Omni-Magician – Chapter 79, Daily Life in Anthony’s Magic Cottage

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Having a great sleep last night, Ye Chui woke up all rejuvenated to top off his day, his gaze scanned around his room, causing a mighty wave of excitement to flow through his veins. A room 50 times what he used to own, decorated with luxurious furniture would make all commoners of this land green with envy; especially since it was located just next to the City Lord’s Manor.


It was known that the City Lord’s Manor was rich. However, unfortunately for them, Debbie’s skin was way too thick. When Alfea had politely offered to give some of the furniture from the City Lord’s Manor. Debbie had shown some embarrassment in her expression, but she still took so much furniture that it made the City Lord’s Manor seem as though it had been mortgaged.


Merely half a month ago, Ye Chui had disguised himself as the Iron Swordsman and killed both Bolton and Guthem. Afterwards, the City Lord Manor investigator’s then liquidated the brother’s assets to the sum of 800 gold coins which was not a small amount of money.


For comparison, the local tyrant Busca had a total net worth totaling 400 gold coins. For both brothers to have twice what Busca had, it was clear that as mercenaries; they had kept themselves busy. Although this amount was found by the City Lord’s Manor, they managed to spend it on purchasing the huge store just next to the City Lord’s Manor – on Stardust Avenue. Such a building would never be sold at a low price of 800 gold coins. It was only thanks to their close relationship with Alfea, that they purchased the rights to the store.


With that said, owning such an establishment had eased the pain, of losing Debbie’s father’s store. So they eagerly packed up as much of their belongings, they could recover from the wreckage of their old home and moved with anxious anticipation towards their new home in Stan City’s most bustling area.


The Storefront faced the road while the backyard had a luxurious courtyard. Debbie wanted to live in a room on the lower floor and transformed the extra space into a hall and a kitchen. Meanwhile, Ye Chui got two personal rooms upon his request. One was his own bedroom, while the other was a laboratory; a unique and special request he made.


Due to this luxuriousness of his home, Ye Chui woke up like a king. When he woke up, he sat up with a loud yawn as he swayed his head. Welcoming the sunlight to bathe his body, he comfortably stretched out.

A sound of buzzing and humming a sound which could only be made by something spinning at an extreme speed, slashing through dead leaves with ease. Needless to say, it was Debbie practicing with her Great Sword on the first floor; she was clearly visible from the second-floor window.


Suddenly, she jumped up and seemed to float in the air. It was when she caught sight of Ye Chui standing by the window that she stopped spinning and greeted him with a smile. “Hammer! Hurry up and freshen yourself up. How fast can you make breakfast? I’m starving!”


After she completed saying her piece, she fell down to the ground. From the second floor window, the sight of a little girl brandishing the sword created a fearsome scene. After all, the Giant Spinning Top Technique was something out of the realm of the ordinary in terms of sword attacks. To be able to practice and master it, to such a degree is surely a fearsome accomplishment.


Ye Chui could not help but let out a smile as he turned his head to the sink area to wash his face. Once he was done freshening up, he wore his long black magician’s robe and went down to the kitchen.


After being given a second chance at life in this world, Ye Chui could not get used to the western diet of this world. Therefore, he usually made food was more akin to those from his own customs back home. For example, he would cook up some meat and vegetable Congee. Other days, he would use the steaming machine that he had made to steam some buns; he even made a refrigerator out of an ice magic matrix to store vegetables. With such tools at his disposal, along with his own skills and the fresh ingredients, his simple breakfast was delicious!


In this world, it was usual to have breakfast with bread. However, Debbie was someone who was not picky, nor someone to adhere to her own comfort. Therefore, she was able to enjoy the unconventional food which Ye Chui came up with for breakfast.


Whenever the food was ready, Ye Chui would give a shout so loud that it would reach all the way to the courtyard. With this signal, Debbie immediately stopped swinging her sword and rush to the sink; cleaning herself up with a new change of clothes to finally get seated around the dining table.


However, those were practices before they moved to their new home. Currently, before Ye Chui would prepare the meal, he would look towards the wall that separated their courtyard from the next building. Silently, he would countdown, “five… four… three… two… one.”


As usual, a graceful white figure jumped over the wall in a single move; effortlessly overcoming the two-meter tall wall that was supposed to separate the City Lord’s Manor from Ye Chui’s new home. Her name, Alfea.


She wore plain white gear which was made for agile movements. With her hair remaining a little moist, she seemed to just have ended her morning training and took a bath. After Ye Chui and Debbie moved next door, this ‘honored’ guest would visit each morning to have breakfast with them. Likewise… for Debbie, she too was shamelessly visiting the City Lord’s Manor every night just to have dinner with Alfea.


It was amazing that each day; Alfea would appear with utmost precision. Never once did her timing deviate. Likewise, it was already usual to hear her daily shout, “Debbie,” a minute before she jumped over the wall.


What’s more, she would always directly head to the dining table on the first floor and accept any food on her table, regardless if it was steamed buns, vegetables or even rice porridge. Unfortunately, the way she ate did not carry any of her usual grace as she would take everything in, without so much as a chew.


At first, Ye Chui would roll his eyes whenever she visited. But over time, this daily occurrence had become a daily routine in Anthony’s Magic Cottage, and he gradually got used Alfea’s presence. Of course, getting used to her also meant that their perceptions had changed. Previously, Hammer would treat Alfea as a beloved idol; an untouchable but desired existence. Meanwhile, Debbie made Alfea her goal in becoming a Swordsman. However, after watching her daily snorting as she ate, that picturesque dream was shattered into oblivion, with what remained was a desolate feeling of sadness.


“Debbie, do you have any confidence in taking up the Swordsman Guilds Level 3 Swordsman test?” Alfea suddenly turned her head to face Debbie as she mentioned the worry that popped into her head just as they were having their meal.


Debbie was preparing to head to the Swordsman’s Guild to take the test today to check if she had promoted to becoming a Level 3 Swordsman. As she chewed on her food, she gave a nod. “I don’t think there will be any problems. My Giant Spinning Top Technique has improved and I should be able to pass this test with ease. I’m even prepared to directly take on the Level 4 Swordsman test.”


“At your present strength, you should be in the Level 3 peak. So, Level 4 would be a little difficult to pass.” Alfea explains as her attention turns to the only male in this room. Hammer, are you also going to take the test today? The Level 3 Magician test?”


Ye Chui nodded. “Yeah.”


Alfea broke out into a smile and encouragingly said, “you shouldn’t have the least bit of a problem to pass the Level 3 Magician test.”


[That’s true. Passing the Level 3 Magician test will be no problems at all. After all, I’ve already studied for it.] Ye Chui thought to himself. The Level 3 Magician test was divided into three categories: spell formation and release, magic array formation and knowledge of magic theories. For any of these testing topics, Ye Chui knew that he would face no problems. It would not be a stretch to even say that he was fully confident in jumping pass the level 4 Magician test in a single go.


Alfea slurped her bowl of porridge, which would be described by the citizens in Stan City as a heroic gesture, and once she was done, her voice suddenly became softer as she continued to speak to Ye Chui. “Hammer, in this world, nothing is a hundred present. However, the Magician Guild is under the City Lord’s jurisdiction. So, I happen to know the questions that will come out for your magic theory test, if you tell me a way to contact the Iron Swordsman, I will tell you all the questions that will turn up later. How about it? Doesn’t it sound like a great deal?”


[Iron Swordsman again!]


For the past few days, Alfea had shamelessly visited and intruded on both their, Ye Chui and Debbie, life to find a way to contact the Iron Swordsman!


“Well…” Ye Chui had to remain firm as he wished not to expose himself. Placing down his bowl of porridge, he lied. “I’ve already promised the Iron Swordsman to not give away the method of keeping in contact with him. Sorry.”


With that being said, Ye Chui turned around callously and walked off.


“Hammer…” Debbie hastily called out to him to stop him.


“Debbie. Say no more. I’ve already promised and I won’t break it.” Ye Chui callously said.


“”That’s not it,” Debbie replied. “I’m reminding you to wash the dishes.”


“Oh… that’s right.”


[Shit… my exit wasn’t cool at all…]

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Silavin: I tried a little harder this time to translate this chapter, adding more flavour to the paragraphs. Better expressing what the author is conveying. Well, it was exhausting. Anyways, still looking for someone to help translate this novel with me~~

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