Omni-Magician – Chapter 78, Who was it that Compelled you?

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Gotham’s entire body was engulfed in blue flames, he exhibited an immense formidable aura as he seemed like he was a death god who came from hell. He then stood up gradually and revealed a sinister smile. The blue flames which continued to rage from his eyes and mouth gave him a fierce and violent look. Moreover, he could feel a gush of strength rushing through his body.


Although the <Protection of War God> only provided temporary power, it made Guthem feel as though he was invincible for a short period of time. At that moment, Guthem viewed Ye Chui as a small ant, which he could easily trample on.


Guthem stared at Ye Chui with ice-cold eyes and aimed his long sword at him, as though he was staring at someone who did not have any chance of survival.


“You’re dead meat!”


Guthem shouted at Ye Chui with a slightly hoarse voice, “How dare you kill my younger brother?! I want you to die a horrible death. I will let you accompany him in hell. Oh, and for that Debbie, I’ll ensure that she’ll join you all in hell as well since my younger brother seemed to like this little girl. After I finish you off, I will personally send that little girl down to hell to accompany my younger brother.”


“You asked for this… Hahaha…” Guthem laughed heartily as he thoroughly enjoyed this moment of elation.


This was because Guthem was certain that, in his current state, he would be able to finish Ye Chui off in just one move. Guthem had already found himself at the standard of an advanced Swordsman; there were few in the whole of Stan City who was his match, not to mention this level two Magician right in front of him. Despite wearing a suit of battle armour and displaying some unusual moves just now, Guthem still thought that Hammer was not his match.


He was so certain of his conviction he grabbed the golden opportunity to mock his opponent.




Ye Chui suddenly opened his arms.


An electric beam burst out of chest all of a sudden.


This was the ultimate move of the Iron Swordsman – <Lightning Beam>.


If Ye Chui wished, he could easily have taken down Guthem’s <Protection of War God> with different tactically used skills and cut him down with the 12 styles he had just learned. However, such a quick death should not be granted to someone who muttered such nasty words. Enraged, Ye Chui had planned to take him out in the most ‘fun’ way possible.

The bright blue light flashed and crackled like Death in Guthem’s eyes but in the face of such power, his expression remained that of serenity. With both hands tightly grasped onto his sword, he swung to split the light beam in two.


[As planned]. Ye Chui smirked as the long sword that collided with the light beam and melted the sword; landing on Guthem’s chest.


*Boom!* Just like a leaf that lost itself to the wind, Guthem’s body flew and smashed into the wall towards the store. The wall easily fell apart due to the sheer force but Guthem did not stop. As his legs came closer to the ground miniature trenches could be seen littered with small fragmented flames from his burnt clothes.


Smashing through the first was not enough and as Guthem’s body continued to travel, he destroyed various shelves and magical products that Debbie was selling. The only wall that had managed to stop his flight was the last wall on the opposite side of the Magic Cottage.


Staring at the scene Ye Chui had left behind; the magic stone in his suit turned grey. Obviously, he had exhausted all of the suit’s power. However, something like this did not pose a problem to Ye Chui. He understood it well that he would not face any power shortages anytime soon.


He took out the grey core and replaced a lime-white stone back in its place. With this new magic stone in place, he could now easily move the armour again. He took out his sword and went past the mountains of remnants towards an ashen-black figure. With lips that were burnt off, chest caved inwards, as well as the red armour suit being burnt and mixed into his skin, just from a simple glance, anyone could see that this body was no longer that of a human’s.


Taking one <Lightning Beam> attack had rendered him to such an inhuman state.

Living a single second after such an attack would be considered a miracle for someone like Guthem but exceeding that, he was still breathing with smoke coming out from his orifices. As though to indicate his vitality, even <Protection of the War God> had not deactivated.


In his life, Guthem had always been regarded as someone formidable. However, facing such a one-sided battle and instantly getting defeated, he stared at Ye Chui in fear. With eyes that were dimming by the second, he seemed to wish to open to say something but nothing could come out. The only sound was that of suffocation from his burnt innards.


“You could have had a more painless death.” Ye Chui stood like a commander as he shook his head. “If you can speak, tell me who was it compelled you to come here?”


Guthem head slightly crooked to one side before the light in his eyes completely disappeared.


Ye Chui breathed out a sigh of relief but this peace was only short lasted as his gaze soon wandered around the war-torn house and frowned. “Shit! I didn’t expect my attack to be this powerful…”


The fight between Ye Chui and Guthem along with Bolton could be described as one-sided, taking only a few moments. However, in these small moments, the entire courtyard was destroyed and even Anthony’s Magic Cottage was on the verge of collapse.


Since this battle took place in the evening, most of his neighbours were eating. Thankfully for that reason and luck, there was no one around. Very quickly, Ye Chui took off his suit and kept it inside his storage space ring. He then sat on top of one the flat remnants and was in deep thought as he waited to face Debbie’s anger.


With such a destruction occurring at Anthony’s Magic Cottage, it took no time at all before the word had passed on to the dining table at the City Lord’s Manor. Coincidentally having lunch there, Debbie heard the news and was immediately anxious. Taking up her Greatsword, she ran out of the City Lord’s Manor with Alfea and accompanying them was a group of City Lord’s Guard.


When Debbie stood by the avenue just beside the destroyed courtyard and her gaze scanned the pitiful condition of her surroundings, she stood there rooted for a moment. However, slowly, she managed to overcome her fears and moved forward. Opening the door towards the courtyard which lacked a wall around it, she walked and continued gawking around in fear. As her darting eyes could not find what she was looking for, from a throat, soft whimpers could be heard. When she finally made it to the front door, she slowly opened it.


With her reddened eyes finally could gaze upon Hammer’s figure, her stiff heart lightened up.


[Thank you… thank you for being alright…]


“Hammer… what happened?” Debbie asked with a voice that was quivering.


“Today, at noon Guthem and Bolton came to drag me to somewhere far away to have me killed. Luckily, the Iron Swordsman was here and…” Ye Chui continued as he detailed Debbie about what had happened.


Debbie looked up and down Ye Chui’s body and once she had concluded that he was not harmed, her heart finally managed to be thoroughly relaxed. However, a fire soon sparked in her afterward. “That Iron Swordsman! Was this whole thing done intentionally?! Although he had saved you, did he really need to destroy our house to this extent?! This was the place her father had purchased after much difficulty… to see it like this… does he have a heart?”


Ye Chui was caught speechless. In his mind, he thought, [I guess I will need to forever hide my identity from now on…]


Alfea and City Guard also entered the small courtyard, quickly look around the situation, Balmain managed to quickly grasp the situation. In his mind, he was able to recreate the fight scene. [Both Guthem and Bolton came with killing intent but were both taken down by the Iron Swordsman. Judging from the marks on the ground, even after Guthem had activated <Protection of the War God>, he was still flung from the attack made by the Iron Swordsman…]


Although he had not seen the Iron Swordsman’s fighting capabilities inside the ancient tomb, it was made clear here that the mysterious swordsman, was no doubt someone powerful.


On the other hand, Alfea was beaming with life as she thought to herself. [It really was the Iron Swordsman. After he had inherited the 12 sword styles from the ancient tomb, he had become even more powerful…] as her thoughts continued to trail, her heart became more lonesome.


Finally becoming self-aware that her thoughts were not focused on the current situation, Alfea pulled herself together and stared at the two. Noticing the sadness that clouded Debbie’s eyes after her family’s treasured home was destroyed, Alfea heart wrenched with pain. Unable to bear it any longer, she moved in front of her friend and comforted, “Debbie, don’t be sad. Guthem and Bolton were both famous mercenaries. On them, there should be a lot of money and since they were targeting Ye Chui, I will present you this money. There should be at least a hundred gold coins on them.”


“What do I need money for? My home…” Debbie sniffled.


Alfea continued to be worried as an idea came to her. “There is a shop next to the City Lord’s Manor that is currently for sale. Debbie, didn’t you always want to set up a store at Stardust Avenue? Right, since both of the Guthem brothers are dead, I can sell off the property that they own and use my own influence to buy of that property for you. Later, you can set up Anthony’s Magic Cottage there.”


“ah…” After hearing Alfea’s words, Debbie’s stare slowly brightened up as her lips slowly curved into a smile.


Moving Anthony’s Magic Cottage to Stardust Avenue had originally been her father’s lifelong dream. Naturally, as his daughter, it was also her dream!


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