Omni-Magician – Chapter 85, You Can Use This Magic Spell at Will in The Future

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


The offensive capabilities and imposing aura of an intermediate offensive spell far surpassed that of an elementary offensive spell. Therefore, it was no surprise that the scene created by an intermediate offensive spell was beyond Ye Chui’s wildest imagination.


At that instant when the magic matrix was input into the magic wand and released together with magic power into the air, the entire examination hall fell into darkness. Accompanying the blinding darkness was a sense of pressure which seemed to be caused by a gust of wind and shower.


The examination hall is a room with closed windows and doors. So, where did the wind and shower come from?


Diya, who was standing closest to the position where Ye Chui released the magic spell, did actually feel like he was in the middle of a vast plain. Howling sounds of the wind surrounded him, as he started to tremble in fear. Thereafter, strong gusts of wind started blowing and showers began to pour down from the sky, as though the heavens were conducting baptism.





Intermittent howling sounds of the wind can be heard suddenly within the hall. From low-pitched to high-pitched; and from slow to fast, the howling sounds began to fill the room. The curtains at one side of the examination hall were blown upwards involuntarily, some documents on the tables were strewn into the air, while *krrk, krrk* sounds echoed from the tables and chairs, as the strong winds caused them to shift positions.


As though the destruction caused by the gale was not enough, a stool was lifted off the ground with a whizzing sound as the might of the gale got increasingly stronger. However, the stool did not knock into the walls of the examination hall; instead, it maneuvered around the perimeters of the room, as though it was guided by a pair of invincible hands.


One chair, two chairs, three chairs…


It was not before long that a table could not withstand the might of the gale, as it was lifted off the ground as well. One table, two tables, three tables…


Extreme horror and panic could be seen from Diya’s expression, as his swaying body could not stop in motion. His last resort was to pull out his magic wand from his waist and release three magic spells underneath his feet to prevent himself from floating in the air like those chairs and tables. At this moment, Diya had almost been frightened to death. Looking towards Ye Chui, who was positioned in the middle of the gale storm, Diya thought for one second that he was looking at an arrogant demon god.


This is the might of an intermediate offensive spell.


Compared to intermediate offensive spells, elementary offensive spells could be considered child’s play!


All of a sudden, everything stopped. The airborne chairs and tables all fell to the ground simultaneously, producing a series of loud thuds. The curtains and documents, which were originally blown upwards by the gale, now returned to their original state.


Alfea, who was originally standing at the entrance of the examination hall in amazement, suddenly dashed into the room when she saw that something was amiss. She quickly caught Ye Chui in her embrace just before his weak body fell to the ground. The reason as to why <Gale’s Baptism> stopped all of a sudden was because Ye Chui had exhausted his spiritual power and magic power. This magic spell was considered too overwhelming for him to release.


Due to his current standard as an elementary Magician, Ye Chui did not have the capabilities to completely release this magic spell, despite him comprehending the magic spell completely.


The Magicians in the examination hall gradually regained their consciousness, before they stared wide-eyed at Ye Chui, who was currently in the embrace of Alfea. Ye Chui’s face was as pale as a sheet; and if he were to open his eyes, one would be able to notice streaks of blood in his eyes.


Basgen hurriedly walked into the examination hall, pulled out his magic wand from his waist and directed it at Ye Chui, “Holy Light’s Illumination!”


Intermediate auxiliary spell, <Holy Light’s Illumination>.


This was a treatment light spell that could rapidly restore spiritual power and magic power.


Intermittent gentle rays of white light emitted from Basgen’s magic wand and wrapped around Ye Chui. It could be seen that Ye Chui’s pale face gradually regained its radiance; and when he opened his eyes this time, no streaks of blood could be seen.


“Are you feeling better?” Basgen asked Ye Chui, as he kept his magic wand.


“Thanks, Mr. Basgen. I’m feeling much better now.” Ye Chui answered. Despite feeling much better, Ye Chui had no intention of leaving Alfea’s embrace. [Lying in Alfea’s arms is so warm and comfortable…]


Alfea, on the other hand, did not expect Ye Chui to have that thought. She merely felt that he might not have fully recovered from the fatigue. She then held him to a nearby chair to sit down, before asking him in a worried tone, “Hammer, what were you doing? What was that spell that you released just now? How did you manage to release such a powerful spell?”


“I would also like to know what happened just now.” Basgen said with a hint of anger in his voice, “Are you tired of living? How can you release such a powerful spell at your level? If I didn’t use <Holy Light’s Illumination> on you, you would need to recuperate in bed for at least half a month before being able to practice magic again!”


Oupu, Booth, and Arcaz, who were all standing outside the examination hall, walked into the room. Other than Diya and Oberth who knew the truth, the others thought that Ye Chui released such a powerful spell on purpose, or even attempted to impress Booth on his magic skills.


Ye Chui felt a little puzzled and questioned all of them, “But this magic spell was my examination question.”


“What nonsense are you talking?” Basgen asked Ye Chui angrily, “The second test of the level three Magician examination is about forming magic models and the magic spells provided to candidates are usually simple ones. How is it possible that the examination question was an intermediate offensive spell? This wouldn’t even happen for a level four or five Magician examination!”


Listening to Basgen’s furious laments, Ye Chui stood dumbstruck momentarily, as though he understood something. He then shook his head in laughter and glanced at Oberth, before continuing his explanation, “But my examination is an intermediate offensive spell, Mr. Basgen. The parchment is still right there, so you can see it for yourself.”


Oberth made eye contact with Ye Chui for an instant, before avoiding it hurriedly.


Oupu, the Magician Guild Master, had been frowning since just now. Oberth’s small movements did not escape Oupu’s sharp eyes when Ye Chui glanced at Oberth for a mere second. Oupu had a revelation all of a sudden and fury could be seen in his eyes, as he started to curse and swear at his stupid son in his heart.


With a wave of Basgen’s magic wand, the piece of parchment lying on the ground near the window flew directly to his hands. After opening the parchment to take a look at the examination question, Basgen’s face was filled with shock instantaneously, “This… is indeed an intermediate offensive spell. Moreover, it’s <Gale’s baptism>. Isn’t… this the magic spell invented by the Magician Guild Master? Diya, why is this magic spell used in Hammer’s examination question?”


“I… This…” Diya’s expression had already turned pale, as she subconsciously looked towards Oberth.


Oberth had an even more helpless expression plastered on his face.


“Keke…” At this moment, Oupu started breaking out into fake laughter, as he explained in an indifferent expression, “I’d asked Oberth to give this magic spell to Hammer as his examination question. Hammer had saved my son, Oberth, once during the ancient tomb adventure, so this is my reciprocal gift to him. Haha… Seeing that Hammer’s was able to form the magic model of this magic spell, it proves that he indeed has a gift for magic.”


Experience does matter indeed; Oupu had managed to quickly analyse the entire story. <Gale’s Baptism> was a magic spell invented by him, hence besides him, Oberth was the only other person in the world who had that spell. The examination question on the parchment was obviously the works of Oberth; and he had meant for it make Ye Chui fail the test. However, Oberth’s meticulous plan backfired, as he did not expect him to complete forming the magic model within a short span of two hours.


Under normal circumstances, such a despicable act could be considered a disgrace; and Oupu would be able to deal with Ye Chui, an elementary Magician, easily. However, since Oberth committed such a despicable act in front of Booth, Oupu had to deliberate carefully on how to resolve this matter; otherwise, it could incur the wrath of this level nine Magician. Although Oupu really wanted to reprimand his stupid son in his heart, he had no choice but to find a way to resolve this crisis.


The surrounding crowd had unusual expressions on their faces, as they could already tell what was going on. It was deemed reasonable to say that Oupu gave the magic spell to Ye Chui as a Thanksgiving gift, but it would be ridiculous to say that Ye Chui’s examination question was intentionally changed from a basic magic spell to that of an intermediate magic spell. No one would believe that it was a kind act!


It was a pity for Oberth,  but it was a blessing in disguise for Ye Chui.


“So, that was what happened…” Ye Chui stood up from the chair in a swaying fashion. He then looked at Oupu with a smile, “Guild Master Oupu, I didn’t expect you to be so generous to the extent that you gave an intermediate magic spell to me. Will I then be able to use this magic spell at will in the future?”


Magic spells could be considered the most valuable thing in this fantasy world. <Gale’s Baptism>, a magic spell specially invented by a level seven Magician, was even more valuable. Although Ye Chui had learned this magic spell in the examination, Oupu still had the right to erase the magic model from Ye Chui’s memory.


But now…


Oupu’s face suddenly turned as pale as a sheet. He had originally said that to help Oberth resolve the crisis but did not expect Ye Chui to follow the flow of his story and claim the intermediate magic spell as his own. Oupu felt dissatisfied in his heart, but upon seeing Booth’s increasing curiosity, he could only tolerate the loss and forcefully smiled, “That’s for sure! You can use the magic spell at will in the future…”


Silavin: Due to my exams, I will put this novel on hold for now. However, after my exams, Mirausean and I will probably only translate about 3 more months or so before stopping. Well, he is the main translator after all, and he will quit sooner or later due to the circumstances at the workplace. If anyone would like to translate, do tell. Thanks.


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