The Ring That Defies The Heavens

The Ring That Defies The Heavens – Chapter 4, Leveling through entering the game

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Well? This is not right!”After Jiang Fei discovers that his backpack was filled and shifts the goods from the backpack to the ring, he discovered that some of his stuff disappeared!

“What’s happening? How did I lose the item?”Jiang Fei who was surprised started to carefully inspect the ring


“Ding” an insignificant sound could be heard and the rabbit meat in front of Jiang Fei vanished from the storage ring!


“Dammit! What’s all this about?”Jiang Fei thought aloud, is it possible that this storage ring also collects storage fees?


After some observations, Jiang Fei had finally discovered the secret of the ring!


In the middle of the space of finger ring, 36 slots are not exactly the same, out of these 36 slots are two parts, the first half side slot has a light blue colour while the other is light red.The two colours are very light, and one who not be able to discover it if they did not carefully observe it!


Jiang Fei noticed that only the goods placed in the red slot will vanish. Around ten minutes or so another item would disappear, but the duration this happens is not usually fixed. Moreover, every time a good disappears, there would be traces of lines on the surface of the ring.Two hours later, this trace soon revolved around the ring!



Along with disappearance of another food, the scratch on mystical finger ring added up to a complete circle!




White light flashes, the scratch on the finger ring vanishes completely, as if has never appeared!


“What’s the matter?”Jiang Fei hurriedly examined the ring!


“OMG! Unexpectedly, there are attributes added!”Jiang Fei became shocked immediately, this time the mysterious finger ring still provides 36 item slots as well as adding an additional 10 points of the luck attribute!


Luck in “Dawn” is a hidden attribute, the player cannot see this stat on the status menu. Only a few rare types of equipment can provide this such hidden attributes. Luck increases the player’s probability of fending off an attack successfully, the critical rate as well as the probability of getting good loots from monsters and so on!


Here, the probability of fending off an attack is not evading the attack but rather the attack has hit the target and by chance, the target does not receive any damage!


Similarly, the critical rate here is not how players use their skills to target opponent weak spots to inflict triple the damage but it is a kind of heaven’s luck that allows one to ignore defence and double his damage. Towards certain targets with high defences, the critical damage from luck can even surpass the triple damage from attacking a person’s weak spot!


Drop rate, needless to say, is dependent on one’s fate. however if one has a high level of luck, he would be like a pampered child from the heavens. Even if you kill a measly chicken, the chances of getting a legendary equipment are close to negligible but, with higher luck, you will at least receive better items!


“What exactly is this ring?”Thinking aloud, Jiang Fei has his doubts.This ring is definitely not an equipment in the system, it is more like an external kind of thing, although not from the system acknowledgement, it miraculously still have an effect in the game!


“Your mother! Although using external items to help one in the game is immoral, and there is a chance to be blacklisted, but if I do not depend on this ring I am unable to enter the game!”Although Jiang Fei suspected this ring to not belong to the game, he has no choice now!


Moreover, at this juncture, Jiang Fei has also discovered that this mystical finger ring can swallow items to evolve and level up and that the scratch is its progress bar, the 18 red slots are places to put items as sacrificial offerings, so what do the 18 blue slots do?


After observing a while, he still did not make any discovery. Jiang Fei, as an optimist, would simply not think of things that he does not understand and thus he continued to happily play the game!


After another 78 hours of gaming, Jiang Fei finally collected all the required materials to complete the village quest and in the mean time he has levelled up 4 times! Not only is it very difficult to level up in “Dawn” the drop rate is also rather low in the game, even Jiang Fei who had ten points in his luck attribute had to spend lots of time before he could finally with much hardship collect all the required quest items!

“I am really thankful to you, Young adventurer, you gave me a big help! This deerskin sleeveless jacket is to repay you for your help!”


“Ding! The collection of the deerskin quest has been accomplished, you obtained 550 experience points, you obtained the deerskin sleeveless jacket!”


Jiang Fei has turned in his first quest, and only obtains some experiences and a white grade equipment. The quests in the beginner villages are very simple but at the same time, their reward is also mediocre.


In “Dawn”, the grades of the equipment are divided into six are conventional; grey, white, green, blue, purple, gold!


Grade grey equipment is considered as broken equipment. Only players in the beginner village would use them. This gadget only provides attributes equivalent to 50% foundation attribute, once one leaves the new village, the grey equipment can only be sold at a low price to the merchants which can be used as repair fees. Basically, it’s trash.


Grade white equipment is called foundation equipment.It only has the foundation attributes, without additional attributes. However, this equipment can not only be sold to the store directly but also to players who acquire forging as their skill and occupation who will be able to smelt them into golden ingot metals where the price compared with selling to the store would be much higher!


The green equipment is superior in quality.not only does it provide 130% of foundation attributes, there are also 1-2 additional attributes, where the 2 additional attribute equipment are considered the best quality goods in that grade.This is the key equipment that most common player uses.


The blue equipment also known as excellent quality equipment provides 150% foundation attributes, and has two to three additional attributes, where equipment that gives 3 different additional attributes is considered to be the best among the blue grade equipment! Such equipment can be said to be a manifestation of a player’s strength. In the mid to late stages of the game, a player fully equipped with blue grade equipment can be considered an elite player!


The purple equipment is called the epic historic equipment, has 180% foundation attributes, and has three to four different additional attributes. The number of stats added surpass the same level from blue grade equipment. Four attached attribute is the best quality goods among the epic historic equipment! The purple epic historic level equipment is synonymous with the name rich masters as only a small number of master gamers can collect one set, the common masters can already be considered great if they got one of such equipment


The golden equipment is called the legend quality equipment. It has 200% foundation attributes, four to five additional attributes, where the number of stats added surpasses purple level equipment. Five additional attributes are considered the best quality goods among the gold graded equipment! The equipment of this rank is in itself a legend, having a complete set is close to impossible, even if one was to possess one of such equipment he would be considered the peak in both strength and personal quality!


Seven colour growth equipment can only be obtained from the quest offered by hidden professions, its attributes are equivalent to the best of the grade it is currently added. Moreover, the grade of the item will evolve as the player gets stronger!Getting this is totally dependent on a player’s luck.Although hidden occupations are not as rare as hidden race, where there are only  36 quotas, to tell the truth, it is also very scarce.There is only one condition to getting a rainbow coloured equipment and that is to look at one’s face!

To obtain a legendary equipment one has to become a legendary player with unimaginable strength and the way to get it—-haha.


Silavin: Liew is going to drop this novel for now. If you are interested in picking this novel up, feel free to do so. Likewise, if you wish to work with him, on Mighty System or support translating this novel, you can feel free to contact me.

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