Omni-Magician – Chapter 94, New Skill Developed: Ancient Tomb Sealing Technique

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Bedwick maintained an optimistic outlook for this patrol. Although there was a high chance of encountering a large group of magical beasts, he did not consider them to be a problem. The magical beasts in the Dark Forest were conscious of their own territory, and there were few occurrences of them ever stepping out of their own area. Hence, large-scale fights were going to be rare.

Even in all the records, a hundred years ago, the highest number of magical beasts that attacked in a group was 30. What’s more, they were a tribe of mere Level 3 shadow rhinoceros magical beast; They had fought against another tribe of magic beasts for the territory and lost, only to end up being expelled from the Dark Forest. Having nowhere to go, these shadow rhinoceros beasts went to scavenge. They ran into humans and caused casualties. A unit of City Lord’s Guards was sent out in order to protect the citizens, and that was enough to eradicate them all.

“This incident in Skull Town must be an accident,” Bedwick explained.

Skull Town was a small city constructed at the periphery of the Dark Forest. It was a place where Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters would rest and trade. The trade usually consisted of magic beast body parts: the meat, bone, skin; and most importantly, their magic crystal. The magic crystals attracted many investors, the Merchant Guild Master set up a building here, and so did the City Lord.

So as to make sure that both cities were kept connected, a red eagle was dispatched every now and then. This red eagle was not a normal bird; it was a magic beast specifically used to keep contact with others thanks to its speed of travel, serving as a vital piece of communication.

“Alright! Mr. Bedwick had already said it. Even if there is going to be an encounter with a large group of magical beasts, we don’t have to worry. With the might of sixteen City Lord’s Guards, we can deal with them easily. Miss Alfea, you don’t have to be so worried.” The long-haired swordsman, Alan, said with a face of contentment. “I have also been practicing a new skill. If need to, I can always use it when we face any difficulty.”

Alfea felt an ominous premonition but it was not due to what Alan had said. Skull Town was important to the City Lord’s Manor. For the dozen of years, there had not been any problems. However, this time, there was something big that was happening. If that was not the case, why was there no reply sent back by the red eagle?

However, such thoughts were let loose after a few deep breaths. She thought about how this patrol could come close to the dangers presented by the ancient tomb, and even if it was worse, he was here. The Iron Swordsman. She did not understand why but whenever she thought of this man, a sense of relief would flood over her.

Just as she was thinking about a recurring thought, she turned her head to the side to look at the Iron Swordsman. [Chance! This is a golden opportunity for us to get closer together!]

However, her thoughts were crushed as rage filled her heart. While the Iron Swordsman was riding behind Damon, he was continuously trying to smooth talk, Debbie. Naturally, Debbie being Debbie, she displayed a displeased and impatient expression. However, acting oblivious to the loathing directed at him, the Iron Swordsman continued to flirt!

“Miss Alfea. I have obtained a key to enter Doria’s Tomb by chance. I was hoping after we finish our duty, we could form a team together and head off for an adventure?” Alan pulled his horse’s reins to get closer to Alfea, as he spoke with a smile.

Alfea took her gaze away from Ye Chui and took a deep breath before warning Alan: “Get lost. You are annoying me.”

With that said, Alfea whipped her horse’s butt, and it raced forward to the front of the team.

Alan: “…”

At the back of the team, another voice warned. “Do not ever speak to me again! Get away from me!” Debbie screamed as she took up the Gatling and directed its barrel towards Ye Chui. “If you continue to harass me, I will pass judgment!”

Drips of violent sweat rolled down Ye Chui’s face as he nods, “Alright. Alright… I will not speak to you anymore.”

Ye Chui’s identity as the Iron Swordsman is not a secret that he wanted to conceal from Debbie, but due to Debbie’s serious prejudice towards the Iron Swordsman, he could only wait for the golden opportunity to break this news to her. Ye Chui’s constant attempts to build up a good relationship with Debbie in the past were merely a cover to protect himself from Debbie’s wrath when he reveals his identity. However, his attempts did not seem very successful; this little girl’s insistence that the Iron Swordsman has some dirty thoughts towards her made Ye Chui give up temporarily.

Debbie snorted in a dissatisfied manner and kept her magic Gatling as the horse quickened its pace.

Ye Chui realized that when Debbie revealed her Gatling, the surrounding City Lord’s Guards stared at her in a peculiar gaze, indicating their ignorance towards such an item and their curiosity towards such a novel thing. Damon made a statement in a straightforward fashion, “What’s the use of that item? She said that it’s a weapon that was crafted by Hammer, but I’m curious as to how that weapon looks. Why is it crafted in a way that looks like it’s used to smash people?”

“Smash people?”

Ye Chui rolled his eyes. [All right, I guess all the Swordsman in this world have a unanimous subconscious view towards such a high-tech weapon.]

The patrol team quickly advanced towards Skull Town. At this time, Ye Chui was thinking about some issues regarding the sharing of a horse with Damon. He felt that sharing a horse with Damon was not a permanent solution, despite Hammer and himself in his previous life not getting much contact with horses. However, he knew that learning to ride a horse from scratch would be an uphill task. He then suddenly thought of the artificial intelligence, Jarvis, and spoke to it through the magic crystal, “Do you have any memory relating to horse riding?”

“No, Master. My original master definitely has some horse riding experience, but he wouldn’t extract this portion of his memory and store it in this magic it in this magic crystal.” Jarvis responded, “But according to my instincts, horse riding isn’t such a hard skill to master. All you have to do is to sit tightly on the saddle.”

“Talk is easy. I’ve already embarrassed myself just by getting onto the horse and such things cannot happen again. Programming the action of getting onto the horse isn’t much of a problem, but it requires constant practice…” Ye Chui was slightly disappointed, but his eyes lit up quickly, “I’ve thought of a good idea!”

“What kind of idea?” Jarvis asked with a spark of curiosity.

“For riding the horse, more specifically, for remaining on the saddle, I believe I have come up with an amazing solution.” Ye Chui said and paused for a moment to give Jarvis more suspense. “We have a whole bag of space teleportation scrolls. So,  as long as we manage to get the coordinates of the location on where I was before being flung off by the horse, I could make a dazzling teleportation back onto the horse.”

Jarvis was silent for a moment but could not help but sigh: “We have many scrolls but that idea is still too willful.”

Ye Chui kept his word and started his research.

Of course, in reality, Ye Chui is not a lazy boy who required such a technique to ride a horse.  In fact, he was more interested in designating coordinates for the magic scrolls. Currently, the teleportation magic scrolls could only transport him in a general direction, but not a specified distance. Previously, he was accidentally teleported to Debbie’s room when she as changing, but he would not be so fortunate the next time – there was a chance that he might teleport to the room of the female Beastman Cara…

He could, through the input of coordinates onto the teleportation scrolls, teleport to a location that he wanted, but the mastering of such a skill was not an easy task as it required the forming of a complicated space magic array. Moreover, Booth did not expect Ye Chui to master this skill easily. As Ye Chui entered his ‘Father of Studies’ mode, he started to research on the method of inputting coordinates onto the teleportation scrolls with much excitement.

In the Magic Crystal left by Booth, besides memory that explained the magic symbols, there was knowledge of spells stored inside. One of the said spells was <Teleportation>. The teleportation scroll was made using or carving a magic array <Teleport> onto a scroll, hence, studying the core spell <Teleport> would reveal the method to learn about coordinates.

<Teleportation> was considered to be an Intermediate Auxiliary Spell, and was one of the foundations for space magic. Using space magic, one used their magic power to move something into another space. When the spell was cast, two portals would form out of thin air: the entrance and exit. The entrance would be located directly in front of the caster while the exit would be located at the coordinates the caster set.

Generally, it was a difficult task for magicians to understand Space Magic; due to their inability to directly see the effects, their magic had on the space around them. However, to Ye Chui, this did not pose any difficulty.

“Coordinates for teleport are mainly for the location of the exit!” Ye Chui jovially exclaimed. Previously, he had tried to form a magic matrix in his mind. However, no matter how he tried, the spell did not work. It was not that he was wrong but rather, the spell could not be cast directly. <Teleport> could only work through a magic array on a piece of scroll. This was due to the need of inputting a coordinate for the exit.

After just completing a rough sketch of a teleportation scroll, Jarvis suddenly voiced out: “Master! I’ve seen this magic array before!”

“You’ve seen this?” Ye Chui’s eyes opened in surprise. “Where?”

“In the ancient tomb. I was the control system for that ancient tomb. Even after I left, I am still the control system of the place. This magic scroll you have created is similar to a magic array found in the ancient tomb.”

Ye Chui already knew that even after Jarvis left the ancient tomb, he still had some control over it from a distance. However, it could only be described as unfortunate that he did not have the ability to make Jarvis go back and return in an instant. If Jarvis could do so, he had practically made the world’s most expensive space ring. For a single ring with a cubic meter of space, it would cost around 30-40 gold coins. However, what about the ancient tomb which had a space of more than a cubic kilometer?

Previously, Ye Chui had given up this idea of making the ancient tomb into his space ring but after hearing what Jarvis had said, he could not help but suddenly ask: “Hey, you don’t happen to have the spatial coordinates of the ancient tomb? Do you?”

“If I have to input the coordinates by Master’s format, then… yes! I do have the coordinates!” Jarvis said with a slightly eager tone. “Master, do you want me to help input the coordinates?”

“Yes. There is that. But if I were to use this teleportation scroll which is linked up to the ancient tomb, can I actually directly enter the ancient tomb?” Ye Chui asked.

“This… Well… it should work…” Jarvis was in deep thought, pondering the results. “But Master, if you enter, I am not certain you will be able to go out easily using the same method.

“That does not really matter. So long as I can teleport in, nothing else matters.” Ye Chui responded in an excited mood. “Your original master had created the ancient tomb many times bigger than the other normal or plain ancient tombs that exist. With such a huge space, isn’t it a waste if we can’t access it? If we can use a teleportation scroll to send things to the ancient tomb at will, Jarvis, what do you think will happen?”

“Master, what do you mean?” Jarvis questioned expressionlessly, as though he gave up on thinking.

“Don’t you think that if I were to run into an enemy, they would be teleported to the ancient tomb with one use of this teleportation scroll? Of course, that is so long as I set the coordinates to be inside the ancient tomb. What’s more, with your ability to fully control the magic tomb, and the puppets inside, we could decimate any that oppose us! And if it’s a magical beast, then all its body parts would be ours! That even includes their magic crystal!” Ye Chui’s eyes sparkled even more: “With just one move, we can take anyone down!”

Jarvis went silent for a moment to ponder before speaking again, “Master, your idea is truly out of this world but… it might just work.”

“Alright! For this, I will have to give this sort of ultimate technique a name! Yes. It shall be called, Ancient Tomb Sealing Technique! Jarvis! Quick! Go and find out the coordinates of the ancient tomb. I need it to start!”


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