Omni-Magician – Chapter 88, Ten Copper is Already Considered to be Generous

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Debbie was filled with pent up frustration after her test. At noon, she headed back to the new Anthony’s Magic Cottage with her greatsword in hand. However, the brand new clothes that she had left with in the morning were now slightly tattered out; it was obvious that she had experienced some sort of battle but remained largely unharmed.


By the time Ye Chui had returned, Debbie was at the entrance of the door. Vexed, she lightly greeted the two and quickly headed off to the shower to bathe and have a new fresh change of clothes.


Seeing Ye Chui’s worried expression as he noticed something was off, Alfea softly explained to him in private after they both entered the kitchen. “She passed the Level 3 Swordsman exam. However, she was too over confident and further wanted to take part in the Level 4 Swordsman exam. The examiner accepted her request and took her on. I’ve early told her that her present strength is at the peak of Level 3 but she still wanted to try for Level 4… naturally, she did not pass. But you can rest assured that the Swordsman examiner did not harm her too much as he gave himself a lot of handicap.”


Ye Chui felt relieved and shortly after, he dried his wet hands using his shirt. “Alright. Lunch is served.”


By the time he had made the announcement, Booth, the old man who was here still trying to make Ye Chui his apprentice, as well as Alfea, were both leisurely sitting on the dining table awaiting their meal to be served. Watching over such a scene, Ye Chui could not help but sigh. [These two are too used to being served by others…]


After some time, Ye Chui alone had prepared four abundant bowels of noodles on the table.


On the surface, these noodles seemed normal. However, they were made with something not yet discovered in this world: tomato egg sauce.


Since it was not Alfea’s first time eating, she practically gobbled down her food causing loud slurping sounds. Booth on the other hand, was new to the dish and took a small bite. However, this small sample was enough to cause gluttony to be invoked, quickly causing him to frantically slurp everything in.


Shortly after changing, Debbie, still panting in rage, sat at the dining table and without speaking, started slurping in her noodles as well.


It was only after half of the bowel was eaten, that her small fist pounded onto the table as she declared: “The next time I go for the Swordsman Examination, I will no longer care about my face. I will definitely chop that examiner into mincemeat! That cheater used a Swordsman Skill to repel me. Obviously I must return that bully a favor!”


“Both tests for Intermediate Magicians and Intermediate Swordsmen are similar. They require the examinee to unravel their respective Magic Array or Sword Skill. In that Level 4 examination, your failure is not an undeserving one.” Alfea chuckled.


“Then why does he not use that same Swordsman Skill against the other Examinees?” the unconvinced Debbie asked.


“Isn’t it the case that you were strong enough to push your examiner to that degree?” Alfea patted on Debbie’s shoulder with a gentle smile. “If we are to talk about your abilities, your battle sense is already at the standard of an Intermediate Swordsman. After all, you were able to keep up with me back in the Ancient Tomb. But the test evaluation that you need to face in order to become an Intermediate Swordsman requires not only exceptional battle sense but Sword Aura as well.”


An Elementary Swordsman cannot be compared to an Intermediate Swordsman in terms of their Sword Aura. An Intermediate Swordsman’s Sword Aura is denser to the degree where Sword Skills can be produced. One example of a Swordsman Skill is <Protection of War God>.


All Intermediate Swordsman will try and learn a few Swordsman Skills. However, the majority of Level 4 Swordsmen can only learn <Protection of War God>, a skill which allows the user to preserve their life. When one promotes past Level 4 and enter Level 5, they would, like Alfea, be able to use multiple Swordsman Skills. Alfea herself was capable of using three different Swordsman Skills. However, it was just that in the Ancient Tomb, when facing against the Statue Swordsman and Puppet Swordsman, that she did not have the opportunity to show off her other Swordsman Skills.

(Silavin: I imagine that some of you are confused as to why some Level 4 would be able to use more than 1 Swordsman Skill. So, recall that the Level is based on what the Swordsman Guild grades the person as. As such, there must be some that haven’t gotten tested yet.)


In the Level 4 Swordsman exam, although Debbie had the battle senses, she completely lacked the important aspect of Sword Aura to promote. Even if the examiner was to hit her back, it was simply to push the girl to display her full powers. Debbie’s Giant Spinning Top was a technique and could not be considered to be a Sword Skill. Hence the reason for her failure.


“Anyways, for you to pass the exam, you must definitely change your Sword Aura’s quality.” Alfea explained, to which Debbie could only respond with downcast eyes. Seeing her friend making such a sad expression, Alfea gave a soft smile and tried to relieve the situation, “In a few days, I will be a leader of a patrol unit. Why don’t you come along with me? We can fight Magic Beasts together and perhaps, that could even give you some enlightenment in promoting. For me, it was during a patrol such as the one I am assigned to in a few days, that allowed my Sword Aura to change.”


Alfea’s words quickly affected Debbie’s mood as the little girl felt better to the degree where she could finally feel that someone that she did not recognize was sitting opposite of her. With her big round eye staring for at the old man, she asked: “Hammer, who is this old man?”


[So she finally realized that someone else was eating with us…]


*Gulp* Alfea’s complexion took a dive. Booth was a person that even her father, the City Lord, had to treat with good manners. However, what Debbie displayed was rude and unsightly. Flustered and in a panic, Alfea sought to quickly explain to Booth the situation and ask for his forgiveness but thankfully, Booth simply laughed the situation off: “I’m Hammer’s good friend. Today, I came over to have try his cooking. I hope you don’t mind.”


“Oh. I don’t mind.” Debbie brazenly walked towards the old man and stated. “But you have to wash the dishes.”


Ye Chui: “…”


Alfea: “…”


Booth initially gawked and gave a hollow laugh, “… ok.”


Debbie suddenly thought of the Level 3 Exam that Ye Chui had taken part in this morning and asked, “Hammer, so how did your test go?”


“I’ve passed” Ye Chui emotionlessly said as he thought that such a test was simply something unworthy to be talked about.


However, Debbie immediately showed a sweet smile. “That’s great! From now on, your allowance each month will increase by 10 copper coins!”


“10… 10? 10 Copper Coins!?” Booth, oblivious to Debbie’s ‘Generosity’ muttered in stupor.


Meanwhile, bead of sweat was produced on Ye Chui’s forehead. [How humiliating…] He thought but in actuality, he was considered to be well off already. He had already received 200 gold coins from Busca so he did not lack money. However, such a sum would one day run out and to hide its existence form the big prying eyes in front of him, he forcefully acted surprise. “Wow. Ten Gold coins a month. That’s a lot of money.”


Alfea : “…”

Booth: ”…”


Afterwards, Debbie simply continued her meal. Once she was done, she took up her greatsword and headed out to practice. Alfea, on the other hand, who was idling once she had her meal, followed Debbie to practice; Alfea would stand at the side while Debbie continued her practice and give out tips to improve. Ever since the pair had moved Anthony’s Magic Cottage to Stardust Avenue, they temporarily ceased business. Therefore, with ample time on their hands, Debbie would consistently practice with her greatsword each day.


Leaving the two men in the dining area, it really seemed as though Debbie was completely serious in forcing Booth to clean the dishes. Although, in the end, it was still Ye Chui who carried all the dishes to the sink and cleared them up. Meanwhile, Booth, who simply followed Ye Chui along, continued to pester the boy to become his disciple.


“Hammer… your monetary situation seemed to be very bad. Listen. If you study Space Magic from me, you can personally make a space ring; easily earning you dozens of gold coins per ring.”


“… Please, just help me bring that pot of boiling water over here…”


“Here’s the pot of boiling water.”


“Hammer, although you wish to master all seven elements and become an ‘Omni-Magician’, I must warn you that choosing such a path will be filled with difficulty. Throughout history, ever since the beginning of magic, there has only been one person that accomplished such a feat and that was the Magic Emperor himself. No one else could do it so you might as well place your vain efforts into something more productive like let’s say… Space Magic.”


“Oh. Help me take these two dishes and place them over there to dry.”


After scrubbing all the dishes clean, Ye Chui finally stood at the kitchen door, overlooking Debbie as she practiced diligently with the greatsword. Having thought that some preparation was necessary, Ye Chui needed to leave and wished for Booth to stay back at the house. However, the old man was too afraid of the chance where Ye Chui would run away and refused to stay behind. Eventually, Ye Chui gave in and Booth followed him to Stardust Avenue’s Cara’s Bookstore; more specifically, the small walkway behind Cara’s Magic Bookstore.


Half a month ago, Ye Chui had left a blueprint which he had designed in Dov, the dwarf’s hand. He requested the thing be build and was now back to see it’s progress.


[Since Debbie is going to participate in the City Lord’s Guard patrol, it’s best to be safe than sorry. With this massacring creation, I could even kill god!]


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  2. Thanks guys, love your translations, but Debbie is too much of a Debbie downer and i now hate her to the point i have to quit this novel. Every time she mentions money it makes me cringe. The author made her personality too selfish and overbearing, and it makes MC an idiot and makes it so he’s less likeable because he can’t defend his selfworth. Like 10 copper a month allowance. he didn’t even get a share of the 100 gold in the beginning and i don’t want to read to the point of her taking everything from his enchanting in the future. Such a good concept for a novel, Fuck you DEBBIE

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