Omni-Magician – Chapter 91, The Three Treasures Booth Gave Ye Chui

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The City Lord’s Manor’s routine patrol would take place three days later. In these short three days, Booth, for his precious disciple, had remained in Ye Chui’s laboratory to create magic scrolls.

Debbie was also pinning a lot of importance to the upcoming patrol; but she, on the other hand, was busy with Alfea, discussing the Swordsman Skills. Since a patrol is completely different to that of an ancient tomb exploration – with higher chances to battle against magic beasts – Debbie was feverish to go. However, Ye Chui speculated that her exhilarated state was mostly due to his gift, the Gatling. Of course, speculations must come with evidence. When Ye Chui had spare time, he took a walk to the courtyard and saw Debbie sitting on a stone chair, gently caressing the Gatling’s barrel. With a smile on her face, she spoke in a clear and crisp voice: “My gun. I really can’t wait to use you.”

After hearing her words, Ye Chui shuddered.

Finally, three days passed in a blink of an eye and the day has arrived. Everyone was prepared and as though no one wanted to waste a single second, everyone ate their breakfast in an instant. But, as though there was something of more importance, Alfea sat at her table and stared at Ye Chui in anticipation.

“Relax. The Iron Swordsman had already said that he will be waiting outside the city. He will definitely not go against his own words.” Ye Chui said convincingly.

Hearing his confirmation, Alfea could finally feel relieved enough to leave with a satisfied smile on her face.

Debbie left to carry her bag and put done her light armour

Meanwhile, Booth called Ye Chui into the laboratory. As the old man poured tobacco into his tobacco pipe, he passed Ye Chui a bag filled with teleportation scrolls. “My precious Disciple. This magic scroll took your Master three days to create. It’s sad that I am old now but I managed to make 100 of these scrolls for you in just three days. If you encounter any form of danger, open up the scroll and use your magic powers to inject the coordinates of your destination. But you must take note. Each scroll can only teleport you one kilometre away from where you used the scroll.”

“Please call me by my name. Thanks… also, I’ve never thought that one would need to input the coordinates with magic powers when using your teleportation scroll.” Ye Chui took up one scroll and continue to question: “So, how can I input the coordinates?”

“Coordinates can be categorised into two types: the first one is specifically defined using space magic, while the second one is a mere approximation of the location. However, for more formidable space Magicians like me, the teleportation magic scroll can be used to teleport me to any specified location despite not setting the coordinates of the location beforehand. As for you, you will not be able to teleport in your desired direction and distance.” Booth touched it using his finger, as a small flame instantaneously appeared from it. He lit his tobacco, took a deep breath in and made eye contact with Ye Chui, “You’ll be able to set coordinates accurately if you learn space magic from me. Otherwise, where you get teleported to will be entirely left to fate.”

“I’ll prefer to leave it to fate. Thank you.” Ye Chui let out a laugh, as he immediately opened one space magic scroll. He then injected his magic power into the magic scroll and thought of a general direction to teleport to, before he vanished into thin air with a ray of white light under his feet.

The next moment…

“Hammer! How dare you sneak into my room when I’m changing!” Debbie exploded.

“Misunderstanding… This is all a misunderstanding!”


Just as Booth walked down the stairs after hearing the noise, he happened to see the scene of Ye Chui getting kicked out of Debbie’s room…

Of course, although Debbie was furious, she did not kick Ye Chui with much force. Hence, Ye Chui managed to pick himself up from the ground quickly with a cheeky smile plastered on his face. He then looked up to see Booth standing at the staircase, “This is fate indeed…”

“…” Booth was speechless.

The two of them went back up to the laboratory and Ye Chui placed all of the teleportation scrolls he had received into his own space ring. When Ye Chui turned around and was about to thank Booth, the old man held out his hand as though preparing for a handshake. With a smile plastered on the old man’s face, he swung his hand down and a 50-centimeter long rod appeared. On top of this rod was a green crystal, which made it seem mysterious. Although Ye Chui could not tell what this special object was, his instinct screamed that it was a treasure. With gleaming eyes, he well understood that having this object in his hand will prove extremely useful.

In his excitement, Ye Chui still manages to listen to Booth speak. “When I thought about the situation again, I believe that I should give you more protection for assurance. This cane was made by me when I was still young. Although it is nothing that special, I could not find the heart to discard it. But now, with you here, I might as well give this magic cane to you.”

Ye Chui received the gift with utmost haste and immediately injected some of his magic powers into the cane. He felt the potential power held within this magic cane and blinked. “Mr. Booth, how do I use this?”

A magic wand is vastly different to that of the magic cane. For a magic wand, its use is flexible: capable of releasing any type of magic so long as the quality of the wand is sufficient enough. A magic cane, on the other hand, can only be used to activate the magic array carved into it. There is also another clear distinction between the two as the magic wand can only be used by Magicians but the magic cane can be used by anyone who possesses a magic stone. Therefore, a magic cane is considered a luxurious good that only the wealthy and powerful can own; with few average beings being able to own one. However, the gift that Booth gave Ye Chui could be considered priceless as well.

Currently, Ye Chui, very much like Debbie when she first received the Gatling, was sizing up the magic cane with thoughts of how powerful or destructive this thing was. After all, there was no shred of doubt that the magic cane he had obtained could be considered one of the world’s most powerful magic tools.

“You can use it to hide, and stealthily perform your escape.” Booth opened his mouth to speak, letting the gaseous fog leak out. “But you have to take note that while being in stealth mode, you can’t use any of your magic powers. If there is another magic interference from you, the stealth magic will dissipate. Therefore, you have to start running away immediately after you activated the magic cane.”

“…” Ye Chui could not bring himself to say anything. [So… this thing is for escape as well…]

Unable to bear to look at Booth, he took some deep breaths and spoke. “Were you a coward in your younger days?”

“Well…” Booth’s face turned red as he snorted: “I am a scholarly Magician and tries to avoid any sort of fight the best I can. This does not represent me being incapable of fighting!” Booth placed his tobacco pipe back on the table and wore an earnest expression – though one could still doubt it. “Hammer, I still wish to pass one more gift to you. This object will raise your fighting capabilities but needs to be used prudently!”

Ye Chui’s disappointed eyes were immediately replaced with bright ones once again as he asked: “What do you plan on giving me, Mr. Booth?”

Booth held his hand together as though in a prayer, and spoke with. A serene voice: “Hammer, please accept my sincere blessing.”


[I wonder if I can curse him…?]

However, Ye Chui’s expression quickly changed as though he had realised something of great importance. “So… this is… well, is this the legendary blessing that only Advanced Magicians can cast?”

Booth’s hand slowly opened up as a white halo slowly formed. It spread out like a fog and finally invaded Ye Chui’s body. Once it was completely absorbed, Ye Chui felt a change within himself as he could suddenly recall a spell. However, this spell did not require him to spare any of is magic power as an expense. It could immediately be activated as he desired. It was a spell which Booth had completed in casting but stored it within him to be used, causing it to be useful to only Ye Chi without any cost.

[So this is the blessing of a Magician.]

Booth, exhausted, spoke out. “This is an Advanced Spell that is used to attack called <Space Rupture>. This is one of the strongest space attack spells, which I have condensed 90% of my magic power to help you cast, and stored it within your body. In other words, you now have a Level 9 Magician’s full power strike in your hands!”


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