Omni-Magician – Chapter 81, Instead of Finding a Lousy Mentor, The Father of Studies Might as Well Self-Study

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Ye Chui had no clue about the relationship between Oberth acknowledging the level nine Magician as his mentor and the magic crystal. But he could be sure about one thing – the lethargic look Oberth had, which seemed to be the result of a month-long indecent nightlife, was actually caused by the magic crystal.


On the other hand, Basgen and the others had met up with Oberth, Oupu, and Booth. After conversing for a little while, they all walked towards the Magician Guild. It was at this time when Oberth took a glance at Ye Chui and the others. When Oberth saw Alfea standing beside Ye Chui, goose bumps appeared on his body, as he seemed a little afraid. He then turned his head away hastily.


Alfea had no intention of going over and greet the others, but it was common sense; that it was rude for the City Lord’s daughter to ignore the presence of the Master of the Magician Guild. So… She immediately turned her back towards them and continued chatting with Ye Chui, pretending that she did not see anything.


Ye Chui was starting to perspire as well, but he knew that Oberth’s lackluster performance in the ancient tomb changed Alfea’s perception of him from that of a good one to that of an undesirable one.


Oberth had obtained the magic crystal from Ye Chui more than half a month ago but he had lied by saying that he had obtained it much earlier and was busy researching on the intricate knowledge within the magic crystal. Booth’s unique imprint could still be found on the magic crystal. Hence Booth could confirm that the crystal was originally his. However, Booth did not inspect the interior of the magic crystal, which had been completely altered. He had no choice but to reluctantly accept Oberth as his disciple, and had instructed him to familiarise himself with the contents of the magic crystal…


Due to this incident, the reputation of Oberth as a genius has become even more prominent throughout the community, to the extent that even Oberth had decided to believe it as truth. However, upon seeing Ye Chui, his guilty conscience started to prick his heart. He quickened his pace and joined his father and Booth.


“Hahaha, I didn’t expect that you were the one who retrieved the magic crystal from the mirror. Since you did that, why did you let us search for the magic crystal in vain for the past few days?” The Magician’s Guild clerk blamed Oberth with a hint of a teasing tone.


Oberth quickly took the opportunity to clarify himself, “I just wanted to use some time to research the contents of the magic crystal; So as to give my mentor a bigger surprise.”


“Hahaha, that’s my son for you.” Oupu said in an arrogant tone, “He wouldn’t spread the news of himself retrieving the magic crystal if he wasn’t a 100% certain of the contents within it. This quality of his is very much like me.”


“In the future, Oberth will become Mr.Booth’s favorite disciple and his success will be limitless.” The clerk tried to bootlick.


This made Oupu smile heartily.


However, Oberth looked down in shame. No matter how thick his skin is, he would not be able to conceal his embarrassment.


Booth, who was standing in the middle of the group, did not say much. He merely gave Oberth a glance, before looking away in frustration. In order to focus on his research on magic, Booth had never accepted any disciples, not to mention one in a small place like Stan City. Oberth was just a joke in his eyes.

When Booth first set the test of retrieving the magic crystal in the mirror, it was just his method of rejecting any disciples, as he did not expect anyone from Stan City to be able to achieve that feat. It was unless the person had developed an instinctive sense towards space magic theory and was able to visualize the door formed by space magic. There might not even be a single person in the entire empire who can do it, not to mention Stan City.


But someone retrieved the magic crystal from the mirror!


In order to enter the Specialist Realm, Booth had been staying in Stan City for quite some time and received hospitality from the Magician Guild. When Oberth retrieved the magic crystal from the mirror a few days back, Booth could not break his promise. He could only agree to accept this disciple, who is talentless in his eyes. He then thought in his mind.

[Why didn’t I accept disciples in the past who were more talented than Oberth? Now I have to accept a stupid disciple… Whatever, I’ll just find a reason to disown him as my disciple later on.]


“Mr. Basgen.” Oberth inched himself closer to Basgen and whispered, “What are those people gathering there for?”


“Oh, they’re here for the level three Magician examination.” Basgen smilingly explained. As a level five Magician who is a Light Priest, he was very popular among the members of the Magician Guild. During normal times, Booth had been more friendly towards Basgen compared to others; and had even treated him to a dinner once to chat on the topic of light magic. At this instant, Basgen heart skipped a beat, as he spoke to Booth, “Mr. Booth, we’ll be holding the level three Magician examination right here later on. There is one person who has good magic skills, so why don’t you stay back and spectate?”


Upon hearing Basgen’s words, Booth became interested, “All right then. I’ll stay behind to watch since I’m rather curious.”


“Err… What’s so interesting about the level three Magician examination? Mentor, you don’t have to waste your time on this.” Oberth started to feel anxious and quickly persuaded Booth. The person with good magic skills which Basgen was referring to was an arrogant youth, but Oberth mistakenly thought that he was referring to Ye Chui. Oberth was panicky, as he thought that Basgen discovered that he was not the one who retrieved the magic crystal from the mirror.


“I’ll just spectate for fun; it’s not a waste of my time. The level three Magician examination is split into three parts, right? What about this? Let me give the candidates a spontaneous test on the part of the examination relating to magic theory.” Booth deliberately ignored Oberth’s persuasion. 


“Haha. Let’s set it this way.” Oupu did not notice Oberth’s unusual facial expression and laughed, “Maybe Mr. Booth would take a liking to one of the candidates and accept another disciple?”


The crowd laughed simultaneously.


Oberth became increasingly flustered.


“Ehh, do you want me to speak to my father to ask Mr. Booth to accept you as his disciple? Do you know that it’s every Magician’s dream to be able to be taught by someone who is about to enter the Specialist Realm?” After Oberth and his group entered the Magician Guild, Alfea suddenly tapped Ye Chui’s shoulder, “So, are you interested?”


“No way I’ll be interested in becoming his disciple!” Ye Chui rejected Alfea’s offer straightaway, “Don’t even think about it. Even if you offer to marry me, I won’t tell you the method of contacting the Iron Swordsman.”


The loose strands of hair on Alfea’s head started to float in the air, as she stared at Ye Chui with a pair of murderous eyes.


However, Ye Chui was not at all afraid, “So what? The Iron Swordsman is now my brother. I’ll guarantee that he’ll sever all ties with you if you dare touch me!”


[It’s so easy dealing with such a lovesick girl.]


“…” Alfea was dumbfounded.


A moment later, Alfea sighed in disappointment but kept her murderous intent. On account of the Iron Swordsman, Alfea could not be bothered in arguing with the other party, “What a cunning fella. You must’ve known that the level nine Magician wouldn’t accept you as his disciple, despite my father having a reputable status.”




Believe it or not, Ye Chui really was not interested in becoming a disciple of that level nine Magician. Since Booth was a Magician who specialized in space magic, learning from him would mean focusing all of his time and effort on space magic. There are a total of seven different elements of magic, so how could Ye Chui forfeit the rest of the cake just for this slice? Most importantly… Magic was very similar to hacking – instead of finding a lousy teacher, the Father of Studies might as well self-study. Ye Chui was prepared to specialize in each and every one of the seven elements of magic.


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