The Ring That Defies The Heavens

The Ring That Defies The Heavens – Chapter 2, first time entering the game

Translator: Liew

Editor: Faux


“Since I am unable to play this game, experiencing it in my dream would be good as well!” as Jiang Fei thought to here he steeled his heart, then started according to the guide and understand the basics of the game! “Please choose your race!” A prompt sound could be heard and together with it were information on 4 different races presented to, Jiang Fei.

They are namely the elf race, beast race, human and necromancers. When Jiang Fei had his line of sight on the word elf, information of the race presented itself: The elf race loves peace, have flexible bodies and formidable magic talent. strength growth B, physique growth C, agility growth A,

intelligence growth A, spiritual growth B, extra initial attribute: Agility +1, intelligence +2! Race talent: The child of the jungle, all attributes increases by 10% in forest terrains.Afterwards, Jiang Feng turns his vision towards the remaining three roles. Beast race: Brave fighter race, has a strong body and spirit, with extraordinary strength, but has a low comprehension of magic. Strength growth A, physique growth A, agility growth B, intelligence growth C, spiritual growth B, extra initial attribute: Strength +1, physique +2! Race talent: Rage, immediately raises your attack power by 50%, while weakening defence by 50% lasts for ten seconds.


Humanity: Race with balanced attributes and they are good at studying, could be inferior to others at birth, but has unlimited growth potential.Strength growth B, physique growth B, agility growth B, intelligence growth B, spiritual growth A.

Extra initial attribute: Physique +1, spirit +2!

Race talent: Evolution, if one meets a hidden race receives their request and completes them, the human can evolve into the hidden race. (There are altogether 36 hidden race task givers and one task was given only helps one person to evolve by giving them quests. Hence, players should choose with caution!)

Determined person: If a human race player gives up their evolution chance they can become a determined person where the player earns additional 5% experience and skill points from hunting or through quests.

Necromancer: Revival of the corpse, escaped the enslavement of devils by chance and managed to retain their own will by luck. Strength growth A, physique growth B, agility growth B, intelligence growth A, spiritual growth C!

Extra initial attribute: Strength +2, intelligence +1!

Race talent: Dead’s will: removes debuffs and becomes immune to mind attacks for five seconds Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Since this is a dream and I am just experimenting, might as well choose the race with the highest growth potential!The human race!”If he plays the game officially, Jiang Fei would certainly choose the elf race.As he is not a professional player, does not have a clan’s support or any influence ,therefore getting the hidden race for him would be a futile,but since this is a dream world I don’t have to worry, if I dare not even wander around by myself in my dream, then I am really a pussy! “Race humanity has been chosen! Please wait!”

“Now please modify your appearance! Please choose the optimisation direction as well as the degree, able to choose free optimisation, optimised degree highest 20%.” This is what people normally know as pinching face, basically every online game has to go through this stage, generally the male players are apathetic towards their appearance, keeping their own appearance, the female player would manually configure their face, but usually, there’s a limit. “Optimising appearance by 10%!”Jiang Fei he does not feel like modifying his appearance, the time in his dreamland is limited if he were to wake up and found out that he spent all his time modifying his appearance wouldn’t he cry of? “Creating character ……Please wait!” “Please input your nickname!” Along with the prompt sound, a youth with similar appearance to Jiang Fei appearance. “flying above the grass!”Jiang Fei thought of this dirty name with his dirty heart, he would usually name himself wind shade, since this is his dream he would choose whatever name he desires! “Role creation completed, you are assigned to No. 2015 new village!” Along with the disappearance of the prompt sound from the system, Jiang Fei and his avatar disappeared simultaneously, when he appeared again, the scenery in front of Jiang Fei was entirely different! “Monster  look at my knife!”At this time, players had already started killing monsters! “Hello, do you need my help with anything?”There also players engaging conversations with NPC, looking for quests! “Ha-ha! This dream is so realistic!”Jiang Fei smiled.”Nonsense, can a game which the prosperous company spent several years of painstaking effort to research not be real?This is the classical work of virtual reality!”A player beside Jiang Fei curls his lip and reprimanded.”? Interaction in dreams can also be so real?”Jiang Fei felt a little confused As the interactions between players and NPC as well as hunting actions were too real, completely different from what a dream would be like. “why don’t I pinch myself and see if it hurts!”Jiang Fei extends the right hands and pinches his thigh!”Um?”I am able to feel a slight pain in my thigh area! “What’s happening?It’s not supposed to hurt in anyone’s dreamland? But if it’s not a dream, then why do I only feel a slight pain?”Jiang Fei felt doubtful! “wtf! This can’t be real! Did I really enter the game?”Jiang Fei thought suddenly!According to the game advertisement, the game will allow players to feel 10% of the pain inflicted on them, which the player can choose to raise or decline voluntarily with the upper limit at 20% and the lower limit at zero alignments, but without any pain the game will lose its meaning, generally only then the extremely delicate girls would choose zero alignment. “I really entered the game! I really entered the game!”In JiangFei heart was full of excitement, his thoughts of the mysterious ring had already been thrown to the back of his mind! “eh? You entered the game together with me?”Jiang Fei who was bursting with joy suddenly discovered that on his own finger unexpectedly is a silver finger ring. Normally it’s impossible to bring things into the game, this ring is exceptionally mysterious since it can take bring a big and alive person into the game if that is the case then having the ring enter the game is not a difficult matter! Stroking the ring gently, Jiang Fei quickly discovered the function of the ring in the game.There are six by six squares boxes=36 slots! “Ha-ha! This is a small gift!”Jiang Fei shows a faint smile, he who has played many games naturally understands the benefits of having a bigger backpack at the beginning of the game! “Although I did not know how I manage to enter the game since I am already here might as well experience the game!”Jiang Fei who was filled with excitement did not ponder about the problems associated with the mysterious ring, his attention was quickly grabbed by the game itself.!

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