Omni-Magician – Chapter 80, Girl, If You Get Heartbroken, Don’t You Dare Complain to Me!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


After they had their breakfast, Ye Chui packed his stuff while the girl beside him, Debbie, took up her greatsword in preparation to go out. Judging by her appearance, even warriors would assume that she was prepared to head off for a duel with someone.


In actuality, the test to determine if one was a Level 3 Swordsman took the form of a duel. The opponent of that said duel would be an examiner sent by the Swordsman Guild. During the duel, the examiner would judge based on the Swordsman’s fighting capabilities, control of his sword and the sword aura shown. In such a case, the judgment of one’s sword aura was akin to the judgment of a Magician’s magic power. After all, the major stages of Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Swordsman was shown by the change in one’s sword aura. Hence, such a test would have to take the sword aura into account in the evaluations.


Alfea was initially prepared to head to the Swordsman Guild with Debbie but after much consideration, she decided to accompany Ye Chui to the Magician Guild with the reason, “Debbie. I’d best accompany Hammer to the Magician Examination. Who knows if some problems might arise. Seeing how weak he is, I think this is the best idea.”


Hearing the logical reasoning behind Alfea’s words caused Debbie to nod. “Right! That’s right! Hammer is so frail. I’m always worried that someone might bully him…”


Hearing the two girls talk in such a manner in front of him, Ye Chui could only turn mute and accept.


[WTF? So what if my body is not strong like yours? When a man fights, he relies on his own intelligence! Intelligence!!!]


[Such is the most important thing!]


Finally, after a little deliberation, Debbie took up her greatsword by her shoulder and left for the Swordsman Guild while Ye Chui and Alfea both embarked to the Magician’s Guild.


While they walked side by side, Ye Chui snorted callously to Alfea. “No matter how much you pester me, I will never tell you how to directly contact Iron Swordsman.”


Alfea got somewhat irritated and rebuked. “I also suffered at his side and shared victories with him. If he wants to contact me, he could also look for someone to share his message. Although he hasn’t done so… but it can be done. So, why should I even depend on you?”


“So, you are bothering me because he hasn’t contacted you yet. But how would I know the reason why he hasn’t contacted you yet?” Ye Chui pretended to feign ignorance on his part in this matter and murmured. “Maybe it’s just that he does not like a girl like you.” When Alfea noticed that Ye Chui had said something, she leaned her ear closer to his mouth as her eyes shifted to meet his. In a sudden panic, Ye Chui changed his manner of speech completely and blurted out. “Em… maybe it’s because you are the City Lord’s daughter? With your difference in status, he might be too embarrassed to be near you.”


Alfea pondered for a brief moment before slightly lowering her head with a lonely sigh. “so that could be the reason…”


Ye Chui caught a glimpse of Alfea’s slightly reddened face and could not help but probe. “Those are just my own thoughts. But… you… do you like the Iron Swordsman?”


After hearing Ye Chui’s words, Alfea aggressively shook her head. Her face turned even redder as she let out a small fist of resentment towards Ye Chui’s arm. “Wh-what nonsense are you sprouting? It’s nothing like that!”


*Pang* though it was a small fist, it launched Ye Chui up into the air to perform a somersault; leaving a burning, swelling pain behind. It was apparent that ‘Miss Love of a Head’ was blindsided by her own shyness to the point she forgot that his physique was weak.


Alfea also realised that she had used too much force. With her status as a swordsman, she was much stronger than any ordinary man. Even knowing that Ye Chui was weak, (from the talk with Debbie), she still managed to punch him till her fist was sore! Hastily, she apologised. “I’m sorry! Are you okay?”


“Yeah… I’m fine…” Ye Chui took in a breath of cold air and stood up half a meter away from Alfea.


Alfea’s mouth seemed to wish to say something more but she no longer cared to speak any further and walked closer to Ye Chui’s side. Once she was close enough, she asked, “Hammer… do you know what the Iron Swordsman looks like under his helmet? Does he have a long…? What is with that look?”

“Well, he has an imposing appearance. Handsome to the point of being peerless. If I were to try to describe any further, he would be comparable to me.”


Alfea’s eyes turn dull as her gaze sets itself on Ye Chui. “Hammer, are you trying to describe yourself?”


Ye Chui stared back. “Oh, so I’m as I have described in your eyes as well.”


“No. That’s not it.” Alfea shook her head. “It just means that you are speaking rubbish.”




“Hey… so what does he really look like? I really want to know. Please…” Alfea blushes as she continues to ask. It was as though it was her most desired wish that needs to be fulfilled.


“Good question… I personally have not seen his face before but he swore in front of me that he will never reveal himself before becoming a Sword Master.” Ye Chui hurtfully spoke.

(Silavin: WTF? Your pride is still hurt from her saying you are not as handsome as you think?)


Alfea dejectedly replied. “I know that… but… I think he is handsome and graceful. Though this might not relate to his appearance, I am already certain that he is an outstanding man.”


Looking at Alfea’s reddish face, Ye Chui could not bear but attack. “Miss Alfea, what are your own thoughts on me?”


Alfea immediately revealed a look of derision. “You? I only care for you because of Debbie. In any case, you are absolutely the kind of man I will never fall for. The only one I like is the Iron Swordsman.”



(Silavin: Ye Chui: I’m him you know? It just that I look better with a helmet on XD)


[Girl, if your heart ever breaks, don’t you dare complain to me!]


Similar to their previous chatter, they continued to talk back and forth only to arrive at the Magician Guild. There, they discovered four others dressed in a magician’s long grown waiting to get tested.


The Swordsman examination was carried out once every three days. However, for Magicians, their test was not a regular occurrence so it was scheduled only when there were candidates available. This was mostly due to the small number of Magicians in Stan City (roughly 100). Therefore, the Magician Guild would always wait till there was a big enough number of participants before setting up an examination. It was simply coincidental that the time of both the Magician promotion examination and the Swordsman promotion examination were set at the same time.


Ye Chui was well aware of this fact and understood that if he missed this test, the next one would take god knows how long to be available.


This time, there were a total of five participants for the level three Magician Promotion Examination; three of which were of an age between 40-50 years old. Out of the three of them, there was only one male. The man was bald and anxious. Although he carried a book, he seemed earnest to the point where it was grave; burning midnight oil to cram some knowledge into his brain.


The other youth had an arrogant face; as if he had already passed the test. When he saw Ye Chui appeared to take the test, he snorted and no longer took another look. However, when his gaze landed on Alfea, he constantly took peeps. His eyes flashed an obvious wish to approach her and when he did so, his approach was simply uncultured. This was especially so in face of Stan City’s most renowned princess. It was apparent that his words were crude and could not manage to receive the slightest bit of sway from the princess.


It was at this moment where several Magician Guild workers rushed out; even a Level 5 Magician, Basgen was with them. They all lined up in an orderly fashion in front of a luxurious carriage to greet.


When those in the carriage came out, Ye Chui could recognise some people but his main attention laid with an acquaintance. The Magician Guild Master’s son, Oberth.


Right now, Oberth was different from the one Ye Chui was familiar with one month ago. For some reason, there was a dark patch under his eyes but strangely, he was bursting with vigour, as though he had won the lottery.


Alongside Oberth was a 40-50-year-old man. He wore a similar looking black magician long gown and appeared to be quite strong. This man was speaking in a flattering tone towards a skinny old man in a grey robe. This old man also seemed powerful but unlike the one in black, he is more pessimistic.


“That middle-aged man is Oberth’s father; the Magician Guild Master Oupu,” Alfea whispered after she noticed Ye Chui’s curious gaze towards the group. “As for the man in the grey robe, he is standing at the peak of Ordinary Magician, only one step away from being the specialist realm, the Level 9 Magician, Booth. I’ve heard that he is well versed in space magic. Due to his research, he was able to sense some kind of a phenomenon in Stan City, which caused him to stay here for a period of time.”


“A Level 9 Magician that specialises in space magic huh…” Ye Chui continued to gawk before nodding, “fierce”.


Alfea nods in agreement but after remembering something, she continued to speak. “I heard that Booth has decided to take Oberth as his apprentice.”


“…” Ye Chui continued to nods. [Oberth? Really? This idiot actually managed to gain an apprenticeship under someone just a step away from being a Specialist Realm Magician? It’s so obvious that he was spent all night cramming in knowledge from a magic crystal to the point of exhaustion…]


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