Omni-Magician – Chapter 96, Iron Swordsman’s Greatest Strength: He’s Wealth

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Translator: Mirausean; Silavin

Editor: Rosyprimrose

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“Ancient Tomb Sealing Technique!” Ye Chui loudly declared as he cast the spell, targeting a scared little bunny on the ground. With a simple casting of the teleportation scroll, the boy was wrapped in a bright light and disappeared for a second, to only return moments later on. Meanwhile, the poor bunny who was chosen by him left the scene without a single sound.

(Silavin: quite a kidnap we have over here.)


Focusing his mind to talk with Jarvis, Ye Chui hurriedly questioned: “Hurry up and check if it worked. Did the rabbit really get teleported into the ancient tomb?”


“No… Master… I don’t see it.” Jarvis said with a tinge of disappointment. “Master, it seems that you have failed once again…”


“I guess the coordinates of a different world are different as compared to that from this world… that’s probably why I’ve failed. I wonder if I forgot to add something to my magic array.” Ye Chui frowned and asked: “Do you think it could have been teleported to somewhere in this dimension?”


“I believe only God knows. Master.” Jarvis sighed in reply.

(Silavin: rip rabbit. It was a nice 5 paragraphs.)


When Ye Chui first got Jarvis, the A.I. only had the character of an innocent child; and it could be said that it did not have much of a personality, except that it is a little obstinate. However, after spending time with Ye Chui, it’s way of thinking gradually evolved. Slowly, it began to develop its very own personality; capable of creating ideas out of perception and understanding. Therefore, to further improve, or to quench its new-found curiosity, it asked: “Master, why are you screaming out the name of the magic spell when you use a scroll?”


[Because this is a fantasy world! Everyone does it!]


“Well, it’s cool isn’t it?” Ye Chui went into deep introspection as he answered.


Although he failed to teleport the rabbit into his trap, he already had the ambition to make it succeed. What’s more, the mere thought of him sealing an almighty magic beast while coolly declaring made his lips shiver in excitement. Despite not succeeding in his attempt, this magic spell already had a destructive effect – although the rabbit was not teleported into the ancient tomb, it has definitely been teleported to another location, be it a different dimension or not; be it alive or not.


[Oh, the patrol team seems to quite far ahead.] Ye Chui looked ahead at the patrol group in the distant. He then took out a teleportation scroll, opened it up and disappeared into thin air.


In just a mere instant, he appeared within the group and landed behind the galloping black horse, as he could only stare at the group of passing horses and wave at Debbie. However, he was greeted with the whites of Debbie’s eyes.


Ye Chui then lagged behind the group once again…


“Is this Iron Swordsman mentally retarded?” Alan asked Bedwick, as he turned his head to see the gradually vanishing silhouette of Ye Chui.


“Mentally retarded?” Bedwick doubted, as he faced the man with a dignified expression and explained in all sincerity: “Alan, you are very mistaken in that regard. That man, no, the Iron Swordsman, is a genius.”


“A genius? How is he a genius?” Alan, filled with doubt, asked.


Although Alfea still felt hurt by the recent event, hearing the two of them talk about the Iron Swordsman caused her to inch slower; eventually arriving beside them to listen in to the conversation.


“Haven’t you already realized? The time he takes to teleport next to the horse is getting shorter. At the start, it took quite a while but now, he is teleporting back when he is just a step away from the horse.” Bedwick said in pure respect: “I’ve heard from Miss Alfea that the Iron Swordsman is obsessed with the path of the Magic-Swordsman. I believe he is wasting so many teleportation scrolls because he is practicing!”


“How is this kind of practice going to be useful?” Alan replied with disdain.


“Do not be blinded by envy!” Bedwick warned Alan, “If he can manage to shorten the casting time even further to the extent it is nearly instantaneous, he would be almost unstoppable in a fight. Imagine just fighting him head on, to have him only teleport to your rear all of a sudden, how fearful is that?”


Alan’s face paled at the thought, so long as the Iron Swordsman has a teleportation scrolls on him, he was practically untouchable!


[But how that that be? No one can have so many scrolls] Alan thought and asked: “I recalled that teleportation scrolls cost a lot of gold coins. How could he possibly have so many?


Bedwick when silent for a moment, giving some room or realization before explaining: “this is his greatest strength.”


Hearing Bedwick’s words left the City Lord’s Guards nearby speechless. They all had the same conclusion: the Iron Swordsman’s greatest strength is none other than his wealth!


An ordinary fire and lighting scroll sold in the market would cost around 50 copper coins. However, teleportation scrolls were different. They require a space magicians to craft, and due to the short supply of them, each scroll cost a few silver coins.


Earlier, Ye Chui had probably utilized at least 10 teleportation scrolls… [He must be really rich.]


As the group ran across the prairie, closer to Skull Town, they were beginning to see the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest is a well-known region which stretched across the Aigen-Dazs Continent, and Stan City was just by the border of the forest.


Although Bedwick did not worry too much about Skull Town, he still remained vigilant.


When Ye Chui teleported to the middle of the group once again, the patrol team, for some reason had stopped in their tracks. Due to the black horse being stationary, Ye Chui managed to appear on the back of the horse after teleportation. However, he appeared in a standing position on the horse; and the horse produced a loud neigh. Ye Chui then hurriedly did a backflip and landed on the ground – this particular movement is completed using the magic array on the armour of the Iron Swordsman; if the ordinary Ye Chui were to attempt a backflip, he would have landed on his head…


The frightened dark horse was held down by Athol as Ye Chui surveyed the area, looking for the cause. There, an unconscious person laid before them on the grass plain.


The whole team, wary of trouble, encircled around this person.


“He’s not dead. He simply fainted. But… he’s not in a good condition. His left leg and a few of his rips have fractured.” Balmain moved closer to the man to inspect, but as his spoke, his voice became more solemn.


“I know this man! He was a Mercenary. The last time I visited the Dark Forest on duty, I met him. Damon claimed after having a good look at the man. “He is A’Tod!”

(Silavin: I don’t know this name – got it from LNMTL. So, dear readers, wtf is A’Tod?”)


“How strong is he?” Bedwick went straight to the point and asked.


“If I recall, he was a Level 4 Swordsman; but if we were to consider his skills in a fight, I might not be able to match him. He is one of the strongest Mercenaries I know…” Damon, who was once a Mercenary, said in a low voice and continued to explain: “he specializes in speed, usually maximizing the Swordsman Skill, <Quick Step> to move about. If a normal Level 3 magic beast were to race against him, there will be no doubt that the beast would lose.” Damon checked on the bone fractures and the distorted leg to ask, “how is he? Is he going to live?”


“He most likely used up all his strength to escape from Skull Town, ending up fainted here,” Balmain said and looked towards Bedwick for his judgment. “What are your commands?”


“It seems Skull Town really landed itself in something dangerous…” Bedwick looked in the direction of the town and commented. “Take him with us. We will continue our march to Skull Town!”


After having seen A’Tod in such a pathetic shape, the rest of the patrol team became gloomy. In fact, they already felt that something was not right on their way here. Magic beasts, were beings that were supposed to roam wild and free here, yet why haven’t they met a single one? They originally assumed that the magic beasts density increased, causing the connection between the two cities to cease but that was not the case. However, even with such doubt, they still had to press on. This was their duty as City Lord’s Guards, and they could not renegade on their duties.


In order to face the magic beasts at full strength, Ye Chui stopped using his teleportation scrolls and sat on a horse with Damon. Meanwhile, A’Tod was gently placed on his dark horse; gently trodding to Skull Town.


The patrol team finally made it to Skull Town by twilight.


This place is a really small town, with only two stretches of strange-looking buildings separated by a single street. There was also a stone wall surrounding the town, which was made for defense purposes. At one side of the wall was a huge door which had been forcefully opened and it was slanted towards one side. It seemed as though an extremely destructive force had made an opening in it.


In this supposedly populated town, there was not a single flame lit. Worse of all, there was the thick lingering stench of blood that filled the air.


“Skull Town is the busiest when the sun sets!” Damon, who had Ye Chui behind him, said in fear. “Could it be? Everyone was killed by a horde of Magic Beasts?”


Silavin: Sorry for the late delay. My editor felt under the weather but she got better. We will try to get more out this weekend but if she still feels bad, do be patient. Thank you.


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