Omni-Magician – Chapter 83, My Performance Must Have Left You Dumbfounded

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

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Ye Chui had completely grasped a total of 10 magic spells, including four life spells (<Breeze>, <Dust Removal>, <Kindle> and <Rainfall>), four basic offensive spells (<Lightning>, <Fire>, <Gale> and <Wind Blade>), as well as two auxiliary spells (<Wind Walk> and <Light Drop>).


In addition, when Ye Chui was imprisoned by Busca, he even invented three enhanced magic matrices (<Four Times Lightning>, <Four Times Gale> and <Four Times Fire>). These three magic spells could only be used in the manufacturing of magic scrolls and could not be released using a magic wand. If these magic spells were forcefully released using a magic wand, the wand would bend and break due to it not being able to withstand the magic power.


Due to this flaw in these three magic spells, it was extremely difficult to control them, not to mentioning magic equipment withstanding their magic power.


Of course, the invention of these three magic spells was insufficient to prove that Ye Chui is a genius. Despite the magic spells having multi-fold magic power compared to ordinary basic magic spells, they still could not be compared to the power of intermediate magic spells. It was only recently when Ye Chui increased his knowledge on magic theories that he realised this point. His ‘four times’ magic spells were merely an inferior upgrade of basic magic spells; thus it could not be considered as a successful attempt on Ye Chui’s part.


Ultimately, inventing new magic spells was an extremely difficult feat to achieve. Even if Ye Chui had talent in this aspect, he still would not have an easy time inventing new magic spells.


During this period of time, Ye Chui had been searching around for a magic template for intermediate offensive spells, as he wanted to learn new methods to defend himself or attack others. Originally, Ye Chui had intended to spend some money on a magic template at Cara’s Magic Cottage, but he ended up with a golden opportunity to get what he wanted – the second test of the level three Magician examination was actually on an intermediate offensive spell.


This magic array, named <Gale’s Baptism>, had more than 300 lines of magic symbols carved densely all over the parchment. Ye Chui briefly scanned the parchment and confirmed that this magic spell was extraordinary. With a magic power beyond his imagination, it was definitely one of the strongest magic spells Ye Chui had ever come across!


If Ye Chui was able to completely grasp this magic spell, it would definitely be a great boost to his battling capabilities as a Magician.


[Oooh… But this magic spell seems a little too big; I guess it won’t be easy for me to construct the model in my heart…] Ye Chui quickly discovered this problem.


In order for a Magician to release a magic spell, he must first form a magic model in his heart, then in accordance with this magic model, he could release the magic matrix instantaneously. Learning the basics of a magic spell would mean constructing the magic model in one’s memory, and this required the unique spiritual power possessed by Magicians. Ordinary humans could not learn magic spells because they did not have the spiritual power to form magic models.


However, there was a limit to the size of the magic model that could be contained by Magicians’ spiritual power; similar to the amount of memory that can fit into one’s brain. At different stages, each Magician can only store a certain amount of magic models. When Ye Chui was about to form the magic model for <Gale’s Baptism>, he discovered that there was no way this gigantic magic spell could fit in his heart.


Not to worry, Ye Chui had everything planned. Besides deleting three carved magic scrolls, he also deleted the three impractical ‘four times’ magic spells, creating more storage space for the magic model for <Gale’s Baptism>.


Constructing magic models is not just about imprinting the rows of magic symbols into one’s memory, but understanding the true meaning of each magic spell at the same time. It is only by this way that the characters in the magic spell can work its effect in one’s mind, forming the magic model. The reason as to why Oberth was not able to construct the magic model for <Gale’s Baptism> for half a year was because he did not comprehend the meaning of every character in the magic spell. This resulted in him not being able to achieve mastery. However, all of these problems were not at all applicable to Ye Chui.


Similarly, when a top hacker checks the programme code, the hacker would immediately know the function of any random line presented to him, unlike any ordinary programmer who would be unsure.


This is the disparity between an ordinary programmer and a top hacker; and also the difference between Ye Chui and the ordinary magicians in this magic world.


The duration of the test on forming magic models was two hours. If a candidate was unable to complete the magic model within the two hours, he or she would fail the test.


The five Magicians took their respective places in the examination hall as they all stared wide-eyed at the parchment in their hands. As the invigilator for this test, Diya walked about the hall. Diya had already been in this profession for 10 years, so he would have some foresight. At one glance, he could tell that Arcaz was the quickest and the best at completing the magic model. Of the three candidates who were of older age, one bald middle-aged man was on the path to failure, as perspiration rolled down his forehead continuously. On the other hand, the other two females were calmer and should not have any problems at clearing this test.


However, Diya could not foresee if Ye Chui would pass the test or not.


The parchment Ye Chui held in his hands were visibly different from the others. The parchment others held had at most 30 lines of magic symbols, but the one in Ye Chui’s hands… had over 300 lines! Any ordinary candidate would get flustered at the sight of such a test question. Despite that, Ye Chui’s face did not reveal any form of anxiousness or fluster, instead he was very focused on forming the magic model.


But what is the use of Ye Chui trying? Even as a level four Magician, Diya did not have the confidence of constructing the magic model for <Gale’s Baptism> in the span of two hours. Perhaps even advanced Magicians did not have the ability to pull that off within that time. The first feeling any ordinary Magician would feel upon seeing the 300 rows of magic symbols should be despair or fear, but Ye Chui seemed to be enjoying himself!



Thirty minutes had passed.



“I’ve completed!” Arcaz leaped from his seat in excitement all of a sudden.


This attracted the attention from the three older candidates, while Diya revealed an astonished expression. He then nodded his head, “Arcaz, you’ve completed it brilliantly. Now, you can try to release this magic spell. If you succeed at releasing it, you have passed this test.”




Arcaz walked over to Diya’s side and pulled out his magic wand from his waist. With a face of satisfaction, Arcaz hesitated slightly before waving his magic wand forward, “Lightning Spark.”


Basic auxiliary spell, <Lightning Spark>.


A streak of electric light burst out of the tip of Arcaz’s magic wand. This electric light did not shoot out in a straight line, instead, it scattered in all directions. The electric light created sparkles in the air like fireworks, producing a beautiful scene. The beautiful light show lasted for more than 10 seconds before the magic spell lost its effect.


Arcaz became even more elated upon the success of the release of the magic spell.


Envy could be seen written on the faces of the three older candidates.


Diya also nodded his head in pleasure, “Not bad. Although you have to make the magic spell last for more than 30 seconds in order to pass the test, your performance is already very commendable. Arcaz, you have passed this test.”


“Thank you,” Arcaz said in joy, as he looked at Ye Chui with a gaze of arrogance. Arcaz bore a grudge against Ye Chui who had previously reprimanded him for being an idiot. He wanted Ye Chui to realise that although he was an idiot in the first test, he could complete the seconds test with ease then…


Ye Chui was not bothered by Arcaz’s stare, in fact, Ye Chui didn’t even glance at Arcaz for a moment throughout the entire duration of the second test. Ye Chui seemed as though he was only interested in the parchment in front of him, causing Arcaz’s delight to reduce as he thought in his heart.


[Hmph, don’t pretend to be not envious of me. I know that my performance must have left you dumbfounded. I’ll wait to see how long you’ll take to complete the magic spell. Perhaps you don’t even have the ability to pass this test.]


Therefore, Arcaz remained in the examination hall to spectate the performance of the rest of his fellow Magicians.


In the corridor outside the examination hall, Alfea waited boringly for the test to end. Suddenly, Alfea’s brows knitted together and she looked at the side.

She saw Booth, the Magician in a grey robe, walking over with the company of Oupu and Oberth…


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