Omni-Magician – Chapter 82, Intermediate Offensive Spell,

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


The level three Magician examination has officially commenced.


Under the leadership of the Magician Guild’s clerk, Ye Chui registered himself for the examination, paid a fee of 20 copper coins and obtained an entry proof. Thereafter, the five Magicians who were anxiously waiting to participate in the exam were ushered into the first examination hall. The first part of the exam was all about releasing of magic spells. Every level three Magician had to completely grasp the release of five magic spells, of which two were offensive spells and the remaining three were life spells or auxiliary spells.


Before Ye Chui entered the examination hall, Alfea stood against the wall of the corridor and smiled at him, “Hammer, the first two parts of the Magician exam should not be a problem for you at all. All Magicians who register for this exam typically pass the first two parts, but it won’t be the case for the third part. The third part which is a test on magic theory tends to eliminate 90% of the candidates. Even if you have a flair for magic, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to overcome that hurdle. But with my status as the City Lord’s daughter, I can make that hurdle extremely easy for you. So, would you consider using my backdoor?”

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Ye Chui looked sideways at Alfea and thought in his heart. [Isn’t the phrase ‘Use my backdoor?’ a little naive?] He then laughingly said, “As a Magician, I should pass the promotion test based on my own merit. I won’t use any underhanded means to pass the test.”


“Hmph, It’s your choice.” Alfea snorted.


“If you’re willing to let me use the back door for free, I wouldn’t mind. However, I won’t give you the method of contacting the Iron Swordsman. Instead, I can praise you in front of him, like your battling capabilities etc.” Ye Chui had already walked to the entrance of the examination hall, but he suddenly thought of something and told Alfea.


“Get lost!”




The first test on the release of magic spells is about to begin.


The five magicians proceeded to release their magic spells, while a Magician Guild’s clerk stood at the side to register their results. In no time, two females and one male, who were all older than Ye Chui, had completed their magic spell release. The three of them had attempted this promotion examination several time times already, hence they were very familiar with quite a few magic spells and could easily pass this test. Then, it was the arrogant youth’s turn.


By this time, Ye Chui had discovered that his name was Arcaz. Ye Chui witnessed Arcaz releasing four magic spells with an arrogant expression. Despite portraying a lethargic look due to over-exerting himself while releasing the magic spells, he still could not wipe off that arrogant look of his off his face. He then mustered all his energy and released the last auxiliary spell.


Ye Chui was the last candidate to perform the task. He released several life spells, like <Breeze>, <Dust Removal> and <Kindle>, before releasing two basic offensive spells, such as <Lightning> and <Fire>, with much ease. Ye Chui chose these few magic spells because they were the simplest ones he knew. These spells were so simple to the extent that Ye Chui did not feel any bit of exhaustion of magic power and spiritual power. In conclusion, he passed this round without any hiccups.


“It seems like your standards are just mediocre. I’ll be the only one who will pass this promotion examination.” Seeing Ye Chui walk over, Arcaz teased his fellow Magicians. The three Magicians who did the test first also released three life spells and two basic offensive spells.


“Buddy…” Seeing the arrogant look on Arcaz’s face, Ye Chui could not resist the temptation to mock him, “Do you notice that the rest of them have weird gazes?”


“Huh?” Arcaz stood in a daze momentarily. He then looked at the other three Magicians and the Magician Guild’s clerk, before discovering that their gazes were indeed a little unusual… They were definitely not staring at him with respect. Arcaz was puzzled and asked, “What’s happening?”


“That’s the gaze you would give to an idiotic person.” Ye Chui explained to Arcaz in an honest manner, “There are a total of three parts in this exam. This first round does not take into account any marks, so it’ll be a smart move to just pass this stage, instead of consuming all of your spiritual power and magic power.”


Arcaz, “…”


Offensive spells tend to consume the most spiritual power and magic power, followed by auxiliary spells, while life spells tend to consume the least spiritual power and magic power.


The first three candidates to pass the first test were experienced experts. Their choice of releasing two basic offensive spells and three life spells helped them to conserve more energy to face the challenges in the following rounds. However, Arcaz did not think of this, instead, he thought that their standards were merely mediocre… Now he truly felt like an idiot, but he could not embarrass himself in front of the others and snorted, “I just need a few minutes to regain my energy. The upcoming obstacles won’t be a challenge to me at all!”




Ye Chui turned around and walked out of the examination hall, as the second test was about to begin. The second test was about forming magic models. Based on a magic spell provided by the Magician Guild, the candidates were supposed to form a magic model on the spot. This was equivalent to testing the candidates on their application and understanding of new models. Of course, in Ye Chui’s perspective, it would be as simple as inputting the programming code according to a patterned plate.


On the other hand, the other candidates did not find it that simple.


Before the commencement of the second test, Oberth secretly approached the examiner, a Magician who was named Diya. He passed a roll of parchment and instructed Diya, “During the test of forming magic models, please pass this to a Magician called Hammer and make him form the model of this magic spell.”


“Oberth… This doesn’t seem very appropriate.” Diya was caught in a difficult position. “That Hammer is merely a level two Magician with no strong backing, so why are you afraid?”

“If anything happens, I’ll shoulder the responsibility!” Oberth said in an indifferent tone, “Diya, I’m sorry to trouble you at this time, but I’ll definitely praise you in front of my father, should you decide to help me. Diya, you should know that if I mention you in front of my father, he’ll be able to promote you to the position of an elder in the Magician Guild. Similarly, he also has the authority to kick you out of the Magician guild.”


Indecision could be seen in Diya’s eyes, as the Magician examination is an extremely sacred event. Of course, Diya knew that many dirty things happen behind the scenes all the time and this concerned his prospects in the Magician Guild… Thus, he bit his teeth and agreed to Oberth, “All right, I’ll do it.”


“Very well.” Oberth nodded his head with a sinister look.


The magic spell Oberth passed to Diya was an intermediate offensive spell, called <Gale’s Baptism>. This magic spell was specially invented by Oberth’s father, Oupu, just for him. Oberth had attempted to form the magic model of this magic spell for the past half a year but to no avail. In actuality, this kind of intermediate offensive spell could only be grasped by an Intermediate Magician. The reason for Oupu passing this magic spell to Oberth was for him to familiarise himself with the characteristics of intermediate magic spells.


Furthermore, Oberth was not worried that Ye Chui would steal this magic spell because the application of this magic spell involved 10 magic symbols that only an intermediate Magician would use. As a level two Magician, Ye Chui could only stare blankly at this magic spell. It was common sense that only talented Magicians like Oberth could have the chance to encounter all the magic symbols at the standard of a beginner Magician.


“Hehe…” After walking over from Diya, Oberth felt an inexplicable sense of satisfaction in his heart. Earlier on, he had already completed the mentor acknowledgement ceremony and signed the ‘sacred master and disciple contract’. Now Booth was interacting with his father and he was prepared to invite Booth to the examination hall to spectate the process of the test, “If Mentor Booth sees that Hammer can’t even pass the second test of the examination, I guess he won’t want to accept Hammer as his disciple.”


[This Hammer seems a little ominous to me; I’ll better eliminate him early in the examination!]


Very soon, Ye Chui and his fellow candidates entered the second examination hall and began the second test.


“This magic spell…” After opening the parchment handed over from Diya, Ye Chui stared wide-eyed at it, “I thought this test on forming magic model only included basic magic spells? Why does this magic spell seem like an intermediate one? Ehh, this <Gale’s Baptism> magic spell seems like it’s very formidable. I’ve been wanting to learn some intermediate magic spells recently, but I didn’t expect the Magician Guild to be so generous as to give such a precious magic spell in an exam! What a nice gift!”


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