Omni-Magician – Chapter 90, The Women of this World are all Violently Crazy

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

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Silavin: The start of the chapter has three paragraphs copied over from the previous chapter so I’m going to just skip them.


At that moment, the maiden that specialized in the greatsword had instantly transformed into a Loli Machine Gunner.


The two standing closest to Debbie, who had been deceived by their own misunderstanding of the weapon, felt their eardrums tingle with numbness as their dull eyes stared vacantly at the demolished scene covered in black smoke. In a few seconds, their gaze soon leaped onto Debbie’s figure, slowly tracing down to that weapon of mass destruction. Once they realised something, their full attention was quickly gathered towards Ye Chui.


They had ever thought that this weapon would be so destructive!


Once again, Alfea could not find herself being able to make any comments. Just because Debbie wanted to go with her to patrol around, he had bought a weapon of mass destruction for her protection. Unable to describe the absurdity of this very scene in front of her, she could only remain speechless.


Booth, on the other hand, was not looking at Ye Chui with eyes filled with desire (Silavin: Bad reader! Bad! Not in a sexual way!).

Seeing how ‘his disciple’ was able to create such a weapon, he was now more convinced than ever that Ye Chui must be taken in as his disciple!


The destructive capabilities of the Gatling was so strong that Swordsmen that were in the Intermediate Realm and below had no hope of resisting its might; even Advanced Swordsmen could not resist it unharmed. 


When Booth thought about Oberth, he could not help but be disgusted.

On the other hand, the miracles and abilities that Ye Chui had displayed made the boy stand out as the perfect disciple.


“Where do they sell this thing?” After a long time, Alfea was finally capable of accumulating her thoughts and opened her mouth to speak. However, due to her close to deaf hearing still not being fully healed yet, the volume of her voice was close to shouting.


“There is not a single place in the world that you can buy anything like this.” Ye Chui replied with a laugh and he happily announced: “because, I made this.”


Alfea’s eyes suddenly widened as her line of sight quickly shifted to the Gatling and then back to Debbie. Unable to stop her excitement, she shouted out, “Debbie, please let me try! Please…”


Due to the usual atmosphere around her, Debbie immediately passed the Gatling to Alfea. Upon receiving the weapon, Alfea beamed with joy and took aim at the courtyard storeroom. Following  Ye Chui’s previous instructions, she pulled the trigger; when she did so, both Debbie and Booth hastily covered their ears after the deaf rendering experience they had earlier. However, this time, Ye Chui was simply staring at the Gatling with a grin plastered all over his face, not showing any signs of distress. As he had anticipated, the Gatling only blew out a single *Bang!* before returning to silence.


“Hammer, what happened?” Alfea turned her head shouted towards Ye Chui.


“This is Debbie’s personal weapon, the Gatling.” Ye Chui responded with a grin.


To use the Gatling, one not only needed to pull the switch, they must also be able to activate their Sword Aura and connect that space ring stored within to the cartridge compartment within the Gatling. Since all the ammunition was made by Dove, the storage was also done by him; and as per Ye Chui’s instructions, after the storage ring was full; Dove was tasked to set the space ring to automatically become owned by the first user of the Gatling. Therefore, the current master of the Gatling was Debbie.


If Debbie herself does not forfeit her rights to the space ring, then the Gatling will forever be only usable by that small little girl for eternity; unless someone like Ye Chui, the Father of Studies, were to unravel the space ring itself.


Alfea’s lips quickly lock together to form a pouting face as she dejectedly returned the Gatling to Debbie. Taking a few more steps forward, she stood in front of Ye Chui and purposefully nudged her shoulder onto his. With a low and charming voice, so charming that it was shocking, she pleaded, “Hammer… won’t you make one for me? Pleeeaaase?”


“Absolutely not. If you have so much time to plead with me, you should use it to find the Iron Swordsman!” Ye Chui coldly replied. To him, the Gatling was a unique and powerful weapon that should be owned only by Debbie. So, how could he bear making it for others?


What’s more Debbie was, to him, an irreplaceable family member; and to protect herself, she needed a mighty weapon – especially since she got herself into a lot of trouble.


Alfea’s face quickly distorted to show one of rage but after Ye Chui replied in such a direct manner, she understood that there was no chance in this world that she would be able to receive the Gatling from him. Therefore, she could only look in envy as Debbie held the new treasured weapon with a gaze of endearment.


[All of the women in this world are simply violently and crazy.] Ye Chui silently sighed in his heart.


When he had the opportunity to turn his attention away, Ye Chui’s gaze met with Booth and his noticed the strange glimmer in the old man’s eyes. Feeling his spine tingling, Ye Chui hastily asked: “What the hell are you staring at me for?”


“I’ve decided!” the old Magician shouted out loud. “Using the rest of my life, I must definitely make you my disciple. You definitely cannot refuse.”


Ye Chui: “…”


After Booth announced his plans, he laughed merrily and walked closer to Debbie, shouting out a question: “Debbie, can I live here for a few days?”


Since Debbie was now in cloud nine, she did not bother thinking of unnecessary things and swiftly replied, “if you wish to live with us, then just live here as long as you like.” However, after noticing her words, she added, “but you must do the dishes and wash our laundry.”


Alfea was caught speechless once again as she thought to herself, [I should quickly tell Debbie what’s Mr. Booth’s status…]


However, not giving enough time for any changes in Debbie’s mind – including time for Afea to inform Debbie, Booth cheerfully replied: “alright. Leave those chores to me!”


And thus from then on, an old man joined Anthony’s Magic Cottage.

(Rosy: what a thoroughly shameless old man)


It was arranged for Booth to stay over in Ye Chui’s room while the previous owner himself set a bed inside his personal laboratory. Although he was appraised by the girls as being weak, for a young man like him, Ye Chui judged that he did not need to live in extremely comfortable or luxurious quarters. Meanwhile, as the ones in Anthony Magic Cottage were leisurely spending their day, the gardener from City Lord’s Manor was dying from anxiety – though mostly due to overwork. He needed to not only replace the fallen palm tree, but to replace the wall with a gate as well; so that Alfea could have an easy time coming over to have dinner and hang out with Debbie.

(Silavin: poor sub-side characters. They are only here to suffer. Also, Alfea doesn’t even need a gate since she practically jumps over the wall.)


After the group finished up their dinner, Booth carried out his role diligently and washed the dishes. Debbie and Alfea continued their training in the courtyard while Ye Chui returned to his lab to conduct research. Sitting under a magic lamp, he was in deep thought.


[Debbie is currently at the peak of Level 3 Swordsman. Let’s assume that her fighting awareness is at around that of a Level 5 or Level 6 Swordsman, she would most likely still not be able to compare to any Intermediate Swordsman. However, with the Gatling, her lack of strength has been solved and now, she should be able to match against Swordsmen that were at Level 6. Unfortunately, I’m still not entire relieved. As she heads out to do the patrol, I will follow behind disguised as the Iron Swordsman. In this world, there are so many unknowns that I have not encountered yet. So, just to be safe, I needed to protect this little sister of mine. A family is, after all, something a man must jump in fire to protect.]


[Well, since Debbie’s fighting capabilities have improved, and I have decided to head out. I should probably upgrade my Iron Swordsman suit.]


With a face exhausted from work, Booth entered the lab and saw Ye Chui in deep thought. Sitting beside the boy, he spoke in understanding: “My good disciple, you seem to be still worried about Debbie. But you should not be. The patrol missions aren’t that dangerous.”


“Please refer to me by my given name… and also, that claim is not foolproof…” Ye Chui brows tighten as he continued. “This is the first time Debbie is participating in such a thing. So, I would naturally not feel relieved at all if there was a hint of danger…” He continued into a silent murmur before opening up to Booth. “I’ve decided to secretly stalk them from behind while they carried out the patrol.”


Booth, in great surprise, exclaimed. “That’s foolish. All the monsters that they will face can appear at anywhere at any time. For a Magician, such a situation would leave you easy to attack“.


“But I do not feel relieved about Debbie’s safety”. Ye Chui firmly added. “For her, I am willing to brave any danger!”


“Are you certain?” Booth asked with both a low and dignified voice.


“Of course I’m sure.”


Sighing, Booth rummaged through his wear. “Since it seems practically impossible to change your mind, I will at least give you something for your own protection.”


Upon hearing Booth’s words, Ye Chui’s eyes lit up. He already knew that this old man would not allow him to truly encounter any danger, and to protect ‘his precious disciple’, a great treasure must be given out. Therefore, in high spirits, Ye Chui asked. “Mr. Booth, what are you planning to give me?”


“Well, since these few days I have been imposing on you, taking up your room, I will give you some magic scrolls that I’ve made.” Booth replied nonchalantly.


“What kind of magic scroll?” Ye Chui continued to ask as he assumed it to be a destructive scroll capable of blasting away all enemies in front of him.


“Well, I don’t really know how to make many different types of scrolls but with this you will be safe. It’s a magic scroll which allows you to teleport away. Extremely powerful to the point that you can escape from any sort of danger you might face.”


Ye Chui: “…” [a scroll that helps me escape…]


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