Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 22, Utterly defeated

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Besides, currently Yang Kai was in a very sorry state; with one glance anyone could tell that he had experienced some sort of tribulation. How much strength did he have remaining to fight? In addition, he was very skinny and malnourished to begin with; easily allowing others to look down upon him.

Practically everybody present believed that Yang Kai would be unable to escape the calamity today. Even Xia Ning Chang who was situated in a nearby tree felt the same way.

Xia Ning Chang, who had become a Dark Hall Disciple, had come once again to record the outcome of Yang Kai’s battle.

“How is this allowed? I cannot allow a Fellow Disciple of mine to be disadvantaged.” Yang Kai asked with slight hesitation.

“There is nothing to worry about.” Insisted Zhou Hu. “Since I became a Disciple, allowing you these three moves is something I should do! Ha ha!”

“Okay then.” Yang Kai replied, looking somewhat reluctant: “Since Brother Zhou insist, then this senior will not be impolite.”

“Bring it on!” Zhou Hu bellowed loudly, while he steadied himself and planted his two feet firmly into the ground. His body’s muscles bulged and his blue veins popped out all over his body.

On the other side, Yang Kai walked forward step by step, his thin arms and legs tensed. Zhou Hu sneered internally and thought: ‘Just with your weak physique, merely one breathe from me will be able to blow you away. So what how strong could your attack possibly be?’

Leisurely strolling forwards, Yang Kai walked up to Zhou Hu. He balled up his fist, slowly waved it in front of him. Smiling he cautioned: “Brother Zhou, I senior really hit you.”

“Come then!”

Just as those words came out, Yang Kai’s fist had already been released; striking right into Zhou Hu’s abdomen.

*Bang!* That sound rang out. However, none of the people present saw Yang Kai act; that fist which strangely hit Zhou Hu.

As his face paled, Zhou Hu couldn’t help but clutch his stomach and had to take a few steps backwards.

*Bang!* The second fist had already arrived before he could recover. It landed on his abdomen once again. Zhou Hu bent over clutching his stomach, as he felt his stomach acids rising up from his stomach.

*Pa!* Yang Kai kicked out and hit Zhou Hu’s chin. He cried out once, before falling to the ground, motionless.

[He won!]

A great silence ensued; it was so quiet that anyone could have heard a pin drop. One by one, everyone looked at Yang Kai, with shock plastered on their faces. Su Mu’s eyes were especially wide, so wide that they looked like they were about to fall out of their sockets.

Two punches, one kick were all it took to send Zhou Hu, who was at the Tempered Body Fifth Stage, flying away. [Fu*k! Is this really the strength of someone who is at the Tempered Body Third Stage?]

Although from the start of the battle to the end, Zhou Hu did not retaliate, this power was far too much. A person who weighed about one hundred pounds was struck so hard he fly a few feet out. If you didn’t exert some serious effort, how could this occur? Not to mention that speed was unparalleled. One moment Zhou Hu was smiling arrogantly, and the next, he was unconscious.

They could not believe the battle that had just occurred before their very eyes. Not to mention Xia Ning Chang, who was sitting in the tree and needed to record the battle.

In her small book, it clearly stated that Yang Kai won the battle. In the past two years, he had been in one hundred and forty-seven battles and had lost them all. Unexpectedly he had overturned this record today!

He had also won the battle in a swift and efficient manner. Originally, Xia Ning Chang was gracefully standing on a branch, channelling her energy to balance herself. But due to the shock of his victory, she momentarily lost her concentration and fell off the branch, plummeting to the ground.

A Masked female could be seen crashing down from a thirty foot high tree. As she fell butt first down to the ground, you could hear her screaming “Ai~ya!”.

Thankfully, she had fast reflexes. At the last moment, she channelled some energy into her body to cushion the fall. Otherwise, she would have come out with far more serious injuries. Though her buttocks still burning with pain, causing her muscles to tense; hot enough to make water steam.

As she stood and enduring the pain, one could see her two beautiful legs shaking. Xia Ning Chang looked around nervously, but realised there was nobody present and released a sigh of relief.

If this scene was seen by others, then she would have lost much face.

Activating her Yuan Qi, she dissipated the pain in her bottom. Her eyes glinted, for Xia Ning Change could not wrap her head around Yang Kai’s strength. [He was only gone for a few days, how did his strength increase this much?]

Those people who had witnessed the scene naturally could not be compared to Xia Ning Chang. Their cultivation was far lower than hers, so they couldn’t see the truth of the matter.

In that moment when Yang Kai had struck out, Xia Ning Chang clearly felt the Atmospheric Energy within Yang Kai’s channels had been aroused. This clearly demonstrated that he was at least at the Tempered Body Fourth Stage; additionally, it even looked like his actual strength surpassed that stage.

[Wasn’t he only at the Tempered Body Third Stage a few days ago?] [That damn Disciple!] He unexpectedly hid his true strength, and not only did he give everyone a shock, he also made someone fall off tree. This was simply hateful to the extreme!

Unconsciously, Xia Ning Chang had placed all the blame upon Yang Kai for her sore bottom.

Yang Kai glanced over to the place where Xia Ning Chang was hidden. When she had fallen, Yang Kai managed to hear her short scream, but because the distance between them was too large he hadn’t been able to spot her. Since he didn’t find anything abnormal he didn’t investigate any further. He then wrinkled his eyebrows, as he looked down at his clenched fist, he felt somewhat unsatisfied.

Of course, Yang Kai was unsatisfied, for it was his very first battle with another human since he had obtained the Golden Skeleton. Due to the fact that he hadn’t controlled his strength properly, Zhou Hu was sent flying away. Originally he had only planned to send his opponent back a few steps, but it looked like his power was a bit greater than what he had imagined.

At the scene, Su Mu was the first to recover. As he pointed his finger to Yang Kai, he yelled loudly: “You cheater!”

Yang Kai turned around and calmly looked at Su Mu: “Brother Su, you can eat whatever you want to, but you cannot say words recklessly. When did I cheat?”

Su Mu was at a loss for words. It was true, when did he cheat? Zhou Hu had intentionally stood there and declared that he would take three strikes. Unexpectedly he was truly defeated with those three moves. Under the numerous gazes of the crowd, how could he possibly cheat? How could he cheat?

“Master Su, it seems that our information was incorrect. This brat is not at the Tempered Body Third Stage! I’m afraid that he has already ranked up, otherwise how could he possibly defeat Zhou Hu?” Someone who had keen eyes and a shrewd mind quickly realised, whispering in Su Mu’s ear.

“So that was it.” Su Mu nodded, his face darkening. “Zhou Hu was too arrogant. If he had retaliated, how could he have possibly lost?”

In Su Mu’s mind, he thought that the reason why Zhou Hu lost was because he had underestimated his opponent. For he believed no matter how much Yang Kai ranked up, he would have only gone up to the Tempered Body Fourth Stage. With that large gap in mind, if Zhou Hu had retaliated, then Yang Kai would have been the one to be utterly defeated.

“Brother Yang, you have done well to hide your strength!” Su Mu said coldly and gloomily to Yang Kai. Today, he had failed to extract his revenge; so the suffocating feeling within his heart was not gone.

Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

“Let us settle the score later. Next time, you will not be so lucky!” Su Mu coldly declared to Yang Kai. Then with a wave of his hand, he started to lead the people back, while also motioning for some to carry the unconscious Zhou Hu. But before he left, he directed one final bitter glare at Yang Kai.

This enmity has been sealed for now, though Yang Kai didn’t mind. In any case, in the Main Gate, there was only the Main Gate’s rule. If someone wishes to cause any trouble, they could only do it in the form of duels.

Moreover, he still needed to spar with other. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know the true extent of his growth. With that in mind, Yang Kai thought that the feud between Su Mu and himself was a blessing disguise.

However, today’s battle was not exciting enough. *Ah!* Yang Kai was left feeling unsatisfied.

With Su Mu gone, the entertainment has also vanished. Thus, the crowd naturally dispersed. Though many of them walked off while replaying the recent miracle in their minds – of that two year Trial Disciple Yang Kai. He had obtained his first victory. Although it was very fast, he had still won.


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