Omni-Magician – Chapter 95, The Iron Swordsman Travels on a Path Not Paved by the Common Man

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


The teleportation scroll, which Booth gave to Ye Chui, could at most teleport the user 1 kilometer away from its casting position. However, this distance referred to the physical distance in the real world; and not the distance between the real world and a space in another dimension. The distance between spaces in different dimensions could be said to be an inch away or an infinite distance away.

The teleportation scroll gathered energy to teleport the user. This energy was converted to transport the user into a temporal space, which then teleported the user to his desired location back in the original world. Therefore, in theory, making use of this temporal space would make it viable for Ye Chui to use this scroll to teleport into the ancient tomb. The only difference in its usage was that this temporal space was set to be the ancient tomb; with the casting location being set as the coordinates for the desired location.

(Silavin: truth be told, I have no idea why it needs to be the same location.)

It was noon, and the patrol team of 18 was having a light rest. Ye Chui, on the other hand, was busy calculating the coordinates from Jarvis. The coordinates that he received was similar to the geographical mapping which is done by humans back on Earth – with latitudes and longitudes. However, the coordinates in this world were a little more complex to decipher.

Deciphering coordinates in this world, especially since they were directly related to space magic, required some mastery of the 32 magic symbols. It was only with the usage of these 32 magic symbols, that a magic matrix which registered the coordinates could be formed.

“Master, is this really a good idea? Why is it that I sense crisis is about to occur?”

“Don’t worry. The theory for this is sound. There will definitely be no problems that occur.”

Ye Chui thought in reply to Jarvis, who was connected to him on a mental level. Meanwhile, the several City Lord’s Guards were sitting together having their scrumptious meal of dry rations. Athol, who had managed to successfully bring a goat back from his hunt, was in another group barbecuing his find, filling up the whole place with a fragrance that stirred up anyone’s hunger. Away from all the liveliness sat Ye Chui, alone by the corner with a parchment on his lap, a feather in his hand and a magic ink bottle on the floor; busy writing out the magic matrix for the coordinates.

Thankfully, this magic matrix was quite simple. It was only a few lines worth and did not require the young man to use his entire mental strength to create, thus allowing him to finish up in a matter of minutes.

“Using my magic power to transfer the coordinates from this parchment to the teleportation scroll, I can instantly teleport there.”

Keeping all the objects back into the ring, Ye Chui re-read through his work in satisfaction. In his hand was a parchment with the coordinates written on it, and on the other, a squashed scroll. In high spirits, his magic power filled the air as he began the test. Instantly, he teleported onto the saddle of the horse which threw him off earlier but much like him, Alfea, who seem to have self-mastered teleport, appeared beside him and asked: “Tony, what are you doing?”

“Nothing…” Ye Chui patted the saddle and looked at Alfea.

Alfea wore a gentle smile as she handed over a few freshly roasted mutton leg: “Tony, you must be hungry. I specially roasted this mutton leg for you, why don’t you have a try and see how it tastes? I added many spices to it as well to make it tastier.”

Indeed, the mutton leg appeared to have been made by a chef. The skin of the meat was brownish red, cooked at the right temperature, and it sent out a mouth-watering fragrance to boot. Ye Chui, who held out for half a day without food, was already starved. With the sudden reminder and the immediate urge that followed suit, he quickly said his thanks and took a gnaw at the meat.

Alfea, filled with anticipation, asked: “how is it? Is the flavor not good? This time, I bought some expensive salt which was harvested in the jungle by elves. Even when Balmain wanted some, I was reluctant to give it to him…”

“Then did you actually throw everything you have on this piece of a leg?”

Ye Chui suddenly cut her speech as he could not bear to voice out his discontent. This mutton leg had been ruined by the salt, which was added to an inhuman amount. Even as he bit, inner cheeks hurt from the friction. Hurriedly looking around, he saw Debbie sitting not too far away having a drink. In one hand was a canteen bottle and in the other, was a pie which he had made for her before she went on this trip. Without a moment of hesitation, Ye Chui returned the mutton leg to Alfea and ran towards Debbie. Without giving her a moment to react, Ye Chui took from her hand the canteen and gulped; also taking a slice of pie from her bag to clear out the taste.

Debbie, who noticed what had happened, stared at the thief with eyes of rage, as she thought: [This bloody perverted wolf had taken advantage of me again!]

“Tony…” Alfea muttered with down casted eyes, feeling as if she was suffering from some kind of injustice. As the City Lord’s daughter, it was a norm for her to be served. Never had she roasted, let alone cooked before. She wanted her first to be with Ye Chui, but after putting in so much effort to receive such a response… it was unbearable.

Watching such a scene, like the masses around, was Alan. His handsome face was tainted with anger as he swiped his hair to shower the sun in its glory and pointed to Ye Chui. “Did you know, Miss Alfea had labored over that mutton leg for a long time! Not only did you trample on her kind and holy intentions, you even went for another in front of her. Anyone here can vouch that having Miss Alfea’s handmade meal is simply a blessing from the heavens. It would be my life’s happiest moment.”

“Heehee.” Ye Chui took back the mutton leg from Alfea and passed it onto Alan, blessing him: “in that case, I hope you are filled with happiness! Here! Take it.”

Alan sneered at Ye Chui, taunting the guy in his heart: [Miss Alfea has taken a liking to you is just temporary. You, as a man, do not understand how to woo a girl’s heart. If a girl were to give you something unpalatable, you must pretend to appear happy to appease her. This is how you can woo a woman!] Alan stopped his thoughts and took a big chunk of the mutton leg into his system. However, his thoughts did not align with his expressions as each time he chewed, his face started to distort.

“It’s delicious, right? Then continue to enjoy your meal. I really wish to see if you have the skill to complete it.” Ye Chui watched as he slowly took another bite of his pie.

Alan: “…”

It was obvious from Alan’s facial expression that his own values could not overcome the taste in his mouth.

“That’s enough!” Alfea shouted in rage and took away the mutton leg and stared at Ye Chui. Panting in rage, she walked away.

Ye Chui looked at her fleeting back and sighed in his heart. [I’m sorry but this must be done. It was more important to make you dislike me than spitting on Alan. I hope that with this incident, you will no longer have a heart for me. Living as a popular guy sure is tough… but right now, my heart remains loyal to Debbie…] Ye Chui thought, turning around to smile at the girl of his affection.

Debbie: “Shameless!”

Debbie stared at him with dagger-like eyes, as she stood up and hurriedly went to Alfea’s side to comfort her. Naturally, Debbie left with her bag.

(Silavin: the fooooddd!)

Ye Chui: “…”

Their lunch break ended quickly as the group resumed their march forward under Bedwick’s command.

This time, Ye Chui naturally did not request to ride a horse with Damon. Everyone in the group stared at him in bewilderment as they wondered about Ye Chui’s plan. Then, they were dumbfounded. Ye Chui walked over to the black horse and hit its backside before the horse neighed and started galloping away. Just when the group still had no idea what Ye Chui was up to, he indifferently took out a magic scroll, opened it up, activated it and vanished into thin air…

At the next moment, a ray of white lights appeared on the horse which was galloping away and a silhouette of a human being could be seen appearing. The entire process lasted for around one second, hence when the Ye Chui’s body entirely appeared, the horse had already passed him. Instead of falling directly onto the horse, Ye Chui fell behind the horse.

Ye Chui’s initial plan was to use the scroll to teleport himself onto the horse’s back directly. However, such a plan was destined to fail. The usage of a teleportation scroll required a buffer time to input the coordinates, and before it was cast, his bottom would have landed forcefully onto the ground.

What’s more, there is approximate of one-second difference from the time he inputs the coordinates to the time he gets teleported to the designated coordinates. Hence, since the teleportation speed could not match the horse’s speed, he would not have landed on the back of the horse.

Hence, Ye Chui chose another method – Ye Chui would follow slowly behind the black horse while it galloped forward, before using the teleportation scroll to teleport to transport himself to the group after he keeps a certain distance from the horse.

When the others started to understand Ye Chui’s intentions, they expressed shock on their faces.

Following behind the patrol team as they continued on their venture towards Skull Town was not the Iron Swordsman but a dark horse. Then, almost as soon as a bright light flashed, a dark figure was thrown away. Eventually, this horse got further from the group.

(Silavin: My god…)

Some guards thought to themselves:

[To think that this person would use teleportation scrolls like nobody’s business!

The Iron Swordsman indeed travels on a path not paved by the common man.

Don’t his teleportation scrolls cost money?]

In contrary to popular belief, Ye Chui actually got all his teleportation scrolls for free!

Naturally, Ye Chui had his reason for using such an unusual means of transportation. The teleportation scrolls were not merely a means of transporting himself to the horse, but rather serve the purpose of practicing his inputting of coordinates in a small time frame and casting it.

What’s more, Ye Chui purposefully made himself lag behind the others so that he would have some time to complete his new skill: the Ancient Tomb Sealing Technique.


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