Omni-Magician – Chapter 93, What?! He Can’t Ride a Horse?!

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


After a short wait outside of Stan City’s border, Ye Chui could see a group of powerful guards come out of City Lord’s Manor. Altogether, there were 17 people; this included Debbie and Alfea. Familiar figures were also in the group: Athol, Balmain, and Damon. However, even with Alfea there, she did not seem to be the one leading the group. Instead, it was a 40-year-old man riding a horse at the very front of the group. He was clad in soft armor (literal translation. Just imagine leather). He appearance wise and evoked a friendly aura. When his gaze meets Ye Chui’s, he continued to stare with curiosity.

(Silavin: Please don’t ask me why Alfea is not the leader. It was stated in the previous chapter that she was leading. This is not a translation error =.=)


Alfea, who wore a silver armored suit, rode a horse as white as snow to greet Ye Chui. With a blushing face, she excitedly welcomed: “Tony. Hello…”


“Yes, Hello.” Ye Chui lightly replied.


“Tony, this is the Chief Guard of City Lord’s Manor, Bedwick. He is the group leader for this patrol, a Level 7 Advance Swordsman.” Alfea jumped off the horse and walked to Ye Chui’s side to introduce him to the middle-aged man. Still sticking close to Ye Chui, Alfea turned around to meet the gaze of a smiling Bedwick to introduce, “Uncle Bedwick, this is Tony. He is absurdly strong. If not for him, our ancient tomb adventure would have ended with my death.”


“Tony Stark. Nice to finally meet you. I heard much about you. Especially the bravery you have shown in the ancient tomb. I hope that you will accept my sincerest of gratitude for saving my Mistress, Miss Alfea. I hope that sometime in the future when you have time, you will be able to visit the City Lord’s Manor. The City Lord, Eric, will definitely set a banquet in your honor.” Bedwick spoke with an unwavering smile.


“If there is an opportunity to do so, then I will surely not reject such an offer.” Ye Chui politely replied.


A pleased expression bloomed on Alfea’s face as the girl beckoned someone to her side. Responding to her was a man with long black hair, clad with silver amour as well. This handsome man rode on a dark horse while pulling along another dark horse by its reins.


When the Ye Chui met this man’s gaze, he immediately felt enmity. However, he convinced himself that it was just his own misconception as he accepted the reins of the dark horse.


“Tony, this patrol will require us to travel around the whole circumference of Stan City. For such a long distance, it is best to have a mount. This horse is one that I specifically chose for you. It is a special mount within the City Lord’s Manor.” Alfea explained.


“Yes…” Ye Chui checked on the dark horse and found it well-built. It had an explosive figure, with a rebel like quality which was further highlighted by its graceful long black hair. Unfortunately, Ye Chui suddenly came to a realization: [Shit! I’ve never ridden on a horse before!]


“Iron Swordsman. You best get on now. We don’t have all the time in the world to wait for you!” The handsome man shouted with indifference.


“Well… we do need to reach Skull Town before the sun sets so it is really for the best if we don’t waste too much time.” Bedwick softly urged with a smile.


“Er…” Ye Chui was forced under everyone’s expectation. He was unable to say that he could not ride a horse!


Unfortunately, no one around had considered this possibility. Acquaintances of the Iron Swordsman like Debbie, Damon, and Balmon would absolutely not have dreamed that the mighty Swordsman was unable to ride a horse.


Alfea, who wore a sweet grin on her face, gently patted the butt of her horse. The horse rose and it let out a cry of excitement as its master sweetly welcomed, “Tony, let’s go.”




Ye Chui closely watched Alfea’s movement and concluded that it was nothing too difficult to mimic. With a solemn expression, he gently nodded his head and followed Alfea’s actions. After Alfea smacked the horse’s backside, the horse leaped up in excitement and then galloped away at lightning speed with a neighing sound, leaving a trail of dust in its steps.


[This horse is really good…] Ye Chui stood at the position where the black horse departed from while sighing at the scene of her horse galloping away.


Previously, Ye Chui had tried smacking the horse’s backside before jumping onto the saddle, but unlike Alfea who managed to get on nicely, Ye Chui accidentally used the <Wind Walk> magic array when he was jumping up, causing him to leap more than two meters into the air. When he was about to fall from the peak of his trajectory, the horse galloped away and he landed firmly on the ground with his feet.


The onlookers became silent.


“Tony… you don’t know how to ride a horse?” Alfea asked with a face filled with disbelief.


Unable to control his laughter, the handsome swordsman mocked: “I have never thought the almighty Iron Swordsman is inept at riding a horse! Hahaha!”


Immediately, Alfea’s gazes shot daggers towards the handsome swordsman. As for Ye Chui, it was only heaven’s grace that he wore a helmet protecting his reddened face.


With a sudden whistleblowing through the air, Alfea who placed her fingers away from her lips rode her horse to Ye Chui’s front. Somewhat shy, she asked in a soft voice: “Well… Tony… We don’t have much time you know. So, if you really cannot ride a horse, then it’s best if you will ride with someone.”


As she spoke, her voice grew even softer to that of a whisper.  However, even if Ye Chui could not hear, he intuitively understood what she was getting at. He had already come to the conclusion that horseback riding was not a skill one could learn in an instant. Even if he were to somehow create a magic program to aid him, it would still take too much time. Therefore, he understood what Alfea was saying and nodded, “Yes. That’s a good idea.”


Alfea’s complexion instantly lightened to only end up in confusion as Ye Chui, instead of approaching her, went straight for Debbie.


The little girl, who was depressed about the fact that she had to leave Ye Chui, saw a fully clad man in a suit of armor approach her. In her mind, the scene was that of a hungry wolf, inching ever so closer to take a taste of her goods. Warning this pervert not to get closer, her eyes widened as intimidated: “Do you dare to ride with me?!”


Ye Chui: “…”


“Iron Swordsman. Ride with me.” Just nearby, a rescuing voice of hope called out from someone nearby. When Ye Chui turned his head to look, he found that it was none other than Damon, one of his team members in the ancient tomb exploration. He was a Mercenary when they ventured into the ancient tomb but after the whole ordeal, he managed to join the City Lord’s Guards with a recommendation by Balmain. An upright guy.


Ye Chui had a favorable impression of him so there was no quarrel as he gave a nod to express his agreement (and gratitude); getting on the horse with a supporting arm.


After the mess had been handled, Bedwick gave off a shout and the whole group of eighteen raced forth towards a prairie.


“Damon, who is that long-haired swordsman?” Ye Chui asked while trying to get used to riding a horse. He had no recollection of ever meeting this long-haired swordsman, so he could not tell the motive of hostile coming from that guy.


“Oh. That guy. He’s Alan. A Level 5 Swordsman. He is a very prestigious guy in City Lord’s Guard unit.” Damon explains, “I had heard rumors that he had a thing for Miss Alfea, though it is a one-sided affair. But that’s not surprising at all. Their difference in talent is quite obvious. It is not that he is talentless. He managed to reach Level 5 and is only 20 years old right now. But, if you compare that kind of accomplishment to Miss Alfea, it’s nothing much to boast about. Well, if you are wondering why he is so hostile towards you, it is most likely due to Miss Alfea talking about you all the time.”


“What The Fuck!?” Ye Chui could not contain shock as his voice exploded out of his mouth. [What business does your pathetic crush have to do with me? Also, what business does Alfea’s unrequited love got to do with you!] Ye Chui thought but soon calmed down as he praised Damon, “Thanks. But to think that you have only joined the City Lord’s Guard for a few days… to understand so much inside information…”


“Hee Hee. It’s a usual affair. Whenever we City Lord’s Guards are free, or bored, we gather together to gossip.” Damon replied with an honest smile. “I just happen to sit around them and listen.”




City Lord’s Guards really loved to dig into others’ businesses… [My horizons have been broadened.]


Bedwick, Alfea, and the long-haired Swordsman Alan were leading the patrol team in its advance. Alfea seemed to be still bothered with Ye Chui’s decision to ride a horse with Debbie instead of her, but she quickly got her mind back into business and spoke to Bedwick, “Did anything happen this time around that you, Uncle Bedwick have to personally lead the patrol team? My father even instructed us to be extra careful during the patrol. What exactly happened?”


“There seems to be an increasing number of magic beasts appearing from the dark forest recently. Moreover, the City Lord sent a pigeon letter to Skull Town and up till now, there hasn’t been a reply. Hence, he’s a little worried.” Bedwicked laughingly said, “Rest assured Lady Alfea. In my 10 years of working in the City Lord’s Manor, what kind of scene have I not came across? Everything should be fine.”


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