Omni-Magician – Chapter 86, Can I Reject Your Offer of Accepting Me as Your Disciple?

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“Oberth, you’ve paid a really huge price in reciprocation of Hammer’s act of kindness.” At this moment, Alfea spoke to Oberth in a weird tone.


Alfea had naturally understood that Ye Chui’s tough examination question was by no means any coincidence. She then thought in her heart. [Oberth actually dared to pull off some underhand tricks, even though I’m here today.] This despicable act of Oberth’s was deplorable in Alfea’s eyes; she even felt that Oberth had gotten even more idiotic after the ancient tomb adventure. [Fortunately, Ye Chui didn’t fall for Oberth’s trick and even managed to obtain an intermediate offensive spell. That idiot must be left fuming!]


Oberth let out a few sounds of forced laughter. He then made eye contact with his father, before sensing extreme anger in his eyes. He could not help but feel terrified. [My father’s going to kill me when we get back home… That darned Hammer, how did he manage to form the magic model of the intermediate offensive spell in merely two hours, when I can’t even figure it out in six months?!]


Arcaz, who had originally viewed Ye Chui in an arrogant manner, was no longer seeing him in the same light. Despite completing the magic model a basic auxiliary spell within 30 minutes of the test and having felt that his capabilities was much better than that of Ye Chui’s, he could now only admire Ye Chui in awe when he found out that Ye Chui managed to form the magic model of an intermediate offensive spell within a short span of two hours.


When comparing Ye Chui to himself, he felt that his magic skills were laughable and pitiful…


This particular incident in the examination hall had led to different people having an assortment of feelings. However, Ye Chui was not the lead of the day after all; it was Booth, the level nine Magician. Both Basgen and Oupu were present at the examination hall was only because Booth had agreed to personally invigilate the last test on magic theory.


Therefore, Basgen hid his amazement due to Ye Chui’s stellar performance and said, “No one had expected such an interesting event to happen, but the level three Magician examination must continue as per planned. Since Mr Booth is going to personally invigilate the third test of the examination, it’s your golden opportunity to display your talent. Why don’t we commence the third test right now? Diya, go and call the other two candidates.”


Previously, one of the three middle-aged candidates automatically forfeited his chance in the second test of the examination. On the other hand, the remaining two middle-aged ladies who passed the test were now resting in a nearby restroom. Diya, who was breaking out in cold sweat while standing at one side, hurriedly responded to Basgen’s request and left the hall in a hurry. He then returned with the two female candidates.


Despite feeling frustrated and pissed, Oupu had to keep his promise and give the intermediate offensive spell to Ye Chui, since Booth was present at the scene. Furthermore, Oupu personally went into Diya’s room and arranged the tables and chairs in a neat fashion, as he had to appear hospitable to the guest invigilator. He then invited Booth to take a seat in the middle of the room, before asking the four candidates to enter the room for the third test.


This test is the hardest of the three, as it requires the candidates to possess basic comprehension of magic theory. As with former examinations, most candidates would be eliminated at this stage.


Booth’s soothing gaze sized up the four candidates, as he smiled slightly and said, “I’ve been dealing with space magic all my life; and space element is the magic element which I’m most familiar with. Since I’m invited to invigilate a test on magic theory, then I guess… I shall ask the following question. What is space element, based on your understanding of it?”


When this question was asked, almost everyone at the scene were slightly taken aback.


Everyone knows that there are a total of seven basic elements in magic, of which three are considered the most profound. They are dark element, light element and space element. An ordinary Magician would only officially deal with space element when he becomes an intermediate Magician. Hence, it was obviously an intentional move by Booth to test the elementary Magicians on space magic.


Of the four candidates, all except Ye Chui had an awkward expression on their faces, as they quickly pondered over Booth’s question.


On the other hand, Ye Chui had a rather calm expression. Having understood the concept of space magic a long time ago, all he needed to do was to phrase his comprehension into proper sentences. His phrasing could ultimately decide whether he gets to pass this level three Magician examination, hence he had to be extra cautious with his words. If he were to fail the examination, Debbie would deduct a month’s worth of pocket money from him. So, how can he treat this lightly?


After about three minutes, Arcaz was the first one who stood up.


“You’ve thought it through? Let’s hear what you’ve got.” Booth laughingly said to Arcaz.


“In my opinion, I feel that space element is similar to water, wind, earth, lightning and fire elements in terms of essence; and it’s a mysterious element that floats around us. When one uses space magic, one will be able to gather these mysterious elements floating in the air to complete the space magic.” Arcaz tried to explain in a nervous tone, “If my conjecture is correct, this element is an independent space. When a large amount of such an element is gathered, a large-scale independent space will be formed. This is the essence of space element.”


After his interpretation of space element, Arcaz sized up Booth’s expression in an anxious manner.

“Umm, it’s not a bad attempt. It’s already very good that you’re able to explain these.” It seemed that Booth was rather satisfied with Arcaz’s explanation.


This allowed Arcaz to have a sigh of relief. He then subconsciously scanned Ye Chui from head to toe and felt that he was on par with Ye Chui’s magic skills. [At least I managed to win back one point in this magic theory test…]


Ye Chui shook his head discreetly in disapproval, before getting back to the task at hand.


The two female candidates then went on the explain their understanding of space element. Their understanding of space element was largely similar to that of Arcaz’s – space element is an independent space that floats in the air.


Ye Chui was the last to answer the question.


“Hammer, what are your views?” Booth sized Ye Chui up with a smile. The others in the crowd looked towards Ye Chui – Alfea was worried, Oupu and Basgen were both curious about Ye Chui’s answer, while Arcaz and Oberth had evil thoughts as they hoped that Ye Chui would not provide Booth with a satisfactory answer.


“I think that…” Ye Chui paused for a moment before continuing, “Space element isn’t an independent space that floats in the air.”


Ye Chui’s sentence immediately opposed the answers from the previous three candidates.


“Oh?” Booth seemed to be more interested to hear more, as he inquired further, “Then what do you think space element is?”


“If I had to describe it, space element isn’t an independent space, but a form of energy that can be transmitted. In all, the essence of space magic is the assembly of various transmitting energies, which allows the Magician who cast the space magic spell to communicate with another independent space. According to my conjecture, that independent space doesn’t exist in this world and it’s an independent world that had already existed. The amount of transmitting energy determines the size of the independent world that the Magician can communicate with.


Ye Chui explained his understanding in a calm manner. He originally had some understanding of the essence of space element, but after reading some articles on space magic from the magic crystal, he was certain that his understanding of space element was accurate. Of course, Ye Chui had no clue whether those articles on space magic were left behind by Booth or not.


Upon hearing what Ye Chui had to say about space element, the huge crowd started discussing among themselves. Apart from Booth, all other Magicians thought that Ye Chui’s explanation was nonsensical.


Most people would think that space magic was all about creating an independent space, but Ye Chui actually thinks that the independent space already existed? And that space magic, in reality, is a form of energy that can be transmitted?


Including Oupu and Basgen, the entire crowd thought that Ye Chui’s explanation was illogical. Although on Oupu is a level seven Magician and Basgen is a level five Magician, both of them are not well-versed in space magic and have not grasp the essence of space element.


As for Arcaz and Oberth, they simply thought that Ye Chui’s explanation was laughable.


“Hammer, you think that space magic isn’t about creating an independent space, but a means of communication to an existing space?” Oberth could not help but mock Ye Chui, “How did you even come up with such a hilarious explanation?!” He then laughed and looked at Booth, “Mentor, what do you think?”


“What an apt description!” Booth stared right in Ye Chui’s eyes and commented.


“You see, even my mentor thinks that your concept is hilarious.” Oberth was even more satisfied.


“You idiot! I said that Hammer’s absolutely right!”


Due to extreme elation, Booth jumped from his chair, before dashing towards Ye Chui and grabbing his firmly on his shoulders. Booth’s gaze seemed as though he was a hunter after his prey, “Your understanding of space element is extremely accurate. I’ve never met an elementary Magician who’s able to describe space element in such a precise manner. And judging from your previous performance, I’m certain that you’re an extremely rare talent! If you’re willing to research into space magic, I’m sure that you’ll be able to achieve big things in this field… Hammer, are you willing to be my disciple? I’ll do whatever it takes to groom you in the field of space magic!”


This scene stunned everyone.


What made them even more stunned was about to come.


“Ehh, can I reject?”


Ye Chui gave an easy reply.


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