Omni-Magician – Chapter 89, The Massacring Machine: Magic Gatling Gun

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


Ye Chui and Booth both arrived in the small alleyway behind of Cara’s Magic Bookstore, and not so far away stood Dove the Dwarf. With a raucous voice, Dove  shouted from the shack that seemed like a cave: “Hammer! You came back! Were you too excited to wait any longer to see the product that I’ve built?”


Ye Chui quickened his pace as his face now looked like that of an excited child.


Booth was also interested in the product that was mentioned before. After seeing Ye Chui so excited, his expectations were also raised. What’s more, from his own personal experience, he could already tell what sort of person Dove was like, especially from his heritage as a Dwarf.  Like a Dwarf, he cared not about his tattered shack and was only concerned about his creations. When Booth entered the shack, the first thing that caught his eye was a silver coloured object placed on a cabinet. The object was completely unlike anything he had seen before even after living for 70 years. It was most likely a weapon but had a cylinder attached to it; and it was not sharp. In the front, there were six different tubes casted together, attached to a bulky body which held a handle to lift this strange object.

(Silavin: The weapon is the one at the front page.)


The entire object was casted must have weigh around 30-40 kg and was about half a meter long. Ye Chui, with all his might while clenching his teeth carried this object up and tried to aim at the wall to test it out but was quickly warned by Dove. “If you use it here and this place collapses, Cara will definitely not let me off!”


Ye Chui simply gave off a chuckle while placing the weapon down. “Uncle Dove, did you actually add Fire Enchantment inside as well?”


“Hee. I know you wanted to be the one to do the enchanting but after I built this thing, I could not stop my itchy hands. So, I enchanted it for you. I’ve even used a higher grade Magic Stone so it will last a really long time.” Dove said while excitedly rubbing his hands.


“I must have troubled you…” Ye Chui was caught by surprise. His relationship with Dove was considered to be quite close; asking him to build something for free was not a problem. However, this product was something of extremely high value. Furthermore, the cost of producing it was not cheap. [Does Dove also plan to have enchanted this weapon for free?]


“It’s nothing you need to worry about lad. It was my own itch to help enchant this weapon of yours. To create such a great object is not only my own personal glory but the entire Dwarf race’s glory!” Dove laughed.


“I will definitely tell Debbie that when she uses this weapon against the opponent, she must scream that Dove was the one that created this.” Ye Chui spoke, as he understood what Dov referred to as ‘Dwarf race’s glory’. As Dwarfs were born with an inborn talent as blacksmiths, they were usually building objects for other races in exchange for something they need; butter trade. However, the thing that they valued the most was not material wealth but instead the sense of honor in creating something great with the talent they were born with. Sometimes, if they managed to craft something worthwhile, they would rather take the pride as the trade rather than material goods.


This weapon of death that was made upon Ye Chui’s request was obviously such a creation.


“Oh. That’s right.” Dove whisked out a bottle of liquor from one of his side cabinet and with big gulps, he drank. Scratching his stained beard, he continued, “what are you going to call this thing? Every great weapon deserves a name of its own.”


*HeeHee* Hearing Dove’s worry, Ye Chui gave out a satisfied smiled. “I’m going to name it Gatling!”


Obviously, this name was derived from the Gatling gun, an extremely destructive weapon from Ye Chui’s world.


A Gatling gun had amazing fire power, with the most powerful model being capable of shooting out 6000 rounds in a single minute. There was once a team sent out to Africa equipped with one Gatling gun to wipe out an African Tribe. A massacre occurred with countless Africans killed at the hands of the soldier using the Gatling gun; such travesties made the Gatling gun uphold its position as one of the world’s most tragic weapon.


Of course, the Gatling that Ye Chui had asked Dov to build was not the same kind of Gatling gun made on Earth. Although he was interested in the raw firepower which a Gatling gun could display, he did not have the means to create such a weapon. Hence, the weapon that he currently held was made using magic, a magic Gatling gun.


The Gatling was made using strong metal tubes as its barrel, providing an enclosed space for the enchanted magic fire array to instantly produce a small explosion upon pulling the trigger; the force produced is then concentrated in a single direction for the steel ball to travel, imitating that of firepower from Sulphur. Of course, this achievement was mainly attributed to the use of magic, making it possible to produce a simpler model than the Gatling gun back from Earth.


According to Ye Chui’s calculations, the Magic Gatling can fire up to 300 steel balls per minute. With such fire power, it was necessary to create something to reload the gun. Thankfully, with the help of Dov, Ye Chui used a space ring of 1 cubic meter he had bought for 37 gold coins and connected it to the Gatling, allowing the portable storage of 2 million grape sized steel balls to be reloaded when necessary!

(Silavin: WTF… There is absolutely no way 1 cubic meter can fit two million steel balls. Please note that this is 1000 liters we are talking about.)


Two million steel balls might sound a lot but to Dove, it was a simple object to make. Using his own experience and mastery of Dwarf blacksmithing, along with this fantasy world’s Dwarf forging technology, they far surpassed the capabilities of any human.


Thanking Dov and taking his leave from the place, Ye Chui dragged, with all his might, along the streets a great weapon of death. He headed back to Anthony’s Magic Cottage but as he staggered forward, he caught the eyes of many onlookers. Naturally, the onlookers would simply tilt their head in ponder as to wonder what the strange object Ye Chui was carrying around. Meanwhile, Booth, who was following behind Ye Chui in silence, was looking at the boy in splendor. He had just received some important information from Dov, which is the fact that his ‘own disciple’ was also an Enchanting Master! What’s more, he was at a level that designed the Gatling, an object that managed to rouse a Dwarf’s sense of pride and honor!


[I really want to see what this thing really can do!] Booth thought as he stared impatiently as Ye Chui staggered along.


Finally, Ye Chui arrived back at the yard where Debbie was practicing her swordsmanship with Alfea. When they saw the figure of Ye Chui dragging along a strange object, their fighting momentum froze as their gaze was fixed onto the object.


“Hammer, what is this thing?” Debbie, filled with curiosity, was trying to figure out what the object in Ye Chui was carrying around. No longer being able to carry the object with his mere hands, Ye Chui was hugging the Gatling in his chest as beads of sweat rolled down his face and soaked shirt; his face, pale and breathless, seemed miserable beyond words. However, with Debbie’s small hands, she easily gripped onto the weapon and carried it up as though it was a simple feather. [This thing… it’s almost weighs as much as my greatsword…]


“D-did you not wish to head out on a patrol mission with Alfea? …This weapon is something I prepared for you.” Ye Chui used his sleeves to wipe out his sweat as he spoke, grasping for every moment to breath. When his eyes first laid on the figure carrying the Gatling in one hand, his pupils dilated as he thought to himself, [This woman carries an entire gas tank like it’s a cotton bug!]


“Weapon? This thing?” Debbie’s curiosity got even more roused up as she pierced the Gatling into the ground as a test but was somewhat disappointed. “How am I supposed to use this? Do I throw it was others?”


“…Of course not…”


The breathless and exhausted Ye Chui then continued to explain instructions for the Gatling gun and seeing Debbie get more impatient with every sentence he spoke, he quickly reminded her before she did anything else, “the recoil on that thing is very high so you best brace yourself and be careful.”


“…” as instructed by Ye Cui, Debbie took up the Gatling with both her hands and directed it towards the palm tree at the corner of the courtyard. The little girl’s was slightly flushed red in excitement as her heart palpitated. [This is going to be interesting!]


Meanwhile, Alfea and Booth stood beside the little girl, displaying the same level of curiosity. It was only Ye Chui that understood the situation and desperately covered his ears as he discretely took a few steps back. After his seventh step, the faces of both Booth and Alfea were priceless, a frame that had to be remember in anyone’s heart for all time.


*Ba-Ba-Ba- Ba-Ba-Ba- Ba-Ba-Ba- Ba-Ba-Ba*


A barrage of sounds ravaged out of the Gatling gun as all six barrels rapidly rotated to dish out hot steel balls, partially burnt thanks to the magic fire array. With the balls being heated up, they all glowed red, producing a bright red line as they shot forward. The heat combined with its momentum gave the steel ball extremely destructive power; the palm tree that was the victim had no chance as each bullet managed to completely pass through its trunk, just thick enough for an adult human to wrap his arms around. Worse of all, Debbie was caught completely unprepared for this burst of power and her whole body could not handle the force, swaying to the side. The target was no longer the tree but instead, the area around it. As the red lines swept over the place, all manner of obstructions were decimated due to the imposing fire power that was the Gatling.


The whole event only lasted for 10 seconds before the gunfire stopped but not only the palm tree, the fencing and walls behind it had completely crumbled.


Completely riddled with shock for words, Alfea and Booth had their jaws wide open at the scene.  Debbie, on the other hand, was stiff to the point she could only turn her head slowly back to Ye Chui. With the Gatling releasing a stream of smoke from the tip of its barrel and the her even redder flush face, Debbie excitedly stared at Ye Chui with her big round eyes and exclaimed: “Hammer… this, I like this.”


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  1. On the contrary, 1m^3 = 1,000,000cm^3 / (2,000,000 balls / 0.74 optimal sphere packing density) = 0.37cm^3 per ball = 4/3 πr, hence r=0.45cm or d=0.9cm which means you can fit roughly 2,000,000 slightly smaller than pachinko balls into 1 cubic meter.

    1. The problem is “grape-sized” steel balls.
      Grapes usually have a size of 1.4 – 2.1 cm in length and about 0.9 – 1.0 cm in diameter.
      So even the smaller grapes on average should have 1.4*0.9*0.9 = 1.134 cm³.
      And so there won’t even fit 1 mio. steel balls into 1 m³, not to mention 2 mio. steel balls of that size.

      1. You’re ignoring the shape as did the previous poster: a spheroid takes up considerably less volume than a rectangular prism of the same maximal dimensions.

        In the case of a sphere, it takes up 4/3 πr^3 volume. A unitary cube takes up one cubic unit of volume, while a sphere with a diameter of 1 would only take up 0.52 units of space. Furthermore, if you packed one layer of spheres into a grid as densely as possible the next layer can be partially wedged into the remaining empty space between spheres, hence why you can fit more spheres into the a unitary volume.

        As an example, for 1m^3, while you can only fit 1,000,000 1cm^3 cubes, you can pack roughly 1,423,076 sphere into the same volume.

        As for “grape” it states grape sized spheres, not grape shaped. You’ll also note there are many kinds of grapes of a wide variety of sizes. For instances, the Black Corinth is tiny at ~0.5cm in diameter while there are varieties which are considerably larger as well. For something as tiny as Black Corinths, you’d be able to pack closer to 3 million.

  2. Are you serious!? You just gave an aggressive control freak with no redeeming qualities an overpowered weapon. One that she will likely use on you in the future. I hope your Ironman suit likes pain.

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