Omni-Magician – Chapter 77, Damn it, let’s fight!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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The Great sword pounded onto the wall with powerful impacts, causing half of the small cottage to collapse instantaneously and resulting in a thick layer of dust filling the air.


Bolton, who was grasping onto his Great sword, then laughed foolishly as he turned his head towards Guthem.


“I merely asked you to break the door, not to bring down the entire cottage!”


Guthem nearly flew into a rage, but then a thought popped into his mind.


[How can I have such a stupid younger brother, when I’m so intelligent?!]


At that moment, Bolton realized that he made a mistake and scratched his head with an innocent look. Upon seeing how his brother behaved, Guthem became even more furious.


Speaking with a curt tone, “Get to work! The collapse of the cottage will definitely attract attention from the public, so find that little rascal quickly!”


“Okay, big brother,” Bolton responded, he than rushed into the collapsed cottage with his great sword in his hand.


Just as Bolton was deliberating on the way to find Hammer from within the pile of bricks, a Swordsman in armour suit suddenly stood in front of him.


The Swordsman wore a sparkling silver-coloured armour, which had strange floral engravings. The floral engravings reflected dazzling light and an implicitly dreadful aura.


Guthem and Bolton were dumbstruck!


The moment they saw this Swordsman Guthem then questioned the Swordsman with several points of doubts, “Hammer?”


“No I’m the Iron Swordsman .” Hammer proclaimed with a bone-chilling tone.


Fortunately, Hammer was quick enough to put on his armour suit just before the cottage collapsed and that his armour suit was sturdy enough to withstand the collapse of the bricks, otherwise, he would have been buried under the debris.


Ye Chui then brandished his sword from his waist and pointed it towards Bolton and Guthem.


“Let’s fight!”


Ye Chui had originally prepared to keep the relationship between him and the Iron Swordsman a secret, but since the two of them already knew about the identity of the Iron Swordsman, their lives could not be spared.


Despite the appearance of the Iron Swordsman, Guthem and Bolton neither had their guards up nor felt scared, as they knew that it was a useless level two Magician who was inside the armour. .


[Does he think that he’ll become more formidable when he puts on an armour suit? He should just focus on researching magic, instead of coming up with all this nonsense…]


Guthem let out a cold laughter, before dashing towards Hammer at lightning speed and striking him with his long sword.


Guthem’s sword was not enchanted, but he had used all of his might in his attack. He understood that the collapse of the cottage had attracted attention from the public and that many people would be gathered here to spectate, so he had to finish Hammer off with this one strike. In his mind, he thought that even if Hammer’s armour could withstand a portion of the impact, his strike would still be powerful enough to kill him.


Ye Chui dodged the attack with ease.


Simultaneously, Ye Chui brandished his sword in his hand, as he counter-attacked Guthem’s wrist with a formidable strike, *Shiinnck!*. Guthem’s long sword almost slipped out of his hand.


Following that, Ye Chui swept his sword upwards with a *zing!*, as the <Wind Walk> magic matrix on his long sword lit up, providing strong support to Ye Chui’s attack.


Guthem’s bright red armour immediately shone brightly, but before he could steady himself; he involuntarily fell backward due to the powerful impact from Hammer’s attacks which occurred in less than a second.


The entire scene seemed as if Guthem attempted to attack Hammer, but he missed, causing him to fly backward with his armour suit shining brightly.


Hammer’s reaction speed was unbelievable.


In actuality, Guthem’s armour suit had been enchanted with a defensive magic matrix, but who would have thought that he would have needed it when battling against a level two Magician?


Guthem had underestimated Hammer, he did not expect him to have any ability of defense against that fatal strike.


This oversight on his part caused him to attack Hammer using merely brute force, instead of any skill. Furthermore, he did not prepare any back-up move to deal with him, therefore allowing Hammer to counter strike.


The formidable impact of Ye Chui’s strike resulted in Guthem’s armour splitting open, revealing the clothes he wore underneath. His armour suit was thus condemned and the enchanting matrixes engraved on it can no longer be used.


On the other hand, the impact of Ye Chui’s strike to Guthem’s wrist left a painful sensation and Guthem could no longer grasp onto his long sword firmly.


How can Hammer’s reaction time and strength be so good? It was impossible for Hammer to react so quickly and deal such powerful damage.


In reality,


The instant Guthem had struck towards him, He immediately activated fighting style number Five and counteracted Guthem’s strike.


Slanting his body, and using the sword hilt to hit someone’s wrist, and then slashing his sword upwards, as well as activating the <Wind Walk> on the sword during the attack were all operations controlled by Jarvis.


Not counting the time when Ye Chui battled with the puppet Swordsman in the ancient tomb. This was the first time Ye Chui battled someone under the identity of the Iron Swordsman.


“How is this possible…” Guthem looked at the damage done to his armour with a dazed expression, as he could not believe his eyes. He then looked up and shouted at Bolton, “Don’t just stand there, kill him!”


Bolton immediately let out a loud cry, before dashing towards Ye Chui with his Great sword brandished in the air. His first move was a horizontal sweep towards Hammer.


Ye Chui immediately activated a fighting protocol and sprang into the air nimbly, backflipping. Thus dodging a forceful sweep from Bolton’s Great sword. He then landed on the ground with both his feet.


Creating some, *Kerchak!Pffsh..*sounds, as the debris below his feet, disintegrated upon impact.


Ye Chui once again launched an attack towards Bolton like a cannon; since Bolton could not defend himself due to the wielding of his greatsword, Ye Chui’s left shoulder slammed into Bolton’s chest, causing him to stumble and fall backward.


Ye Chui used this opportunity to steady himself.


He then leaped upwards with his long sword in hand, aimed the sword down and stabbed it into Bolton, who was lying on the ground.


In that instant. Simultaneously, the <Wind Walk> magic matrixes on his shoulders and back lit up, providing a large propelling force.


Bolton virtually did not have any time to defend against Ye Chui’s attack as the sharp tip of Ye Chui’s long sword broke through his black iron armour suit and pierced directly into his heart.


This was the seventh fighting style out of the twelve, the consecutive series of moves did not give Bolton even a chance of defense.


As Ye Chui’s longsword pierced into Bolton’s chest, he let out a loud cry which faded systematically.


Unexpectedly, Ye Chui managed to kill Bolton in just one confrontation!


The powerful force dealt by Ye Chui was partially due to the supply of energy from the Iron Swordsman suit, and mostly due to the knowledge obtained from the twelve fighting styles of the level nine Swordsman. Any ordinary Swordsman in the Iron Swordsman suit would not have any chance of retaliating against Bolton’s attacks.




Guthem stared wide-eyed at the horrific scene.


[My own brother died just like that? Although I’ve always felt that he was dumb and was not worthy to be my brother, the kinship between both of us had been there all along.]


This younger brother of Guthem’s had always gone along with his instructions and had been a great help to him. But now… Guthem’s younger brother died in the hands of Hammer?


“It’s you! You were the Iron Swordsman that appeared in the ancient tomb!” Guthem suddenly yelled at Ye Chui, as he recalled something out of the blue.


Ye Chui removed his long sword from Bolton’s chest and aimed it towards Guthem, “Now, it’s your turn.”


Guthem stared at Hammer in a daze for a moment, before smiling in a callous and deranged manner.


Guthem grasped his sword with both his hands and crouched, while looking at Ye Chui with a pair of sinister eyes.


The scene right before Ye Chui’s eyes made him recall the time when Carrey, Busca’s son, was forced to adopt this skill. This skill is called <Protection of War God> and can only be used by intermediate Swordsmen.


This particular skill increases one’s battling capabilities using lost boundary.


Guthem was already prepared to go all out in the battle with Hammer. Although both Carrey and he were level four Swordsmen, his <Protection of War God> would be much more formidable than Carrey’s.


Guthem’s body started to burn with intermittent blue flames…


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