Omni-Magician – Chapter 87, How can he be so shameless in forcing me to be his disciple?!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary

Silavin: Not the real translation of the title.


“Err… I wish to refuse…”


Ye Chui’s voice was, by no means, considered loud. However, once his voice left his throat, the entire room turned silent as everyone pondered if their ears were functioning properly. [Refuse? Did this boy just say he wished to refuse?]


For Oberth, as long as he could become Booth’s disciple, he would be willing to use any means to flatter; when he had just discovered Ye Chui took the magic crystal, he spared no time in hesitation to swallow his pride and traded with Ye Chi. He even when so far as to use his father’s status as the Master of the Magician Guild, tasked to maintain Stan City’s Grand Protection array, to steal the ten high grade magician stone to secretly complete the transaction he had made with Ye Chui. He did all of this to become Booth’s student. However, right now, Booth, the man that he had sought to take as his master, had voluntarily requested to become Ye Chui master only to be rejected! How could such a situation be conceivable? This was simply too much to accept!


Since Arcaz well understood Booth’s status, he was also caught speechless. In front of Booth, where he could get the chance to become Booth’s disciple, he exhausted himself to display everything so as to get Booth’s recognition. For Booth to accept Ye Chui with just a few words, Arcaz was already shocked but what took his sanity away was when Ye Chui readily refused to become Booth’s apprentice! It was a golden opportunity that millions wished for and to think it was refused… Such A Waste!


Meanwhile, Oupu and Basgen were gawking without holding back. Initially, Oupu took a glance while Basgen instinctively felt that Ye Chui was not worth much; in other words, talentless. Two hours ago, when they first saw Ye Chui use <Gale’s Baptism>, they were shocked beyond words. They had never expected that Ye Chui would have the talent to surpass them. However, the shocked was exacerbated when the boy refused the offer.


Alfea, one of the first to recover from the shock, tapped on Ye Chui’s shoulder and whispered to him, “Hammer, what are you thinking? How could you reject such a worthwhile opportunity?”


“Have I not already said that I was not interested?” Ye Chui faced Alfea and repeated.


“Well…” Alfea was caught speechless as she recalled of the time she saw Booth entering the Guild.  She had joked about being asking her father to make a request to Booth in order to Hammer as his disciple. She had hoped to garner some kind of desire from the boy but he only nonchalant reply: ‘no way I’m interested. Anyone would think that he was cracking a joke but when the ‘joke’ became reality, she now understood that he was completely uninterested in becoming a Specialist Realm Level 9 Magician’s Disciple.


Speaking about being in shock, the one that received the most damage was probably Booth.


For Booth, the man who was so absorbed into the mastery of space magic, there was no time to take in any disciple; when he traversed the world,  he was only seeking out pleasure. Many times, he did receive requests to become the master of some people; many of which were comparably horrible when he placed them together with Oberth and Arcaz. Unfortunately, even those two were also unimpressive in his eyes. That is until he met Ye Chui; a youth who had such keen understanding of Space Magic must be cherished. Without an inch of hesitation, Booth immediately knew that he had to take him in as a disciple!


Furthermore, Hammer had displayed his modelling prowess with the two hours test: deciphering, understanding and using. If Booth were to be the one doing the test, he would have absolute confidence to say that he could not have done better than Hammer. If Oberth were to be compared, Hammer would certainly be several times more talented; such a person really, No. Absolutely must be taken in as his disciple!


[But… he rejected my offer…]


The boy in question had rejected the opportunity to be a disciple provided by a Level 9, peak Magician.


“W-w… Why? May I ask your reason for refusing?” Booth spoke with a tone that was slightly perturbed as his face showed a look of complete bewilderment.


Ye Chui had realized that he had rejected too openly and caused this old magician to feel uncomfortable so he somewhat gave a rhetorical question to comfort him. “Mr Booth, if I were to become your disciple, doesn’t that mean I can only study space magic from here on out with you?”


“Of course. I mean to be humble myself but my mastery of Space Magic could be said to be the best in not only the Aigen-Daz Continent, but the entire Matan Empire. If you look at all the Magicians around, I am the only one who had mastered Space Magic to the degree of becoming the first person in this era to enter the Specialist Realm. I believe I am fully capable of becoming your master.” Booth excitedly proclaimed.


“No. Mr Booth. You misunderstood what I mean.” Ye Chui hastily tried to correct the old man. “I don’t want to just purely study Space Magic. I wish to learn all manner of magic, appreciating each element for their individual charm.”


Ye Chui understood that he had yet to taste the whole cake which is called magic. In such a scenario, he wished to further research into all the elements: wind, earth, lightning, water, fire, space, darkness and light. Wishing to understand their individual strong points and weak point, he just could not stop at just learning and mastering Space Magic. Therefore, becoming Booth’s disciple and limiting himself to just one element was something that he would absolutely not agree upon. After all, his goal is not becoming a space magic master but becoming an Omni-Magician!


Shock filled the entire room as everyone was tongue tied by what Ye Chui had said. Before Specialist Realm, all Magicians must go through smaller stages: Elementary, to Intermediate, and to Advanced. Typically, most Magicians would achieve Specialist Realm due to cultivating and research on a single element – hence the name. For example, Basgen dedicated himself to Light Magic while Oupu dedicated himself to Wind Magic. From their perspective, to think about mastering all seven elements was a joke. It was simply too hard.


Of course, this realm of understanding had come to their minds before. Hence, they all understood what Ye Chui meant, and the grand idea of being an ‘Omni-Magician’. However, knowing full well the difficulty of the boy’s ideas, they could not help but scoff after they regain some semblance of tranquility back into their mental state. [Who does he think he is? Trying to master all seven elements and become an Omni-Magician. Does he think he is the Magic Emperor of yore, that lived 10,000 years ago?]


Their scoffing went unnoticed by Booth, who was now deeply in praise for the young man in front of him. This youth had lofty aspirations and high ideals. If one were to include his capabilities, Booth was more hard set. [This boy. I absolutely must take him as my disciple!]


With this train of thought, Booth shamelessly continued to sell himself. “Space Magic can be considered to be one of the most formidable elements out of the seven. You can use it to attack as well as defend. You can also earn a considerable amount of money from making space rings and other magic creations. Are you sure that you don’t want to rethink your decision?”


“Sorry.” Ye chui firmly shook his head as he was well aware that he had once again disappointed this old man. Therefore, he quickly sought to escape from this situation and turned to Oupu. “Guild Master, have I passed the Level 3 Magician Exam?”


“Of course…” Oupu nodded while giving a side glance at Booth, the examiner for the last magic theory test. Therefore, the results for all four examinees rest on Booth’s decision.


Booth gave a soft sigh but quickly displayed a gentle smile. “Hammer, you of course passed. Congratulations on becoming a Level 3 Magician.”


Awaiting their promotion, Arcaz and the other two examinees looked at the old man with anticipation. However, Booth gave a regretful look and passed his judgement. “Sadly, Hammer’s performance was too perfect. Truth be told, if Hammer wasn’t here, you all would most likely have passed. However, I can only regret that you all seemed too underwhelming.”


Arcaz and the rest immediately displayed a look of anguish as they now understood that Ye Chui had brought them failure. However, right now, none of them could direct any hate to Ye Chui. After all, his ability truly far surpassed theirs. Hence, they only felt a welling jealousy from their hearts.


Basgen, as the Magician Guild’s clerk, told Ye Chui that after achieving Magician Level 3, he needed to do some matters. After becoming a Level 3 Magician, he would later need to update his information at the Magician Guild; only by doing so, he would be recognized as a Level 3 Magician outside. At the same time, after achieving Magician Level 3, Ye Chui would get to receive more benefits when purchasing Magic Wands, Magic Inks, Parchments and other Magic related products.


It was only after handling such matters that Ye Chui could leave the Magician Guild.


“This afternoon, are you free to have lunch with me Hammer?” Booth obviously did not falter and continued to pull on Ye Chui’s arm. With such persistence, Oupu and the rest were once again filled with shock. Typically, when Oupu or the others ask Booth out for a meal, the old man would give a half-hearted reply. Most of the time, he would refuse as well. But now, he was the one who took the initiative to ask Ye Chui to have a meal together!


However, the shock that befell on the audience did not rest as Ye Chui caused another rupture.


“Well… I’m embarrassed to say this but I have to prepare the meal for Debbie, my family member, this afternoon…” Ye Chui responded with a self-conscious look.


[He Rejected the Offer!]


[My God! He Rejected Again!]


Oupu, Basgen, Oberth and the others in the room felt their heart drop.


Booth did not falter yet again and gave a nod. Taking a split second, he briefly considered his options and made a cunning smile which fit that of a wise old magician. “Alight. Then, how about I go to your place to have lunch?”


[My god. How can this old magician be so shameless even after I refused?]


Ye Chui was caught speechless but in the end, caved in and replied: “…alright.”


The pair soon left the scene. However, Oberth, after seeing Booth so jovial while chatting and strolling by Ye Chui’s side, could not help but cry out, “Master! Father has already appointed a table at Moran Flower, a grand restaurant in your honor. It’s said that the magic beast cows they cook up is a delicacy that is incomparable to the other food of this world! So…”


“I don’t have the appetite, So do eat my fill in my stead. Thanks.” Booth ill-humoredly turned his head for a second to say his piece before returning his attention back to Ye Chui. “Hammer, what do you plan on making this afternoon?”


“Oh… I’m planning on cooking up noodles…”  


“Noodle sounds great. They are my favorite.”


“…” (Everyone)


Silavin: Took some more effort in expressing the past two chapter lol. Well, not sure how it seems. What do you guys think?


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  1. This is without a doubt one of the worst novel i’ve read. I bet abstract concept like consideration and negotiation doesnt exists within author 20IQ brain. The dude is a level 9 space magician but where has it been said willing to learn under him means cutting of other opportunities. Plus author really wants MC to be edgy but all i see is adult who acts like pre teen.

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