon for her. With that weapon, little Debbie’s battling capabilities would be greatly increased.


“What should I eat for lunch when I get back? Maybe I should cook some noodles for myself. I should’ve gone with Debbie to the City Lords’ Manor. Although Alfea will inquire about the method to contact Iron Swordsman, I’ll still get to enjoy a wonderful lunch. Perhaps Debbie’s actual purpose of visiting the City Lord’s Manor is not to exchange battling tips, but to enjoy the delicious meal prepared for her… This greedy lady!”


Ye Chui mumbled to himself as he walked back to Anthony’s Magic Cottage. Soon, he reached the main entrance of his house. He then pushed the door open and went in.


Just as Ye Chui walked to the middle of the courtyard, his brows knitted together. He then turned around to the scene of Guthem and Bolton standing at the door. At that instant, both of them closed the door shut behind them and let out a cold laughter.


It had been half a month since the end of the ancient tomb adventure. During this period, Guthem’s wounds had completely healed. Guthem looked at Ye Chui with a sinister expression, as he grasped his long sword in his hands.


However, Ye Chui remained calm and smirked, “Debbie’s at the City Lord’s Manor right now.”


“Even if the City Lord rush over now, he won’t be able to save you. Killing a level two Magician is a piece of cake, you know that.” Guthem laughed indifferently, as he inched towards Ye Chui.


“You misunderstood me. I meant that Debbie isn’t around at the moment, so I can now kill you guys with ease.” Ye Chui responded in an sardonic tone.


Guthem froze for an instant, before breaking out in uncontrollable laughter, “Kill us? With your pathetic magic scrolls? Do you think we’ll fall into the same trap twice?”


As Guthem said these words, he and his silly younger brother, Bolton, prepared to lay their hands on Ye Chui.


“Hold on!”


At that critical instant, Ye Chui shouted.


“Do you have any last words?” Guthem licked his lips.


“Give me a minute.”


Ye Chui then dashed into his room at lightning speed and shut the door closed with a *bang* sound.


Guthem and Bolton naturally looked at each other, before Guthem let out a mocking laughter, “Does he actually think that this little door can protect him from our attacks? What an idiot! Bolton, break the door.”


“Okay, elder brother.” Bolton walked towards Ye Chui’s room with an evil smile.



Within the room.



As soon as Ye Chui entered his room, he retrieved his Iron Swordsman suit from his space ring.


[Time for the transformation of Iron Swordsman!]

Ye Chui reminded himself in his heart. Then…


As Ye Chui squat on the ground, he started to wear the pieces of the armour suit piece by piece.

(Rosy: this is too funny. It’s like someone who imagines himself to be doing something cool but is really really lame.)


[Just wait till I research a way to wear this Iron Swordsman suit automatically!]


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