Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 20, Burn The House

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Su Mu was very satisfied with the reaction to his demand, but witnessing this made him snort softly in disdain.

Although today’s battle with Yang Kai had been secured by Su Mu, the crowd had yet to disperse. They didn’t know what Yang Kai had done to offend Su Mu, so of course, they wanted to stay behind and watch the show.

After waiting for some time, Yang Kai still hadn’t appeared. Su Mu impatiently asked: “Where is he?”

“I don’t know. Usually, he is already out sweeping the grounds by this time. So, I don’t why he has yet to come out. Master Su, should we check his hut?”

After thinking for a bit, Su Mu nodded and replied: “That’s a good idea. He is just a small and insignificant sweeper, yet he dares to make this Master Su painstakingly wait for him. I will make him pay for this!”

The location of Yang Kai’s residence was no secret, so the people around Su Mu swiftly lead the way.

The ones who had stayed behind to watch the show also followed, creating a grand procession of Disciples.

A short while later, the procession of people had arrived at Yang Kai’s small hut. When they saw the pitiful and wretched state of his hut, with holes littering the hut walls, they were not surprised. For no apparent reason, Su Mu lifted his hand pointed at the hut: “That brat lives here?”

“Yang Kai is a Trial Disciple, he all his own clothing, food, housing and training materials needs to be provided by himself. The Main Gate will definitely not provide them for him. This hut was probably built by his own hands.”

“Good, good, good.” Su Mu laughed happily. Thinking about how drenched Yang Kai would become on rainy days elevated his spirits.

Sighing, Su Mu controlled his smile and strode confidently, like a dragon or a proud like tiger, forward. With a loud voice, taking care to clearly articulate each word he called out: “Yang Kai! Get your arse out for this Master Su and prepare to receive a nice beating!”

That loud shout was powerful, like a storm and yet unlike a storm it was not detached and uncaring it was filled with utter hatred. The hatred and bloodthirsty desire, made everyone present shiver in their shoes. This clearly displayed the level hatred between Yang Kai and Su Mu to the crowd; evidently it was not a small grudge.

Su Mu stood there, exuding a majestic presence. At this moment, it appeared that not even the eight winds could move him. After he finished shouting, he waited expectantly outside the door for Yang Kai to coming running out, while pissing his pants, and crying to beg for mercy. The more he thought about it, the more arrogant be became.

But no matter how long he waited, there was not even a hint of movement within the hut.

Su Mu’s face was now full of rage, snarling he called out again: “Yang Kai, be a smart guy and get your arse out here. Otherwise, we will come inside and drag you out.”

Yet, there was still no reply.

Su Mu now felt there was something odd, for if Yang Kai was really inside, there should be at least sounds of him breathing. Could it be that he was not inside?

Su Mu signalled one the people around him exaggeratedly. That person promptly sprang forward, forcefully kicked down the wooden door and rushed into the small hut.

Not long after they had entered, that person ran out again and reported to Su Mu: “Master Su, there is no one inside. There is also a small accumulation of dust. Looks like this trash knew that calamity was approaching and had already fled.”

“Fled?” Su Mu nearly vomited blood in anger. He had racked his brains, scheming for many days all in preparation  for this day, the day he would get to exact his revenge and make up for the shame he suffered at the hands of Yang Kai. He had even brought this many Disciples to come and watch the show, yet that Yang Kai had unexpectedly fled?

This was like a powerful punch had been let out, but landed on a piece of cotton. It made Su Mu feel gloomy and depressed.

“Speaking about it, for these past few days, we haven’t seen even a strand of hair from Yang Kai.”

“A wise man will submit to the circumstances. Since Yang Kai had offended Su Mu, he probably knew that all hell would break loose; forcing him to leave the Main Gate.”

“No wonder even after waiting such a long time, he had yet to appear.”

“Ah! Now that Yang Kai has left, we will no longer be able to obtain easy contribution points.”

The crowd muttered softly, none of their mutterings escaped Su Mu’s ears.

Although he was pleased by the respect they were showing him, he hadn’t been able to extract his revenge. Thus, Su Mu heart was still unsatisfied.

After thinking for a while, with a gloomy face, Su Mu could only accept the fact he would not get to extract his revenge on Yang Kai today. In a fit of rage he said: “That trash really got lucky, however my anger will not dissipate. Burn down this pitiful hut.”

This demand alarmed everybody present, even the people Su Mu had brought with him were stunned. One asked: “Master Su, is it a good idea to start a fire inside the school?”

“What are you afraid of?” Su Mu eyed him: “Even if the sky falls down, I will be there to catch it. Furthermore, it isn’t even important to the school. So what if it is destroyed, it wouldn’t be much of a loss. Also, leaving this ragged hut standing will harm this younger master’s eyes.”

Hearing him speak dispelled the concerns within their hearts. With the Master Su as backing them, burning this hut was nothing.

Before they lit the fire, some went to look for dry grass to use as kindling.

After a while, everything was prepared. Grinning, Su Mu lit a torch, its flames distorted his face greatly making him appear evil?.

“Yang Kai, I warn you never to let me see your face in the future. Otherwise, I will not let you live or die!” Su Mu said while grinding his teeth. Just as he was preparing to throw the torch into the hut, a person to his side tapped his shoulder and whilst releasing a bloodthirsty aura enquired of him: “What is this for?”

Su Mu didn’t even need to think before replying: “Burning a house.”

“Why are you burning my house?” That person’s voice carried a hint of anger.

“Your house?” Su Mu curled his lip ferociously and turned his head. As soon as he saw the speaker, he immediately jumped to the side like a frightened rabbit seeing a wolf. Then with an exaggerated movement, he assumed a defensive posture. His face was filled with alarm and the hairs on the back of his neck all rose.

It was because the appearance of the person who had spoken was too frightening. Not only were his clothes all tattered, his hair was messed up, with plants sticking out all over the place and dirty beyond compare. His body also displayed numerous bloody marks, his clothes were bloodstained and a bulging bag was tied around his back. God only knew what was in there.

A gentle breeze blew past, causing his tattered pants to flap revealing a strong and sturdy leg covered in leg hair.

The wind carried with it the stench from Yang Kai’s dirty filled body, which Su Mu was unable to stomach that smell. That appearance, coupled with the blood and smell made Su Mu want to vomit up his three meals.

That posture, that manner, was strangely familiar.

If he were to hold a broken bowl in one hand, then he would look exactly like a beggar.

But…….why did he feel that this horrifying person looked familiar?

Su Mu looked more closely, becoming more and more confused. After he thought for a while he cried out: “Yang Kai!”

If it’s not Yang Kai, then who could it be? Even though his body shape had changed and his face was covered in filth, how could Su Mu, who hated Yang Kai deep down in his bones, not recognise him? If he could he not recognise him then who could?

Yang Kai also recognised Su Mu. Grinning widely, he revealed a set of ivory white teeth. “If it isn’t Fellow Brother Su who brazenly tried to frame others in Black Plum Village?”

The voice that said so was full of ridicule, turning Su Mu’s white face a deep red. Stamping his foot Su Mu retorted: “Yang Kai, you did not choose to walk the path to heaven but chose to walk through hell’s gates! You are destined to die today!”

“You want to find issue with me?” With his brow creasing, Yang Kai asked.

“Nonsense!” Su Mu cried proudly. “You thought I came to see you?”

“If you have something to settle with me, come and find me. Why do you need to burn down my house?” Yang Kai questioned.

Su Mu promptly threw the touch away and rushed to step on it; like he was stamping on Yang Kai directly. Venting on the torch, after a while, the torch was finally stamped out.

This moment of pause allowed the people present to understand what was happening. They finally realised that Yang Kai had not run away from fear of Su Mu, but rather that he had only left to complete some business.

But what business did he have to complete which had caused his appearance to become so appalling? Such bloodiness, isn’t it a bit too much? Also, the tears in his clothes were obviously made by some sort of sharp weapon. Who did he go and fight with? And was it a life and death fight?


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