The Ring That Defies The Heavens

The Ring That Defies The Heavens – Chapter 3, Portable homemade database

Translator: Liew

Editor: Faux


Jiang Fei who plans to formally start his experience in the game examined his attributes.

Name: Flying grass

level: 0

Occupation: Beginner

Side occupations: none

Exp: 0/100

Hp: 110/110

MP: 100/100

Physical attack: 10+1

Magic attack: 10

Physical defence: 5+1

Magic defence: 5

Strength: 10 (affect the character physical attacks, the human the race attack power grows 1. 0 per level, occupation beginner bonus: attack power grows 1. 0 per level)

Agility: 10 (affect the character attack speed, movement speed,  flexibility, human agility growth is 1. 0 per level, beginner occupation bonus: grows 1.0 per level)

Physique: 11 affects hp and physical defence, hp grows by10 for human race, defence grows by 0. 5, occupation beginner bonus:h p and defence additional 1 point)

Intelligence: 10 (affect the character magic attack and magic defense, human the race magic power grows 1. 0,  magic defense grows 1. 0, beginner bonus:1 points for both magic attack and defence)

Spirit: 12 (affects hp and mp recovery speed, when being passive  each spirit points increases mp and hp restoration speed by one every five seconds. Under battle conditions, each spirit point can restore 0.1 hp and mp every five seconds. No bonus for beginner occupation)

Skill: Focused strike.

Focused Strike: Immediately attacks the target, causing 120% damage, and increases critical strike chance by 10%, lasts ten seconds, cooldown for five seconds. (This skill limited to beginner only, will vanish after changing occupation)

A normal novice player will receive 2 equipment from the system, a wooden stick and a cotton garment which will be automatically equipped, which increases attack points by 1 and physical defence by 1.Its effects are almost negligible.

In the new village, everything is fair, even a gaming expert like Jiang Fei is not able to do anything about it.Altogether there are 12 NPC, and each player can receive a maximum of 9 quests at any time.

“Great adventurer! You finally came! The food at our hotel has been used up, could you help me collect ten chickens? I will reward you!”

“Great adventurer! You finally came! The fur of our tailor shop has been used up, could you help collect ten deer skins? I will give you reward!”

“Great adventurer! You finally came! The herbal medicine of our pharmacy has been used up, could you help me collect ten madrona grass? I will give you reward!”


“Yeah! It seems like the primary competitors are still other players!”Jiang Fei sighed, now the issue is not because of the difficult quest but rather there are too many players and too little monsters to hunt, just as a monster respawns there will be 45 players fighting to kill it again.It will not be easy to acquire the quest items.

Just as he finally found one monster which has not been spotted by others yet,  Jiang Fei who set his eyes on the monster at that moment witnessed something strange!

Reed catkins chicken (wild animal, ordinary)

Rank: 1

Hp: 50

attack power: 2

Skill: nill

Note: The primary monster of the new village, the risk factor is extremely low, related to quest “Collection Chicken”, NPC: Hotel owner!

“omfg! What is this, wasn’t the information displayed too detailed?”Jiang Fei with a face filled with surprise look at the prompt. Jiang Fei is not completely ignorant about the game “Dawn”, according to the official news, there is a detection skill, and players without this skill, can only see the monster name, the percentage of hp left and its level, other information will not be shown!

However, now not only but can see this strangely detailed information, he is even able to see what quest it involves and the NPC which give it, it feels like he is bringing his own gaming database! Therefore, Jiang Fei subconsciously looked at the mysterious ring!

“Buzz!”The finger ring sends out silver light, seeming to echo Jiang Fei’s thoughts!

“Isn’t this gadget something outside of the game?”Jiang Fei thought in his heat.

“Ok, let’s not think of things we don’t understand! Time to lvl up!”Jiang Fei is an optimist, he will ignore things that he doesn’t understand! Therefore his attention was shifted quickly to killing and levelling up!

“Ding! You killed the reed catkins chicken, obtained 2 experience points, and obtained a chicken meat!”In”Dawn” quest items will automatically be stored in the backpack, but other equips or spoils of war would require players to collect. A prompt will be shown if a monster drop items.

However Jiang Fei luck sucks,the reed catkins chicken which he found with great difficulty and used a lot of effort to kill did not display any prompt which meant no items, but if he learn the material collection skill, he can obtain some chicken meat which is different from the quest  is what NPC needs,and the other  is what those in the cooking occupation needs.

JiangFei naturally cannot waste a monster which he found with great difficulty thus he immediately used the material collection skills, which can be learnt from the village head for free.

“Ding! You obtained a delicious chicken meat!”

After keeping the food in his backpack, Jiang Fei started his adventure in “Dawn”!


“Ding! Congratulation to the player flying grass who promoted to level 1! All attributes +2!”

Along with the prompt sound of the system, Jiang Fei happily curls his lips.If I had known this wasn’t a dreamland I wouldn’t have given myself such a bad and unlucky name, but if he were to delete his account he would, requires one week of cooling time before he can play the game again. Jiang Fei did not want to waste so much time, thus he endured his name which sounded like a burglar!

In “Dawn”, below level 10, all attributes are evenly distributed where 2 points from the 10 points gain from levelling would be distributed to the 5 different attributes evenly.After level 10, the ten attribute points will be divided into two parts, five points which will be evenly distributed and another five which players can assign independently.

“Kill!”Jiang Fei who was filled with enthusiasm after levelling up started to kill more hare ……

“Ding! You have killed the hare, obtains 5 exp points, obtained quest item : lucky rabbit claw!”

“Ding! You obtained rabbit meat delicacy through collection skill!”


Two hours quickly passed by, Jiang Fei has reached level 4, and he wore another pants, broken iron pants, increasing his physical defence by another point…

The standard backpack given to Jiang Fei by the system has already been filled, thus he had to use the space in his mysterious ring.But it isn’t very convenient as he has to first collect the item through the backpack before taking out from his backpack and transferring to his ring, one by one.

Therefore to conveniently obtain quest items, Jiang Fei backpack has only deposited quests goods, other food and trash which he plans to sell are shifted to the ring!

If anyone is interested in translating, Liew is interested in teaming up.

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