Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 21, I Will Give You Three Moves

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Those bloody wounds naturally came from the fight with the Flower Patterned Spider. Back then he didn’t have enough time to treat them, because he had to bring the little boy back to the village to see a doctor and then he had collapsed from exhaustion and immediately fallen asleep once he knew the child was safe.

Yang Kai had slept until the next morning without waking. And after he saw that the little boy was awake and well, Yang Kai had hurried back to the Sect. When he drew near, he saw a hoard of people surrounding his home. They all held torches and looked like they were going to burn down his home. But how could he allow this? Naturally, he would go and ask why they were doing this, but he didn’t expect it would be Su Mu who came to look for trouble.

Just as the owner of the house appeared, Su Mu who had intended to burn it down, did not even feel the tiniest bit guilty. Instead, he felt excited and pointed towards Yang Kai, “Yang Kai, don’t you dare say that this young master did not give you a chance. So …”

“Wait a moment.” Yang Kai lifted his hand to stop him, and then leisurely entered his hut.

“Hey…” With his words stopped halfway, Su Mu felt like he ate a fly; the ones that liked to appear before dung piles. He felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Master Su, this person doesn’t give you any face at all.” Someone cried out seeking justice for Su Mu.

*Humph!* Sneering Su Mu said: “Later, help me beat him up ruthlessly. I heard that this brat never surrenders. So, no need to be soft with your strikes. Today, I must teach him the consequences for offending this young master.”


When he entered his hut, Yang Kai took off the bag on his back. Inside this bag were herbs, his precious harvest from the three days he spent on the mountain. If he didn’t secure their safety first, his heart wouldn’t be at rest.

When he put the bag safely away, Yang Kai exited his hut and said to Su Mu with a serious face: “What was it that you wanted to tell me?”

Su Mu looked at him, his face a picture of abhorrence. His face full of bitterness, like he was going to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Previously, before he could say his perfectly rehearsed lines, he had been interrupted by Yang Kai. But now that Yang Kai had asked him what he wanted to say, he couldn’t wait and yelled out: “Yang Kai, don’t you dare say that his young master did not give you a chance. So as long you are willing to kneel down and kowtow for me in front of all the Fellow Disciples present and call me your grandfather, I will spare your life! Or else… Haa, haa, haa…”

The message was very clear, explicitly implying the threat unsaid.

When he finished, Su Mu’s face was filled with his desire for revenge; it really showed how he felt about Yang Kai.

Slowly Yang Kai nodded his head; grievingly he looked at Su Mu.

“What?” Su Mu was unsure, for Yang Kai’s face was calm and composed. This made him somewhat restless, for he had been played around with by him before in Black Plum Village. He was still a bit traumatised from the experience.

“Unfilial!” Yang Kai sighed.

The crowd was stunned, Su Mu was stunned, they were all thinking how was this unfilial?

“What do you mean?” Su Mu viciously asked.

“Isn’t it clear? Let me teach you!” With a face of good intent, Yang Kai earnestly said: “Let me ask you, do you have Elders in High Heaven Pavilion?”

“Looks like you really do have eyes!” This made Su Mu’s tail rise up into the heavens.

Yang Kai smiled. For it was just like he guessed; Su Mu had someone to back him up. Otherwise how would he dare to act so brazenly as to burn his house.

“Your Elder must have no small amount of power within the Main Gate right?” Yang Kai asked again.

“He’s an Elder!” Su Mu snorted out. “I also have an older sister who is a Core Disciple! As long as she wishes for it, with a single finger she will be able to kill you!”

Yang Kai understood. He had a general understanding about the ins and outs of Su Mu’s character. Patting his back he said: “That’s right, so unfilial!”

“What is right or wrong?” Su Mu was furious. He was pulled around in circles by Yang Kai and now his mind was a mess. And he still didn’t know what he meant.

“Such an easy affair and yet you still don’t understand. How has your mind developed?” His brow creasing, Yang Kai looked at Su Mu pitifully and patiently explained: “With your older sister’s position, then she would be my senior. If I were to really call you that, then how would your older sister call you? Then what would that Elder call you? Unfilial. How unfilial! If I were that Elder, I would you lock you up in the Destitute Dragon Stream. So that in this life, you can’t even dream about leaving it.”

Su Mu’s entire body shook as his face turned pale. Destitute Dragon Stream is a region in High Heaven Pavilion that was the most frightening place in the entire Sect. In the hundreds of years since the school’s founding, any Disciple that was found to have broken rules or committed heinous crimes was thrown into that region and never seen again. As long as you were thrown in Destitute Dragon Stream, you were practically a dead man.

Destitute Dragon Stream; these three words were well-known within the surrounding thousand miles. Its infamy well known far and wide.

Su Mu wasn’t afraid of Yang Kai; however those three words struck fear into his very soul.

One of the people that Su Mu brought with him sensed something was off with Su Mu and hurriedly spoke, “Master Su, this brat’s mouth is very sharp, making him this confident. The reason why we came today was to help you vent your anger.”

*En* Regaining his senses, Su Mu shouted indignantly to hide his embarrassment: “Yang Kai, don’t talk about nonsense. If you will not kneel down and beg for forgiveness, then this young master will make you wish that you were never born in this life.”

His eyes glinting coldly, Yang Kai held up his fists: “Brother Su, why don’t you come and exchange some blows with me?”

Su Mu replied in contempt: “I would like to, unfortunately you don’t live up to my expectations. You are not qualified! This master is at the Tempered Body Ninth Stage!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai understood. The Main Gate rules state that if you want to challenge other Disciples, the level difference must not exceed more than three levels. Su Mu really couldn’t duel Yang Kai as their level difference was far too large.

This was also the reason why Su Mu had brought many people over with him, they weren’t just here to watch the show.

With a face full of loathing, a cold smile, Su Mu tilted his head towards Yang Kai, “Everybody, Brother Yang has reached the Tempered Body Third Stage. So which brother here is willingly to fight him?”

“Tempered Body Third Stage, what a high stage!” Everybody roared in laughter, for none of them had entered earlier than Yang Kai. Yet which one of them was not higher than him?

“Allow me to Master Su, for my cultivation is within the limit. Though I am only at the Tempered Body Fifth Stage, it should be enough to play satisfy Disciple Yang Kai!” A Disciple said while walking through the crowd and looking disdainfully at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai looked back at him laughing; their information was already long outdated.

If it were five days earlier, he really would be at the Tempered Body Third Stage, but it is now longer the same story.

But of course, these types of things Yang Kai wouldn’t publicise. To advance two stages in five days, this speed was far too strange; such a monstrous thing would only attract unwanted attention.

A person who had came here with Su Mu spoke, “Brother Yang, I am called Zhao Hu. You must remember who it was, that beat you today!”

“I’ll remember.” Yang Kai replied seriously.

Looks like that Zhou Hu was intentionally trying to give Su Mu face thought Yang Kai. Walking to face Yang Kai, he exaggeratedly waved his fingers: “Brother Yang, in order to not allow you to say I didn’t give you face, I will allow you three moves. As long as you can make me take one step back, it will be your victory. If not, please don’t think of this Disciple’s strikes as being ruthless.”

This act of provocation contained the red fruit of contempt. To Su Mu, who was watching this, his heartbeat quickened in anticipation. This boy, Zhao Hu, he really knew how to thoroughly humiliate others. His choice of words wasn’t bad.

Although the difference between the Tempered Body Third Stage and the Tempered Body Fifth Stage consisted of only two stages, there was a large gap between each stage. Between these those two stages, there was a gap as large as a river separating them. And the strength that could be released when comparing the two were on completely different levels, like heaven and earth for these low-level practitioners.


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