Omni-Magician – Chapter 92, Otherwise, it isn’t as Cool

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


To ensure Ye Chui’s safety, Booth had given the boy three different sets of objects: one hundred teleportation scrolls, a magic cane crafted with stealth magic, and a ready to use spell <Space Fissure>.


After accepting all three sets, Ye Chui stared at the exhausted Booth, feeling the warmth of gratitude well up within him. For these past three days, this old man had painstakingly thought through and made three sets of objects for him. Ye Chui had never expected that this old magician would be this concerned; willing to part with such great treasures… [He really wishes to take me in as his disciple…]


“Thank you….” Ye Chui said in pure sincerity.


“You do not need to thank me since you are my disciple. Taking care of you is my duty.”


“No…  in order for me to accept so many things from you, I need to thank you,”




Downstairs, Debbie held onto the bag she had packed, ready to depart at any time. When Ye Chui and Booth climbed down, they saw an impactful scene. A small girl was carrying both her Great Sword and Gatling on her back. If one were to add the combined weight of these two items, it would be more than an adult male (75 kilograms). The mere weight of these two objects had already exceeded Debbie’s own weight and to top it off, she was even holding her traveling bag in her hand. Anyone who saw this image would invoke a feeling of valiance.


“I’m going!” Debbie shouted. She stared at Ye Chui, still seemingly bearing a grudge from earlier – where he trespassed into her room. However, just as she was about to pass through the door, she recalled something important and turned around to remind Ye Chui: “Hammer, you must make sure to be careful on your own. I will be gone for a few days, So wait for me before you do anything else.”


“Yup, I’ll be waiting for you to return safely.” Ye Chui said with a smile.


Debbie, reluctant to part ways, stared for a tiny bit longer before heading off.


Of course, the thing that Debbie said just now was akin to passing wind. He had already chosen to follow behind her as the Iron Swordsman so technically, she would still be by his side. After he had ensured that Debbie had left the compound, he hurriedly threw his packed bag into his space ring and headed out. At the entrance of the store, Booth said his farewell to the boy: “With the things I have given you, you should have no difficulty in escaping from a tight situation. Nonetheless, do be careful. Being able to escape does not mean you should take unnecessary risks. Also, you do not need to worry about your identity being exposed. After living here for a few days, I’m sure that I can make things seem as though you were here the whole time.”


“Erm… Many thanks, Mr. Booth…” Ye Chui gave a nod and started to walk off. He was in a hurry as he needed change into the Iron Swordsman in secret and rush over to Alfea, who was waiting outside the city premise. Everything has to be done before Debbie got there to make himself less conspicuous.


But, just as Ye Chui was about to leave, someone had ‘accidentally’ walked passed Anthony’s Magic Cottage. This person, who wore a tormented expression, was none other than Oberth.


Watching Ye Chui standing beside Booth at the entrance of the Magic Shop, Oberth’s complexion worsened. However, he quickly hid his despair and walked forward to Booth’s side. With an earnest voice, he asked: “Master, for the past three days that you’ve stayed over here, I continued my studies and had found some aspects of space magic that I can’t fathom. Could you come back with me to explain?”


After the Level 3 Magician exam, Booth had run off with Ye Chui, leaving Oberth to face the malicious remarks by his father, Oupu. He grieved that the teacher he had so onerously gotten had been taken away by Ye Chui, unwilling to go back. However, Oberth had already been recognised as Booth’s student. Knowing that Debbie was going to participate in a patrolled by Alfea, he took the opportunity where the brute was not here, to come and poach his Master back. Believing that his actions were just, as he still was Booth’s student, Booth would certainly return back with him to at least give face.


“It’s actually quite comfortable living here. I see no reason to leave.” Booth, however, did not care about Oberth’s ‘face’. With his eyebrows knit and his lips in a frown, he treated Oberth and Ye Chui with completely different regards. Currently, he looked nothing like a sage.


“But… but… my studies…” Oberth begged with a face filled with pain.


“After mastering the knowledge within the Magic Crystal, then return to seek my guidance!” Booth ill-humouredly said. “I had made a test where anyone who pulled out the Magic Crystal from the mirror had the right to become my student. Since you have managed to remove that Magic Crystal from the mirror, you should have quite a high aptitude for space magic. However, you had disappointed me with your answer three days ago during the magician exam. What’s more, Hammer actually managed to get the answer! In my Magic Crystal, I had stored some of my knowledge inside! I recalled specifically that I had stored in the answer which Hammer had spoken of. Not only did you get the question wrong, you still laughed at his answer! Obviously, Someone Had Not Been Studying! If you have not mastered everything within the Magic Crystal, don’t bother coming back to me!”


As Ye Chui was about to leave, he overheard the commotion. Suddenly, his footsteps came to a halt as he turned his head in surprise to have a look at both Oberth and Booth. [To think that Magic Crystal was used to finding a disciple… now I understand why Oberth would go so far for the Magic Crystal.]


Oberth had never thought that Booth would bring up the Magic Crystal during the conversation and unconsciously turned his head to have a look at Ye Chui. With beads of sweat forming on his forehead and eyes filled with desperation, he pleaded with all his might that Ye Chui had not told Booth the truth.


*He* Ye Chui’s lips curled up as he said his farewell to Booth: “I’m going to head out first, Master!”


Within the ancient tomb, without the knowledge contained in the Magic Crystal, there was no way Ye Chui could manage to solve <Space Isolation>. Likewise, the only reason Ye Chui had come so far in his understanding of the 32 Magic Symbol was all thanks to the Magic Crystal. Everything added up in his mind and he had finally realized how amazing Booth was. The old man was someone who was more than worthy to become his master.


With Ye Chui’s smile at the end, Booth also revealed a gratified chuckle.


“Master…” Oberth cried out. He noticed that Ye Chui had not revealed the truth about the Magic Crystal. Therefore, he could let out a sigh of relief. However, that elation was short lived as another problem popped into his mind: [Did Master really take Ye Chui in as his disciple?]


Unfortunately, before Oberth could ask the question in his mind, Booth loathingly roared. “Who are you calling master?! If you managed to understand everything within the Magic Crystal, then and only then do you have the rights to be my disciple! Idiot!”


*Bang!* Before Oberth could say any more, Booth entered the store and slammed the door with all his might.


Oberth, on the other hand, could not even speak. His whole mind was muddled from what Booth had said as he gradually sank into depression. Within the Magic Crystal, those notes and memories were much too difficult for him to fathom. What’s more, after reading through everything, Oberth had the assumption that those notes and knowledge within the Magic Crystal would grant him a great improvement in his mental strength and magic powers. However, after these few days, neither his mental strength nor his magic powers showed any signs of improving or increasing. Instead, it was more accurate to say that they had shown signs of deteriorating. He had visited Booth today to ask him the reason he had failed but all he had gotten out of their exchange was a slammed door in front of his face.

(Silavin: Wow… he did not even notice that he had gotten a clue that the things inside the Magic Crystal are theories on Space Magic!)


“I’m also his disciple but why does he treat us so differently?” Oberth murmured as his eyes turned red, almost ready to burst into tears.

(Silavin: In the raws, it was a metaphor that he wanted to cry but I believe this is more expressive and close enough to the meaning the author wrote.)


After Ye Chui left Anthony’s Magic Cottage, he quickly ran outside of Stan City and into a forest. Sure that no one was around to look, he self-satisfyingly shouted: “Iron Swordsman, Transform!” Following his bombastic declaration, he sat on the ground and began to change; putting on his suit piece by piece till he was fully clad. Linking Ye Chui’s consciousness to the Magic Crystal within the helmet, Jarvis’s voice could be heard. “Jarvis, online.”


Although he had to admit that his transformation was not as stellar as the movies, it had still held some satisfying attributes.


“Why do you wish for me to say ‘Jarvis, online’ whenever you put on your suit Master?” Jarvis asked filled with doubt.


“…Well, otherwise, it isn’t as cool.” Ye Chui embarrassingly answered.


However, his gazed soon turned to the vast prairie outside of Stan City, filled with anticipation. Be it the battle with the puppet swordsman in the ancient tomb, or the murder of Bolton, he was unable to display his suit’s true might. Now, with the patrol, he might just be able to go all out against the Magic Beasts.


Silavin: A little late but will try to post two chapters out on Saturday.


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